News Media Upset Biden Polls Horribly On Economy

The media keeps telling us that the economy is great, but, we see it when we go to the grocery store, when we open our power and water bills, when we see our auto insurance rates skyrocket (there are actually valid reasons for this.) When we see our property assessments skyrocket, which means our property taxes and homeowners insurance skyrocket. When we see interest rates for homes, autos, boats, motorcycles, and other things be roughly 4 points higher. The media think you’re all stupid fools for not realizing how awesome Biden’s policies are

Poll: 20-point deficit on handling economy highlights Biden’s struggles against Trump

Biden Brain SuckerDespite a growing economy and little opposition for his party’s nomination, President Joe Biden confronts a dissatisfied electorate and a challenging political climate nine months before he faces re-election, according to a new national NBC News poll.

See? Growing economy! Which should be expected after the worldwide meltdown thanks to the Chinese/Fauci Coronavirus, then the stupid policies of mostly Leftists. Even Biden couldn’t screw growth up. Twenty points is huge, and, the issues with the economy are not abstract. We see them. If I go to Chili’s the lunch specials have risen several dollars. The really good hot bar at Harris Teeter went from $7.99 a pound for lunch to $11.99 per pound. The two cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s was $4.99 in 2019, it’s now around $7.99. Here in Raleigh, anyhow. All those $1 specials are gone. Small fries are over $2 now. Strings for my guitar are up a couple bucks.

We see it. It’s in front of us almost every day. Maybe multiple times

Biden trails GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on major policy and personal comparisons, including by more than 20 points on which candidate would better handle the economy. And Biden’s deficit versus Trump on handling immigration and the border is greater than 30 points.

The poll also shows Trump holding a 16-point advantage over Biden on being competent and effective, a reversal from 2020, when Biden was ahead of Trump on this quality by 9 points before defeating him in that election.

Trump continued to be Trump in 2020, instead of explaining everything competently. People have seen Biden in action, and know he really doesn’t care. They watched Afghanistan, followed by Ukraine, Israel, and they see the potential for China invading Taiwan. People are witnessing the fallout from Biden’s horrible border policies, and know that any pivot is just election year BS. If he wins the border will be thrown wide open in 2025.

And Biden’s approval rating has declined to the lowest level of his presidency in NBC News polling — to 37% — while fewer than 3 in 10 voters approve of his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

I’ll admit, I mostly approve of his handling, since he mostly has taken Israel’s side, despite his unhinged Hamas loving and Jew hating base.

All together, these numbers explain why the poll shows Trump leading Biden by 5 points among registered voters in a hypothetical 2024 general-election matchup, 47% to 42%. While the result is within the poll’s margin of error, the last year of polling shows a clear shift.

Of course, that is meaningless unless Trump can win enough swing states to hit 270. Do I want Trump? No. But, in politics, you sometimes have to vote for the least worst. With Trump, he’s not the best of people, but, his policies are a damned sight better than Biden’s.

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5 Responses to “News Media Upset Biden Polls Horribly On Economy”

  1. GP says:

    To the author : whom do you suggest since you had to get your jab into Trump ? Some RINO ? Or Governor HairGel Newsom so he can do to the nation what he’s done to California?

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    This is why the left wants a war!!!!!!!!!!

    They are pounding the drum for a war and a big one.

    Wars always give the ruling party a huge bump and it takes the eyes off things like a HORRID ECONOMY, the fact Biden promised he would end student college debt and was unable. Or the fact that his son is up to his neck in corruption with JOE BIDEN receiving kickbacks from CHINA, Russia, and Ukraine because he helped his son make the contacts to make his family rich.

    WAR….we want WAR screams the left. Give us a war so they stop investigating Democrats who spent 2007-2022 investigating Republicans including JAILING one of BUSH’s Top advisors for outing a CIA operative who everyone in the world knew was a CIA operative…..lololol….but the Democrats have spent 50 years taking over Education and the DOJ so they get to parlay their jackpot into personal bennies.

  3. H says:

    Teach didn’t Trump sign a peace treaty with the Tali and promising to remove all troops didn’t he order the release from jail of 5000 Taliban including the now leader of Afghanistan? 64 American military died in Afghanistan under Trump 4 times as many under Biden who was left to clean up a mess started by Republicans and championed for many years by Teach
    It is not the left that is clamoring for war with Iran .

  4. Jl says:

    Of course not Johnny-the left is ok with funding terrorist sponsoring Iran. Something to be really proud of….

  5. Genocide Joe the commie says:

    Tucker Carlson is in Russia Today to do an interview with Vladimir Putin. Now we all know that a whole bunch of left wing journalists had interviews with Castro but somehow the left is going batshit crazy because Tucker went to see Putin.

    I think all the lefties that have an open border here are all worried that we’re gonna learn the truth about Russia that they’ve been hiding for the last year. That truth would be that Russia is one of the last white run countries that won’t succumb to their left wing propaganda. Russia already went through the commie thing they don’t need it again. Now maybe we get some truth about what’s going on over there because we certainly can’t get any from our local journalists here. Unless you consider the ladies of the five information. Those fat ugly pigs couldn’t tell the truth if it hit him in the head.

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