Here We Go Again: Illinois Judge Declares Trump Can’t Be On Ballot

Democrats love Democracy so much that they’re going to make sure that Trump can’t be on the ballot

Illinois judge rules Trump ineligible for Republican primary ballot over Jan. 6 riot

An Illinois judge ruled Wednesday that former President Donald Trump should be taken off the ballot for the state’s primary election, citing the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Tracie R. Porter put her order on pause in anticipation of an appeal. The primary is March 19.

Porter’s ruling said that “based on engaging in insurrection on January 6, 2021, … his name should be removed from the ballot.”

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung bashed the ruling in a statement, arguing it was “unconstitutional” and saying it would be appealed. He also lashed out at Porter, calling her an “activist Democrat judge.” The Trump campaign also began trying to raise money off of the decision shortly after it was filed.

A group of five petitioners asked the state to remove Trump from the primary ballot on Jan. 4, the day he submitted filings to appear on the ballot, Porter wrote in her ruling. The petitioners also asked the Cook County Circuit Court for judicial review of the matter.

In reality, it doesn’t matter, because Trump won’t win Illinois in the general election. And this won’t stop Trump supporters from writing his name in. This is just another case of an unhinged Democrat losing their minds and trying to block someone who hasn’t been convicted of the crime in question, which looks more like something that the federal government would have to rule on, not states. We’re still waiting for the Supreme Court to give their opinion on Colorado banning Trump. The trump campaign is going to appeal the Illinois decision by one judge

Porter, the Illinois judge, referred Wednesday to the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision multiple times in her ruling, adding that she shares “the Colorado Supreme Court’s sentiments that did not reach its conclusions lightly.”

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Porter, a Democrat, to the circuit court in 2021 to fill a vacancy. She won election the following year.

Yet, these same Democrats are happy ignore actual real crime. Meh, you get what you vote for.

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19 Responses to “Here We Go Again: Illinois Judge Declares Trump Can’t Be On Ballot”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The SMOTUS (née SCROTUS) has their boss’s back! They’ve delayed oral arguments for two months considering whether a sitting president has immunity for having a citizen murdered. Once the oral arguments complete it could take several more months to make a decision. When Mr Trump is elected he will dismiss all the cases against him.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      So theorizes Ricky Maddow.
      Who knew Rimjob was such a fan?
      (The View starts in a little while so maybe you can tell us what they say.)

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      They’ve delayed oral arguments for two months considering whether a sitting president has immunity for having a citizen murdered.

      Is this more of your insane unhinged nonsense or did Biden really have a citizen murdered? And if so who was the citizen and how did he murder him? I know Obama had citizens of other countries murdered but I wasn’t aware of any president that her own citizens murdered except of course for Lincoln and perhaps FDR.

      Besides if a Democrat does it does it count as murder?

      • Professor Hale says:

        Obama had a US citizen murdered. And no democrat ever asked for him to be prosecuted for it.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Professor, is that who Elwood was referring to or are there others? He’s just such a nut case and he exaggerates and lies so much I can’t sometimes determine if he’s telling the truth or just being crazy again. I guess he’s like all commiecrats have become: fools.

          You can’t come to common ground with people that can’t admit that there’s two sexes. Or who have gone through Harvard and can’t define what a woman is.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            We’re aware you only listen and read pro-Don media, but one of his lawyers was asked by a Supreme Court justice if a sitting president should be immune from prosecution if he had an opponent assassinated by Seal Team Six? The lawyer said yes, impeachment/Senate conviction is the only remedy. And only an impeached/Senate convicted ex-pres can be prosecuted once out of office!! That’s the immunity argument that the Court has delayed addressing for months. You’re welcome.

            You can’t come to common ground with people that can’t admit that elections count. Or who have gone through fireman school and can’t figure that 81 million is greater than 74 million or that 302 is greater than 232.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            So Rimjob, is that the Ricky Maddow legal theory again?

            Or did you crib that from The View?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Yes, Obama did have a US citizen killed! And more than one!!

    In September 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen living in Yemen, was killed there, along with US citizen Samir Khan, and then, two weeks later killed al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old American son Abdulrahman with a separate drone strike in Yemen (Abdulrahman’s killing was accidental). I argued with a friend, a Missouri Democratic politician, that the assassination of al-Awlaki was against American values but he disagreed!! We’re still best friends!!

    The US government claimed al-Awlaki was a terrorist with ties to al Qaeda and Hamas. In yemen in 2006, al-Awlaki was arrested with four others on charges of kidnapping a Shiite teenager for ransom, and participating in an al-Qaeda plot to kidnap a U.S. military attaché. He was imprisoned for 18 months. He had encouraged Muslims in the US to attack the US government. The FBI claimed al-Alawki may have supported a dozen terrorism plots in the US, UK, and Canada. The cases included suicide bombers in the 2005 London bombings, radical Islamic terrorists in the 2006 Toronto terrorism case, radical Islamic terrorists in the 2007 Fort Dix attack plot, the jihadist killer in the 2009 Little Rock military recruiting office shooting, and the 2010 Times Square bomber.

    U.S. government officials argued that al-Awlaki was a key organizer for the Islamist terrorist group al-Qaeda, and in June 2014, a previously classified memorandum issued by the U.S. Department of Justice was released, justifying al-Awlaki’s death as a lawful act of war.

    While America executes convicted felons, it’s only after extensive due process. (This is not to condone capital punishment as I’m against it). While al-Awlaki’s killing was likely a plus for world peace, it’s questionable whether al-Awlaki and the others received due process.

    But the killing of al-Awlaki is not comparable to having Seal Team Six murder your stateside political opponent.

    • Brother John says:

      But the killing of al-Awlaki is not comparable to having Seal Team Six murder your stateside political opponent.

      No shit, if for no other reason than because only one of them actually fucking happened.

  3. Jl says:

    Election interference 101…

  4. Jl says:

    But in other news Brandon’s down at the border to address his voters…

  5. h says:

    Who controls the names on ballots, states or feds? What rights do those sovereign states have? Teach aren’t you always gobbing off about “states rights” ? To whom does the Cinstitution should be in charge of elections?

    • david7134 says:

      So we should eliminate Biden from Texas, Florida and all Southern states. And while we are at it we can arrange for those states to form their own country. That works for me, and by the way, you liberals are not allowed in.

  6. h says:

    Did Trump expect to win Illinois? He lost that state by 17% in 2020.
    Professor Hale is squishy soft on killing terrorists.

    • Jl says:

      So people running should only be expected to be on the ballots of states they expect to win? Johnny, that’s moronic even for you

  7. Mike Robe says:

    I just discovered a new medical condition, similar to TDS, but actually benign. I’m calling it DDC, or “Dowd Digital Contraction”. It causes my index finger to contract over the scroll wheel whenever his name appears in the comments. 🙂

  8. Professor Hale says:

    Well, Since the Democratic party actually took part in the insurrection of 1861, All of their candidates should be held ineligible in every state and in every city.

    • Brother John says:

      That whole …. unpleasantness …. back in the 1860s happened because the Democrats threw a shit hemorrhage over losing an election.

      Just like 2000.

      Just like 2016.

      Let’s see how they do this year…

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