Douglas County, Colorado Sues State Over Sanctuary Policies

The original purpose of being a sanctuary jurisdiction was that they wouldn’t release any illegal to ICE without a very specific warrant. That quickly morphed into a refusal to notify ICE that an illegal alien was in custody for committing a crime, attempting to hide that status from ICE since ICE actually looks at arrests of foreign nationals, and attempting to shelter illegals. And law enforcement was forbidden from arresting any illegal over them being in the U.S. illegally. Douglas County isn’t interested in being part of this

Colorado county sues state government over sanctuary immigration policies: ‘Quality of life comes first’

Americans before illegalsA county in Colorado is suing its own state over sanctuary immigration policies, according to a new filing.

Douglas County filed a lawsuit on Monday morning against Governor Jared Polis and the Centennial State, in reference to Colorado House bills 19-1124 and 23-1100. The state is currently seeking the right to comply with the federal government on immigration matters, which the bills prohibit.

Specifically, the bills forbid Colorado police from arresting and detaining undocumented immigrants based on immigration status. It also prevents state judges from exchanging information with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Local Colorado governments are also prohibited from entering into agreements with the federal government on matters related to immigration enforcement under the bills.

Weirdly, these same Leftists who push sanctuary policies, blowing off the federal government, are also upset when some states like Texas decide they are going to pass laws allowing them to do the job of the federal government when it comes to illegal immigration. Remember when they all blew a gasket over Arizona’s SB1070? Also weirdly, these lefty supporters of sanctuary policies are very unhappy when the illegals are in their own towns and neighborhoods.

County Commissioner Abe Laydon added that he “recognize[d] the plight of those that are seeking refuge and asylum here,” while supporting the filing of the lawsuit.

“Douglas County is a place where quality of life comes first, and we want to prioritize the rights of those who are legally here first,” he explained.

Unsurprisingly, Douglas County went to Trump by 52.14% to Biden’s 44.99%. And why should they spend their own taxpayer money on people who shouldn’t even be present in the U.S.? They should ship any in their county right out and back to Denver. Drop them off right in front of the governor’s mansion or state house.

This is the type of thing that happens in sanctuary juridictions

Illegal migrant convicted of child rape arrested after district court ignored detainer request

An illegal immigrant from Brazil charged with child rape was recently arrested after a Massachusetts District Court ignored a detainer request from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and let him back into the community.

Per Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Boston, Border Patrol Arizona arrested the Brazilian illegal immigrant in July 2021 then released him into custody.

The illegal alien was arrested in Massachusetts for child rape last December, but Milford District Court ignored a detainer request from ICE and released the migrant into the community on $5,000 bail without notice in late January.

Of course he was. But, ICE offices around the nation keep an eye on arrests and court appearances, and caught this one. And there are people within the police departments and judicial system who quietly alert ICE when things like this happen. Seriously, the illegal shouldn’t have been released simply for the crime he committed, and, if he wasn’t an illegal, he might not have. But, sanctuary jurisdictions often release illegals accused of despicable acts so that ICE can’t get them. Fortunately, ICE ended up finding this scumbag.

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  1. MrToad says:

    This is the way to do it. Make the democrats spend their money and political capital fighting themselves. Like republicans have been doing since the Tea Party.

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