SCNY Imposing Curfew On More Migrant Centers

This is strange, because those who support unfettered illegal immigration say that they are all good little boys and girls just looking for a better life, that they bring no crime or issues. Usually because the illegals are somewhere Over There, not in their own neighborhoods

NYC imposing 11 p.m. curfew at more migrant shelters after Times Square shooting

New York is expanding a curfew to additional migrant shelters after violent incidents attributed to migrant shelter residents gained national attention in recent weeks.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration will impose an 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew at 20 migrant shelters starting Monday, after initially placing the restrictions at four other locations.

The curfew impacts about 3,600 migrants, with the largest of the emergency centers housing roughly 1,000 migrants in Long Island City, Queens. City officials initially placed a curfew on four shelters last month in response to neighborhood complaints.

The additional curfews come after a spate of migrant-related violence and crime has prompted increasingly dire rhetoric from city and police officials.

Overall, this order covers 24 shelters out of 200: what’s happening with the other roughly 63,000 illegals? Also, what happened with the original order that covered 4 shelters? Did it make a difference? Did crime drop or end? Or, did the illegals ignore the order?

(NY Post) “I feel that the issue of violence is not going to stop,” said Colombia Maribel Lopez, a Venezuelan who’s been living in the Big Apple with her kids for six months.

“What we need are more personnel to address the problem. But I don’t think the curfew will stop anything,” she told The Post.

There you have it, an illegal telling you it won’t work. That says, she doesn’t get to dictate how they operate, she shouldn’t even be here.


(CNN) They crossed the border near Jacumba Hot Springs, in a desolate, barren area about 75 miles east of San Diego.

About 200 migrants, from many different countries, had reached their final destination — illegally — but they were not looking to run or evade the authorities. They waited for them.

This is what Biden’s policies have wrought. They cross illegally then wait to get caught, knowing that they will be given food, clothes, shelter, and healthcare. They’ll declare asylum and be in the system for 8-10 years. Democrats will give them work permits. When their asylum claim is denied they will simply not leave.

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25 Responses to “SCNY Imposing Curfew On More Migrant Centers”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I was told the black national anthem was played yesterday at the Zulu game. Not being pro Zulu I myself did not watch I never watch but I’m curious as to what the hell is a black national anthem since there is no nation of black. What’s this more made-up bullshit to placate the blacks? What’s the matter white people crawling around on their knees and washing black feet isn’t enough? Allowing them to burn down our cities and rape our women isn’t enough? Having blacks run fentanyl all throughout the United states killing our youth isn’t enough? Having entire cities run into the dirt by them isn’t enough?

    I guess we gotta save our judgment until after the genocide is finished in South Africa.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Triggered much, Senator Bilbo (look it up). Prior to the Super Bowl game, Andra Day sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, a Christian hymn based on a poem by James Weldon Johnson and set to music by his brother J. Rosamond Johnson in the late 19th century. It has been referred to as the Black national anthem for decades.

    Do you ignorantly use the term “Zulu” as a substitute for “nigger”? Those fizzucking “wokes” are ruining everything for you white supremacists, aren’t they? In the 17th Century the Dutch colonized the lands of southern Africa which included lands of several African tribes including yes, the Zulu. Over the next centuries there were skirmishes and wars between white invaders and native Africans, including yes, the Zulu. In the late 1870s, brit Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, decided that Britain was entitled to the Zulu lands believing occupation might lead to a ruling white minority over a black majority, which would provide a large pool of cheap labor for the British sugar plantations and mines. Currently, South Africa is about 10-11% white and 20% Zulu with the remainder being mostly derived from other native Africans.

    Do you believe that Jesus also hated black persons as much as you do?

    You’re an embarrassment to white Americans.

    • Brother John says:

      Leaving all your ignorant and typically pointless word salad aside, when is enough enough? George Floyd was a thug and a junkie who was buried in a gilt coffin and whose death caused an orgy of self-loathing and destruction throughout the country, all for no good purpose.

      There is no “black nation” and as such there is no “anthem.” This ceaseless fawning and knee-bending and worship over 13% of the population is bizarre in the extreme, more so when considering the fact that the young and male proportion of that 13% commit more than 50% of all violent crime in the USA.

      Cities reduced to rubble, $50 trillion spent stealing from the productive and handing it over, riots every few months. Honestly, had slaves never been imported into the New World, Armstrong would have walked on Mars by 1969 instead of wasting so much blood and treasure on a problem that cannot be solved.

      When is enough enough — or can you even answer that without resorting to your typical “–ist” and “–ism” idiocies?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        What do you propose? Listen, Bro, we fully understand the white guy’s love affair with Donnie. It’s a cult and he’s your Great White Hope.

        Finally, the yoke of “woke” suppression has been lifted from you guys and you can finally unleash your inner Faubus! LOL.

  3. h says:

    Teach the USA is a country of laws. Only a court of law can determine if a law has been broken, These migrants cross the border and then present themselves for inspection. If that is done then no law is broken.

    L,G, Brandon is waiting for other people to do what he wants them to do. lol
    gotta do it yourself if you aren’t the solution you are the problem.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Let me explain something to you H, and the same recommendation goes to Elwood. I don’t know what you did this past Saturday but I went to a fire in a different area than my own battalion. When I arrived one of their local firefighters and I entered the house to retrieve a woman and child who had become lost inside the flames. We got them out with no injuries. That’s what I do H. So when you make a sniveling pussy assed comment like “I am waiting for other people to do what I want them to do” makes me wanna smack you in your face for being an idiot. I am the solution to those problems you asshole. I’m the guy who runs into the flaming building to get the people out. I’m the guy who goes on the boats that are sinking in the gulf to rescue people on the boat. I’m the guy that climbs up outside hotels to get jumpers and people getting ready to fall because of an emergency. I’m the guy that goes in the flaming cars and uses the jaws of life to extricate traps civilians. I don’t ask anybody to do anything I’m not willing to do myself.

      On the other hand you do because all those things I just listed you have never done cause you don’t have the balls to do them. You leave that up to people like me to do and then you insult and berate me at every opportunity at this blog.

      The two of you call me every name from white supremacist to bigot, from misogynist to homophobe. And I’d like to inform you they have never once gone into a danger situation an ask the race or religion or sexual preference of the victim I was about to rescue. You on the other hand seem to think that people like me aren’t worth pissing on if we’re on fire.

      You are the radical leftist that would do things like deprive of our civil rights removing us from the protection of the Bill of Rights. To this day Elwood brags about his wonderful assortment of weapons but he would pass laws tomorrow to stop me from being able to buy any. And don’t let him tell you you wouldn’t because as social credit scores become more and more of a reality my credit score as being conservative and Christian would have guys like Elwood denying me to own a firearm, the right to free speech, the right to trial by jury the right to practice my religion the right to freely gather and petition the government for a redress of grievance and just about everything else you can name. My very belief structure in Elwood’s mind and I’m sure yours too would eliminate me or disqualify me from exercising those rights.

      As it would most of the guys who comment at this block from teach to Dana to drowningpuppies and the rest of them. You have convinced yourself that we are subhuman and don’t deserve those rights. Just like you’ve convinced yourselves then a fetus is subhuman and doesn’t deserve the right to live. And nothing will change your mind.

      Do you believe that Jesus also hated black persons as much as you do?

      As far as you’re concerned Elwood the only people I hate as groups are communists, Nazis, Muslims and any other group who hates America and wishes us ill. Both you and H neither of which believe in Jesus keep going back to Jesus to argue with us. You automatically lose the argument because even when we’re wrong Jesus forgives us but he doesn’t forgive you. And he also knows in my heart who I hate and who I don’t you hate me and you hate white people you hate Christians and you hate Americans and you hate Jews OK you hate males and females but you love fagots. You are a morally corrupt slob and that’s all you’ll ever be. You are a communist and an anti white racist and nothing’s gonna change that and I’m not gonna ask you if you think Jesus wants you to do that cause I know you don’t give a damn.

      You’re an embarrassment to white Americans.

      How am I an embarrassment to white Americans when I am white and I love my fellow white people. I think the white race is the greatest race on earth. So how am I an embarrassment? You on the other hand accuse everybody who doesn’t kiss the feet of blacks of being a racist. You’re a weakling you’re the kind of a dribbling pig that ends up having the white race wiped out.

      I assume you actually believe that there is a black national anthem and then it should be played and that white people should stand for it. Correct? There’s your problem this is 1 nation under God which you don’t believe in but it is also E pluribus Unum, OK?
      That’s why I used the term Zulus. The zulus can have their own national anthem blacks here in America cannot they’re Americans they should act like Americans and you’re an American too and you should act like an American and you don’t you act like an enemy of the state. Which I assume you are being anti white anti American and anti Christian three main things that make an American and American.

      You’re an embarrassment to all Americans regardless of color race or religion. If you were a decent human being (which you are not) you would either leave the country or swallow a bullet. The only things appropriate for a person like yourself is either exile or execution. Anti American anti white Nazi bastard.

      And by the way we also have access to all the things you have access to and we don’t need a damn history lesson every time you wanna make a statement. Googling your ass off about zulus prove nothing except that you’re a dummy. Cause we all knew that without Googling it.


      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        If you were a decent human being (which you are not) you would either leave the country or swallow a bullet. The only things appropriate for a person like yourself is either exile or execution. Anti-American, white Nazi bastard.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Eek! Negroes!!

        Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz shared a conversation he had with his wife about why their family wouldn’t be watching the San Fran vs. Kansas City match-up, claiming, “They’re desecrating America’s National Anthem by playing something called the ‘Black National Anthem.'”

        Must be a MAGAt thang!!

  4. h says:

    Bible says you must treat strangers the same as fellow citizens. If you don’t baby Jesus cries

    • Brother John says:

      You don’t give a fuck what the Bible says.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-the Bible also says don’t be stupid by using “carbon offsets”

    • James Lewis says:


      The Old Testament, which is fulfilled, says:

      eviticus 19:33-34 New Century Version (NCV)
      “ ‘Do not mistreat foreigners living in your country, but treat them just as you treat your own citizens. Love foreigners as you love yourselves, because you were foreigners one time in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

      Uh, the Jews left Egypt. When are these illegals gonna leave??

  5. h says:

    Does anyone who posts here give a fuck what the Bible says?

    • James Lewis says:


      Does anyone who posts here give a fuck what the Bible says?

      Uh, could you be a bit more specific? BTW, the Old Testament was fulfilled by the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus so please focus on the New Testament.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Does that mean the Old Testament can be ignored?

        Judaism and Islam consider Jesus a fraud. A nice guy, likely delusional, but not the son of Yahweh, Allah or God.

        Now, don’t get me wrong. Even as an agnostic, I appreciate the teachings of Jesus, and wish more MAGA-X-tians paid more attention to his teachings.

        Christian Humanism observes:
        Everyone should develop brotherhood feelings about others.
        Loving the people who are in distress is equal to worshipping God.
        One should serve others without expecting anything from them.
        Serving people is equal to the worship of God.
        If one repents for his mistakes God will forgive him.
        Love your enemy. Do good to the people who try to harm you.

  6. James Lewis says:

    Chicken Little Man

    King James Bible
    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy on

    Then Jesus said to them, “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and give to God the things that are God’s.” The men were amazed at what Jesus said. And Jesus answered and said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

    Mark 11:15-17 (RSV) And they came to Jerusalem. And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold and those who bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons; [16] and he would not allow any one to carry anything through the temple.

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