Just Stop Oil Paints Private Jets With Orange Paint

Well, at least they’re going after the big wigs who tell us to live a certain life while doing the exact opposite. This is still “exhibit A” at their trial

Nice. Breaking and entering, possibly felony level because it is an airfield, criminal mischief, and vandalism. And all on video. And there are many more where they admit doing it, like here. They’re probably counting on a justice system that has previously gone easy on them, but, after Stonehenge, and these being rich folks’ planes, the outcome will most likely be much different

Airfield with Taylor Swift’s jet targeted by climate activists using orange paint

Climate activists gained access Thursday to a British airport where Taylor Swift‘s luxury plane is stationed and sprayed private jets with orange paint, a day after Stonehenge was hit with a similar protest.

The two activists made it onto the airfield at Stansted Airport northeast of London, climate protest group Just Stop Oil said in a statement.

The pair, named by Just Stop Oil as Jennifer Kowalski, 28, and Cole Macdonald, 22, used fire extinguishers filled with orange paint to spray two private jets, the group’s statement said.

It said they were demanding that Britain’s next government after the upcoming general election legally commit to phasing out fossil fuels by 2030.

So, um, how did they travel to the airport? They never show that part. Then there’s all that petroleum and to make and ship their clothes, backpacks, and smartphones. Too bad they didn’t get Swift’s private jet (she’s also a big Warmist): it would enrage the Swifties.

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4 Responses to “Just Stop Oil Paints Private Jets With Orange Paint”

  1. H says:

    Maybe they didn’t powder Swifts plane because she carbon offsets 200% of her total emissions
    The “paint powder” they use is cornflour and was immediately washed off
    Mr Teach what punishment do you think might be due?

    • Jl says:

      Might be due? Having them read your posts and try to decipher them….
      “She carbon offsets…” And her emissions are the same either way.

    • Dana says:

      The maximum punishment allowable under the law, and the laws are pretty tough when it comes to messing with airplanes and airports.

      Fines won’t bother these cretins, ’cause they know that mommy and daddy will pay them. Hard time in hard prisons, not only to punish them, but deter their Fellow Travellers.

  2. H says:

    But that stuff wasn’t even paint ? It was corn flour

    Didn’t anyone even bother to check? Most just blew off very little required water.
    Mr Teach that was not paint
    You people never want to check facts as long as it makes you feel good about being yourselves

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