Climate Cult Cities Are Totally Not Banning Meat, Just Highly Recommending You Stop Eating It

Certainly, we haven’t seen cities ban meat on certain days at schools and shelters and stuff, right? As being pushed by climate cult elites who fail to stop their own eating of meat. This is all for you, the peasants (paywalled NY Times version here)

These Cities Aren’t Banning Meat. They Just Want You to Eat More Plants.

Amsterdam won’t be giving up its Gouda. Los Angeles eateries will keep serving up combinations of bacon, chicken, egg and blue cheese that are essential to its signature Cobb salads. And Scots can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Edinburgh has no plans to outlaw haggis.

Yet officials from each of these cities want people to consume less dairy and meat. They are signatories to the Plant Based Treaty, which was launched in 2021 with the aim of calling attention to the role played by greenhouse gases that are generated by food production.

The treaty is not binding and its effect varies wildly, ranging from just messaging to concrete plans to reduce dairy and meat served in institutions and schools and cut down on food waste.

Or, these doomsday cultist wackjobs could mind their own f’ing business and just do their jobs, like keep the infrastructure intact and control crime.

But local leaders who championed the treaty said it helped solidify their efforts to encourage plant consumption for both climate and health reasons, while also sending a pressing message.

“In Edinburgh, we’ve got quite ambitious climate plans, whether it’s energy or retrofitting public transport, but we were missing a key part of this, which was food,” said Ben Parker, a member of the Scottish Green Party on the Edinburgh City Council, which endorsed the treaty in early 2023. “Plant-based foods have a massive role to play in terms of bringing down carbon emissions.”

People may make fun of cults like Scientology, but, at least they mind their own business. They aren’t trying to force you to join their cult, nor force you to comply with their cult beliefs regardless of you not joining.

Edinburgh’s City Council pressed on, adopting a Plant Based Treaty action plan in January that clarified that the city did “not seek to eliminate meat and dairy” but focus on high quality, sustainable, locally sourced food. “The action plan is about trying to make plant-based foods as accessible as possible, and understanding that that’s going to be a journey,” Parker said.

Quite a lot of these plant based foods substitutes are often over processed, chemically infused mush that still lacks essential nutrients and taste. If they want to eat it, go for it. Leave the rest of us alone.

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One Response to “Climate Cult Cities Are Totally Not Banning Meat, Just Highly Recommending You Stop Eating It”

  1. H says:

    Teach the article simply says that they want you to eat less meat, not stop eating it .they are not forcing people to stop eating meat. If you think they are, you are overly paranoid. Go ahead, eat another couple of big Mac’s, no one is stopping you. Enjoy them. I will stick with sustainable seafood.

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