Wisconsin Looks To Expand Climate Cult Indoctrination In Schools

Hey, the kids have trouble reading, writing, doing math and science, but, they’ll sure know how to protest, demand Other People pay, and suffer from all sorts of mental issues due to scaremongering

A further pair of climate change education bills in Wisconsin

Counterparts to two climate change bills previously introduced in the Wisconsin Senate have been introduced in the Assembly as well.

Assembly Bill 833, identical to Senate Bill 794, would, if enacted, “authorize the state superintendent of public instruction to adopt model academic standards related to climate change.” Such standards would be required to “incorporate a) an understanding of climate, b) the interconnected nature of climate change, c) the potential local and global impacts of climate change, and d) the individual and societal actions that may mitigate the harmful effects of climate change.” Assembly Bill 833 was introduced on December 22, 2023, by Sue Conley (D-District 44) along with nineteen of her colleagues in the Assembly and seven in the House, and referred to the Assembly Committee on Education.

Assembly Bill 829, identical to Senate Bill 786, would, if enacted, create a program to award “scholarships to resident students who are enrolled in an institution of higher education [in Wisconsin] and who are engaged in studies directly related to programs preparing the students for careers in occupational areas addressing or responding to climate change.” The bill would provide $5 million biennially to fund the scholarships. Assembly Bill 829 was introduced on December 22, 2023, by Jill Billings (D-District 95) along with nineteen of her colleagues in the Assembly and seven in the House, and referred to the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities.

That first one is the dangerous one, essentially teaching the kids how to dictate to Everyone Else what actions must be taken, and brainwashing them into believing it’s the actions as pushed by Government (and people in government who do not hold themselves to the same standards), giving up their liberty, freedom, and money cheerfully and compliantly.

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5 Responses to “Wisconsin Looks To Expand Climate Cult Indoctrination In Schools”

  1. Genocide Joe the commie says:

    Today is Kwanzaa. Be sure to leave some fentanyl under the tree or George Floyd won’t come down the chimney.


  2. Jl says:

    The scholarships in the second bill sound like they’d do as much good as “gender studies”. Or basket weaving…

  3. stpaulchuck says:

    there is zero peer reviewed science that unequivocally prove that the Satanic Gases have anything to do with changing the climate. In point of fact they are a result of climate change, not a cause and there are receipts.

  4. JimS says:

    Someone ought to challenge the bills on first amendment grounds, as it establishes a state religion.

  5. Professor Hale says:

    If you give your kids to the state, what did you really expect would happen?

    The only defense parents and voters have in general is to never allow their governments to have so much power that these types of things are possible.

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