German Peasants Warned They Could Be Restricted From Driving On The Weekends To Meet Net Zero

Well, hey, this is the kind of insanity that German voters voted for, so, they shouldn’t be surprised or resistant (via Steve Milloy)

German transport minister warns of weekend driving ban

Germany’s transport minister has warned that driving will have to be banned at the weekends unless the country’s net zero laws are changed.

Volker Wissing’s FDP party wants the law amended so the polluting transport sector can miss carbon emissions reduction targets, as long as Germany as a whole reaches them.

But the change is opposed by the Greens, who are part of the three-way coalition with the pro-business FDP and the Social Democrats (SPD), led by Olaf Scholz, the chancellor.

Negotiations over the law have dragged on since September last year. In a bid to heap pressure on his coalition partners to amend the law, Mr Wissing said that he would have to enforce a ban on weekend driving to abide by the law unless it was changed before mid-July.

So, what you have here is a horrible, restrictive, doomsday cult law which could well have Unintended consequences. But, you know the Elites, including all those elected Greens, will feel themselves to be exempt from any restrictions. Wissing should be asking how many of the Greens are driving EVs.

Julia Verlinden, the Green’s parliamentary group leader, said there were other ways to tackle pollution, including introducing a speed limit on the nation’s autobahns.

Well, good luck with that. Might be a revolt.

Greenhouse emissions in Europe’s biggest economy fell to the lowest level in 70 years in 2023, but the transport sector has been consistently failing to meet its climate targets.

According to the current climate protection law, the ministry responsible for underperforming sectors must launch an immediate programme to put them back on track.

Mr Wissing has not yet done so. His ministry claims reforming the sector is more challenging than other areas of the economy because it affects people’s everyday lives and cannot be changed quickly.

I’m all for seeing the German economy collapse and see what happens. Every experiment needs an experimental group, right? Or, better yet, force all those who voted Green to give up all their own fossil fueled travel.

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24 Responses to “German Peasants Warned They Could Be Restricted From Driving On The Weekends To Meet Net Zero”

  1. Matthew says:

    But it’s absolutely NOT about control.

  2. H says:

    Fear Mongering
    The weekend ban on driving is about as likely to happen as “thousands of Germans are going to freeze to death” as Russian natural gas is cut off”

    • James Lewis says:

      I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.

    • Dana says:

      Did you miss the part where this was from the German Minister of Transportation? Did you miss the part in which the Minister said that such a ban would have to be put in place to meet emissions targets under the existing laws?

      When we were in Italy, we rented a German-made BMW. Nice car, but the silly thing had a feature which shut off the engine when the vehicle braked to a stop. In a stop-and-go traffic filled S2 — an Italian version of our interstate highways — trip from Strove to Firenza, we came to a complete halt, engine shutting off, at least thirty times, and I had to wonder: how long to starters last in vehicles like that?

      But it shows that the Germans were already doing everything that they could to reduce diesel usage and exhaust emissions. There’s not really a lot more that they can do.

  3. Jl says:

    Carbon boy gets it completely backward-the “fear mongering” comes from the climate cultists, which in turn causes potential idiotic solutions as the above. Without that, the above article would never be written. Good job, Johnny..

  4. H says:

    Since Trump was observed by many nodding off during his multi felony trial, will we be seeing Biden insulted less by being called “Sl
    Trump has already appeared to be in o longer personally leading the ” Lock her up, Lock her up” chants.eepy Joe”?

    • L'Roy White says:

      Exactly what did any of that ridiculous rant mean? The whole thing is muddled up learn to type for God’s sake.

      • Professor Hale says:

        Does anyone here know where Hairy lives? He may be having a stroke. Emergency services in his area need to perform a wellness check on him.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Appropriately johnnie boy resides in Queens, NY.

        • H says:

          UPDATE !!
          #1 I took off a couple of weeks to go trout fishing April1 was opening day
          #2 15 months ago I moved from Queens where I had lived for 9 years, back to Manhattan

          Thank you for expressing your concern. Actually my health is very good mid 70s and not on any prescription meds. I often participate in med studies as part of the healthy cohort. 90% of American men over the age of 65yo take an average of 4 prescription drugs daily.

          • Dana says:

            This 70-year-old man takes zero drugs of any kind, and my blood pressure always tests in the 110-66 range. Doctor said I was the only man he knew in my age range who wasn’t on blood pressure meds.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          OurLilStalker (aka Karen) knows where everyone lives and is willing to share.

      • H says:

        L’Roy and CarolAnn are the alter egos of whom ?

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Let the Germans worry about Germany.

    We all realize that the people of the world’s major nations (Americas, Europe, China, Japan etc) will do little to slow global warming. We’ll all have to learn to live with all a continued warming Earth entails.

    Some, like Jill, the last person to even semi-acknowledge that the Earth is warming, will whine that warming will have no negative effects!

    We all need to embrace global warming. It’s happening.

  6. H says:

    Even Mr Teach has stated that the planet is warming. He says it is “normal” but can’t seem to explain WHY it is happening.
    As people age, some refuse to accept any indication that things changing any way including personally.

    • Jl says:

      Carbon boy-you’ve been given answers to that warming question many times on these pages. Is asking the same question over and over mean you’re in the same mental condition as when you multiple times quoted “the Trump trillion dollar permanent tax cut for the elites” even though you were given ample data that wasn’t true? Or is it the pipe? Or is it just being a liberal?…

      • H says:

        Please kind jl tell me what is causing this rapid increase in temps and for how long it will continue?
        Has our orbit changed? Volcanic activity? These are some things that caused temp changes in the past . We do know it isn’t solar radiance as sat measurements since 1970 have shown a slight decrease in solar radiance

  7. H says:

    I took off a couple of weeks for the trout opening (April 1)Thanks for expressing your concern over possible health problems.
    #! In my mid 70s I take no prescription meds. 90% of American men over the age of 65 take an average of 4 drugs per day
    #2 I often am compensated for participation in medical studies as I fall into the very rare “healthy cohort” group in my age group. Most studies are for BP or Alzheimer. One week I did 4 MRIs

  8. Professor Hale says:

    Am I the only one on this site that still has to work a paying job?

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      I work a paying job professor. What do you think fires put themselves out?

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