Greenest Olympics Ever: US Team To Bring Their Own AC

There have been numerous stories about the Paris Olympics, which they said will be super climate cult compliant, so, they were cutting air conditioning, because AC is Bad for global boiling. But, many nations have said “nah, we’re bringing our own, to go with our massive fossil fueled jet and SUV travel.” And no, officially

This has nothing to do with the environment, just a doomsday cult, where all the people who believe in it always want Other People to bear the burden for their beliefs

(AP) The U.S. Olympic team is one of a handful that will supply air conditioners for their athletes at the Paris Games in a move that undercuts organizers’ plans to cut carbon emissions.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic CEO Sarah Hirshland said Friday that while the U.S. team appreciates efforts aimed at sustainability, the federation would be supplying AC units for what is typically the largest contingent of athletes at the Summer Games.

“As you can imagine, this is a period of time in which consistency and predictability is critical for Team USA’s performance,” Hirshland said. “In our conversations with athletes, this was a very high priority and something that the athletes felt was a critical component in their performance capability.” (snip)

“It’s a high-performance environment,” Australian Olympic Committee spokesman Strath Gordon explained to The Post.

Have you noticed that Warmists always have an excuse for why they aren’t conforming to their beliefs? Always giving themselves an out? What about the parents with 3 kids who find a small EV inconvenient? Do they get a waiver? Are they excused from complying with government mandates? Or, is it only Special People, rather than the common folk?

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4 Responses to “Greenest Olympics Ever: US Team To Bring Their Own AC”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Does that energy use count against France’s carbon cap? or does each delegation carefully audit how much they use and charge it to their national carbon accounts?

    Of course, no one is actually auditing actual carbon used or created. They are all national-level estimates created by bureaucrats and activists. Appropriately, the estimates of the amount of CO2 being created is itself created from thin air. There is no reason at all why every country on the planet cannot simply declare that they have met their carbon goals this year and that there is no reason at all to continue implementing expensive measures to have even less.

  2. SD says:

    LIVE: President Trump Holds a MAGA Rally in Philadelphia – 6/22/24

  3. Conservative Beaner says:

    Just another reason not to watch. The Olympics were great before politics moved in and they have sucked ever since.

  4. Dana says:

    Who could ever have predicted this?

    Naturally, a commercial central air conditioning system would be more efficient and use less total sparktricity, but who cares about that?

    It’s even a net loss in virtue signaling! If the Olympic Village had AC, it would be a non-story, but individual teams having to bring it in makes it a story.

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