Bummer: Court Kills Off Oregon Climate Scam Program

Let’s not forget that the Oregon court is primarily made up of Democrats

Oregon court strikes down state climate program, rules in favor of utilities, industry

An Oregon court on Wednesday delivered a blow to Oregon’s signature Climate Protection Program, invalidating it over the state’s failure to follow rule-making requirements.

The program mandates ever-increasing cuts in emissions from the state’s natural gas utilities, suppliers of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and propane and large industrial plants.

Oregon’s three gas utilities, an oil-industry group and a dozen other local trade organizations had challenged the program’s rules last year, aiming to block them.

The Oregon Court of Appeals found that the Environmental Quality Commission, the policy and rule-making board for the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, did not meet heightened disclosure requirements.

You mean they shortcut everything in their attempt to force the citizens of Oregon to comply?

In court, lawyers for the utilities and trade group had argued that the state cannot regulate their emissions and that the Climate Protection Program would reduce the amount of available fuel in the state. They also challenged the state’s compliance with the disclosure requirements.

They argued that the notice of proposed rulemaking in the secretary of state’s bulletin omitted any statement regarding whether the rules exceed federal requirements on Title V plants, any description of the alternatives considered and any explanation why those alternatives were rejected. They also said other forms of notice failed to include the information about alternatives and why they were not pursued. (snip)

The state acknowledged that the notice it submitted did not include an explicit statement about additional federal requirements. The state said it “substantially complied” with state rules by posting the notice of proposed rulemaking on its website, sending it to over 20,000 recipients and conducting 18 months of public outreach. (snip)

But the court ruled that is not enough.

“Substantial compliance … is not sufficient. The statute requires actual compliance,” the court wrote.

An amazing ruling. The government office figured they could just do whatever they wanted.

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Court Kills Off Oregon Climate Scam Program”

  1. alanstorm says:

    State of Oregon: “Yeah, we know our homework was late, and we only answered half the questions, but we TRIED…!”

    This is a consequence of the “Participation Trophy” mentality.

  2. Dana says:

    The decision only means that the state will have to try again, this time following the letter of the law. But it does raise the obvious question: why didn’t officials follow the law correctly the first time? Were they unsure that they could get it passed the right way?

    What we need is for one fairly large state to pass this stuff, legitimately, get everything put in place, and for the rest of the country to be able to see what a cluster f(ornication) results, with people being cold all winter, consumers combitching about having to spend hours at a time in line for charging all their electric cars, rolling blackouts as windmills and solar can’t keep up with demand, an exodus of the top producers and corporations, and Democrats voted out, out, out as soon as the people get a chance.

  3. H says:

    80% of EV owners charge their cars at home. Most of those long lines ? Are at the many places that offer free charging
    Louisville Jefferson County has 80 FREE charging places.
    That may not be important now since Bidens Ear on Energy has failed and has is under 3 bucks in KY but has prices will go up sometime in the future

    • Genocide Joe the commie says:

      80% of EV owners charge their cars at home

      BS. If the EV’s aren’t charged enough where are they charged? I would suppose that 100% of EV’s are charged at home.

      Most of those long lines ? Are at the many places that offer free charging

      BS. Long lines are at every place even the ones that charge. The ones that don’t charge are inoperable. Check it out.

      Louisville Jefferson County has 80 FREE charging places.

      and how many cars need charging and any one time that is near one of those chargers?

      That may not be important now since Bidens Ear on Energy has failed and has is under 3 bucks in KY but has prices will go up sometime in the future

      So will electric prices, charging fees, charging taxes, electric taxes, and gigantic increases in insurance and repair costs of EV’s. That’s all in our future.

      What is it about people like you that you just can’t allow the rest of us to buy whatever we want? Why can’t you be happy with some people buying EV’s and some people buying IC’s?

      • James Lewis says:

        They can’t stand people being free. It’s the nature of the beast all the way from Lenin forward to this very moment.

    • Ed Brault says:

      “Louisville Jefferson County has 80 FREE charging places.”

      TANSTAAFL. Somebody is paying for that power. Government money is simply citizens money confiscated through a complex system that boils down to PONZI schemes, extorsion, and outright theft.https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • Dana says:

      The indefatigable Mr H wrote:

      80% of EV owners charge their cars at home.

      Given Mr H’s former claim that just 100 square miles of solar panels could power the entire country, his statistics without citations are questionable at best, but I shall proceed on the assumption that this one is accurate.

      Now, why would 80% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home? Could it possibly be that the vast majority of those people who bought EVs decided that they could do so precisely because their homes had the capacity to install an EV charger? 34% of Americans are renters, not homeowners, and while some rent entire houses, most are apartment dwellers. More, 6% of homeowners own a condominium, which might not have a decent place to install a car charger.

      44% of black Americans own their homes, compared to 73% of white Americans, which tells you that blacks are going to be far behind the curve in being able to buy a plug-in electric and charge it at home.

      I don’t know if you are in any way familiar with foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia, but the working class neighborhoods are heavily row home neighborhoods, with no place to safely install an EV charger, even though many of those units are owner occupied.

      Interestingly enough, while EVs are primarily for city drivers, urbanites are the ones least likely to have a place in which an EV charger could be installed. In the small towns close to me, most dwellings are single family homes, in which an EV charger could be installed, but an EV a far less practical vehicle for them; many working residents here have to commute to Richmond or Lexington for work.

      Me? I could easily install an EV charger in my shop/garage if we had the need, and I have the skills and knowledge to do so without having to hire a sparktrician. If my sisters or daughter needed me to install one, I could, though I’m not certain that the electric service in one of my sister’s garage is sufficient.

      But most people would have to hire a professional electrician to install such a charger, if they do have room.

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