JD Vance Introduces Bill To Federally Criminalize Damaging Art By Climate Cultists

It has zero chance of passing the Senate, but, it’s a good idea. Maybe?

GOP lawmaker wants to crack down on climate change activists who deface historical artwork

Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, wants to raise the stakes for climate change activists who vandalize historical artworks or damage museum property by creating harsher penalties for the crime.

The Consequences for Climate Vandals Act, introduced in the Senate on Wednesday, would also apply to the grounds or property of the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian museums and the Kennedy Center, among others, and raise the maximum prison time from five years to 10.

The consequences would mirror the current maximum prison time in England, where climate activists have frequently glued themselves to artworks or thrown soup or other liquids on protective casings of museum pieces.

“There should be no tolerance for the vandalization of our historic works of art,” Vance said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “Apparently, a maximum penalty of five years in prison isn’t enough to keep these far-left protestors from tarnishing displays of cultural significance.”

He added, “Let’s make it 10 years and see if they’re still so bold.”

I’m rather torn on this: it really should be something at the local and state level, not the federal, unless the acts occur on federal property, like the Smithsonian. But, consider that these acts occur via a national group which co-ordinates across state borders even when they do it at a non-federal building. Regardless, these people are very annoying.

And here’s in Germany

The climatards hit Christmas trees in seven German cities, because that’s sure to get people on their side, right? Should have been strung up by their Buster Browns and covered with paint themselves.

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20 Responses to “JD Vance Introduces Bill To Federally Criminalize Damaging Art By Climate Cultists”

  1. Dana says:

    Fortunately, most of the attempts in museums were blocked by plexiglass covers over paintings.

    That said, those types of protests, along with idiocy such as blocking traffic, illustrate how boneheadedly stupid liberals are! Deliberately pissing off people is not going to make them like you or move to support your political causes. Excusing or minimizing rape or murder or torture is not going to encourage the otherwise undecided or on-the-fence to support the ‘Palestinian’ cause.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Senator Vance wants to socialize important artworks and “displays of cultural significance” of the United States.

    Vance, a Conservative of Convenience, lets his liberal slip show by his desire to nationalize significant works of art. As a Trumpist, Vance pretends to be stupid to fit in.

    Trumpists have no interest in protecting art or historical documents, but they do like to punish their “enemies”, LOL.

  3. H says:

    Each year a higher percentage of Americans express belief in AGW and the dangers it produces.

    The percent of climate change deniers decreases each year as the cohort of boomers die off. That cohort was also hit especially hard by covid, especially in the red conservative states which had the highest per capital death rates. Ivermectin was not as effective as vaccination. Science triumphed over political dogma

  4. Professor Hale says:

    I wonder if this protection will extend to national monuments, grave markers and statues of civil war generals. Probably not.

    Just like people who glue themselves to streets never get prosecuted for blocking access to abortion clinics, no matter how many abortion-seeking women are stuck in the traffic jams.

  5. Genocide Joe the commie says:

    I think you missed the point Dana liberals aren’t stupid they deliberately piss people off because that’s what they wanna do. You can see that at this very blog every time you read something written by Elwood. They never write anything intellectually stimulated or based in intellect. It writes only things to troll and to cause reaction. It doesn’t wanna make us like it or it’s point of view. it just wants to point out that it could put it’s foot on our face anytime it wants to as a typical Democrat leftist communist fascist. In fact in a recent post it took the time and effort to cut and paste the definition of socialist and fascist as if we didn’t know them to try and state that there are two different things when in fact they’re essentially the same. He tried to make it seem that fascists are dictatorships. Name a communist country that’s not a dictatorship? Communist are still socialist I presume? The minor differences between these two forms of tyranny are just that minor. The government owning this tools of production and the government telling the owners of production what to do are just degrees of separation. Either way it’s a dictatorship.

    That’s why Elwood keeps insisting we’re a democracy. It knows we’re not a democracy but it loves democracy because in all the confusion minorities of 10 or 20% like the leftists in this country are get the run everything by making more noise and controlling essential services. If you can stop trump from getting his message out you can stop trump from winning the presidency. You don’t need a majority you just need to be the ones counting the votes.

    Elwood’s lack of morals, compassion, and justice only exemplify it’s lack of courage and americanism which is why he hates.

    • Professor Hale says:

      The argument you make is why some of the people here over the years have discussed the theory that Jeff/Elwood is actually Teach himself. Teach, as the site owner would like money. Not judging, we all like a little extra in the checkbook. Money comes from clicks. Clicks come from two sources on the internet: pictures of pretty girls and anger. Jeff + conservatives = angry responses and lots of clicks. Since I only see one ad embedded on this site, it looks like teach is cashing a check for about $6.54 a month. The road to riches starts small.

      It is also the basis for all political advertising. Ad makers and political activists know that anger is the most reliable emotion for raising activism, volunteering and fund raising. That is why all political ads say rude, obnoxious lies that are designed to make you angry. Republicans lie a little less because Democrats do things that make conservatives angry, they just need to know about it. But you can still tell the goal is the same: stir up more anger.

      The only solution is to not play. Choose to not be angry. Choose to not respond. In truth, there is literally nothing you can add to the internet that has not already been said by others, better. You aren’t going to change Jeff’s mind. He isn’t going to change yours. Neither one of you enjoys the engagement.

      • unklc says:

        Precisely, Professor. Years ago, I adopted the philosophy of ‘Don’t argue with idiots’. It came from a cornball tagline from a poster on a shooting blog where I visit. The complete phrase is “Don’t argue with idiots, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.
        While I won’t comment on our host, I’ll only respond to something H or Jeff posts when I’m in a ‘mood’, and then I can usually predict the response. Reading ‘The Art of War’ is useful.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The nutty perfesser fingered it all out! Damn. Me ‘n’ Porter had a good thing going.

        Porter finds the sure-fire triggers for connie outrage for the day. The rest is predictable.

        No one forces you to respond or even read the posts. It’s hardly our fault that facts or even other opinions piss you off.

        Occasionally a con-menter will actually discuss something of substance but by and large your insecurities, inferiority complexes and innate pugnaciousness overwhelms your reason.

        Have a good day!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Genocide Joe is perpetually pissed off, likely due to its own lack of accomplishment and depending on mom and dad to support its libertine lifestyle.

      Technically, the US is a Democratic Republic. That is, we directly democratically elect Senators and Representatives to relay and help shape our positions and desires to the nation. At the state level we directly democratically elect governors, Lieutenant governors, AGs, Sec of State, state reps and senators.

      A true direct democracy would have a nationwide vote on every issue. Yikes, that’s untenable! Many voters believe their representatives should poll them on every issue before the rep casts a vote but that ignores that we democratically elect representatives also for their judgement.

      Recently, the far-right began screaming that, “the United States of America is not a democracy; it’s a republic!!”, primarily because they are closeted authoritarians (less closeted since MAGA). The little darlings are pissed-off that their Great Orange Hope lost the last election by millions of votes – INCLUDING THE UNDEMOCRATIC ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!

      We know it hates accuracy and definitions, but here goes from Merriam-Webster!

      : government by the people
      especially : rule of the majority
      : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

      We suspect that 99% of the world’s people would agree in calling this United States of America a democracy.

      • Genocide Joe the commie says:

        There you go again jump into your usual nonsense. First you cut out some stupid ass dictionary version of something you wanna prove a version of course that goes along with what you want, then you go along with your 99% of the world’s people are you know what you’re saying is I’m majority of the world’s people would agree with you.

        I’d like to point out that a majority of the world’s people don’t live in democracies. They live under the rule of communist dictators like you or like you would have us live under. Once you get to your 140 state like China you have absolute power over us.

        A democracy is only theoretical to be honest I don’t think there’s ever actually been one that lasted any longer than a few years. And I don’t care what the rest of the people in the world say nor do I care what 99% of them say The United states is not now nor has it ever been a democracy. The word democracy does not appear in any of our founding documents it does not appear in appear in any of our founding laws. We have a constitution and that is the law of the land. Except where Democrats are involved then it’s the law when they apply it and not the law when they don’t they used the constitution the way they use the Bible to beat up people they don’t agree with but do you believe in the Bible and the constitution.

        Democracy is a horrible form of government and the very fact that an idiot like robinette can be fake elected president proves it. A democracy simply means 50% of the vote+1. That hardly qualifies as any substantial amount of agreement in any nation. The constitution is supposed to protect us from people like you who would take our guns away because you don’t like AR fifteens who would stop people from being able to speak their mind on the Internet because trump could win the presidency if they did.

        The only time you believe in democracy is when you are in a majority or at least control enough power to make everybody think you’re the majority. You know like you do with elections or like you do with the media or the law. If you don’t want a conservative to bring a lawsuit or to do something you just tell him he has no standing. Boom, they can’t sue.

        You are one of the most horrible people in America, people who shouldn’t even be here. You don’t love our country you don’t even respect our laws and most of all you wanna destroy half of the country because you don’t like who they choose for president. Everything’s OK for you but if we do it oh God it’s the end of the world. Your people burned down cities and everything’s OK. Our people break a couple of doors in the capitol and it’s an insurrection.

        Your people just love the idea of killing babies in the womb or mutilating 5 year old kids who say I think I’m a girl because you have no respect for human life especially American human life. You hate white people, you hate Christians, you hate Jews, and you hate straight people that’s it.

        You and everybody on the left what what was a free people to own only the guns you want if any at all Dr. the cars you want live in the homes you want live in the towns or cities you want eat the food you want and we’ll run around saying that we’re the dictators look in the mirror Adolph.

        We have spent the past several years watching the left do everything from closing small businesses and causing people to go bankrupt to arresting political enemies throwing them in jail. We’ve watched you threaten us with taking our guns and taking our free speech away. And you’ve been very successful. There has not been one conservative or republican March or protest since the January 6th debacle. Through FBI CIA and DOJ an IRS intimidation you’ve managed to scare the crap out of so many Americans that we’re afraid to March cause we’ll get thrown into cells or get shot down. The only thing we can do is wait until we’re so mad that we’re ready to die before we can March again. Cause you’re gonna run around and put up your little barricades and have everybody thrown in jail not at the event but you’ll be sweeping them up like the Nazis and the commies used to do months and months after the occurrence. We’ve watched you take old men who have served their country honorably and well for years taken out of their homes in their underwear to be arrested on the thinnest of accusations. But that’s OK cause you’ll always find an excuse that they deserved it’s your nature. The beauty part about the whole thing is you can’t even see what monsters you’ve become. I’ve noticed a few leftists are starting to take a good look at themselves and their party and they’re not happy with what they see but they’re still not modern enough to realize that they have turned in to the most dreaded creatures in politics the world has seen.

        By the way if the United states was actually a democracy us white people would have voted you people out of here a long time ago just like if we wanted a Christian nation we could have done it from the offset. We would have just killed everybody who wasn’t a Christian. In fact since Christianity was the majority in this country since its inception we could have made it a requirement to be an American you had to be a Christian. It can’t be that hard to do you took all the Christian children put them in the schools and converted them into atheist animals going around killing each other and raping each other.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          There are five communist nations extant, China, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba – totaling about 1.6 billion persons. There ARE some 70 non-communist dictatorships around the world, including Russia, Belarus, many African and Middle Eastern, and South Asian nations. More than half the world’s nations are democracies.

          You hate democracy because you don’t always get your way, so Trump is perfect for you.

          White Christian nationalists would absolutely vote everyone else out of America given the chance. Perhaps Big Donnie and Speaker Lil Johnson can work that out for you.

          Our Founding Fathers made certain that Christians wouldn’t be able to make the nascent nation a Christian theocracy. It took a over a century but the nation got on the right track with non-white American citizens. Now, Big Donnie wants to suspend our Constitution… to do what?

          I’ve heard enough from you, Mr Dana and Mr drowningpuppies regarding white Christian nationalism, no need to explain further.

          I’ve never been the cause of an abortion. Have you?

          • Dana says:

            LOL! The esteemed Mr Dowd told us:

            I’ve never been the cause of an abortion. Have you?

            Well, you have to be able to actually have sex with women, so we can understand that you never knocked up anyone. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            HaHa, good one!

            Being a conservative man married to the same woman for 50+ years DID reduce my chances for varietal conjugation, but we welcomed each of our own children.

            As I’ve recommended to another prolific commenter, please be carefree where you shoot your sperms.

          • Genocide Joe the commie says:

            I’ve never been the cause of an abortion. Have you?

            if it’s their body their choice how can a man possibly be the cause of an abortion unless he forces a woman to do so? Anything’s possible but I’ve never heard of a man holding a woman down and forcing her to get an abortion. The abortions always the cause of the woman. It’s her decision. Even if a guy talks are into an abortion it’s still her choice.

            But you know all that the object of abortion is to protect men from paying for babies that they don’t want not to protect women. All it did for women was turn them into whores. And baby killers. By nature women are supposed to breed and nurture their offspring not kill them in the womb or after they’re born.

            You guys on the left are experts at the valuing life from the genocide of unborn babies to the genocide of Jews to the genocide of every genocide ever committed it’s always a left wing involved. Keep on killing lefty.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Genocide joe,

            Women rarely get pregnant alone. I’m no reproductive biologist but it’s my understanding it “takes two to tango”.

            We fully understand that rakes and roues cherish the idea of spreading their spermatozoa around willy-nilly without consequence, figuring it’s the females problem, but… and this is important… no pregnancy = no abortion! Blaming women is cowardly.

            And since so many (if not most) of sperm-spewers won’t take personal responsibility for rearing their spawn, what’s a woman to do?

            Some 80% of women who avail themselves of abortion are unmarried. You don’t want unmarried women to stop having sex do you? There are men involved in nearly every pregnancy!

            Abortion has been a thing since Biblical times. Silphium was an ancient plant described as an abortifacient.

            Why not give every unmarried male a reversible vasectomy, at which time the rate of unwanted pregnancies would drop to around zero. Some married women would still have an unplanned pregnancy due to contraceptive failure, and the couple would need to decide what to do.

      • ruralcounsel says:

        But technically, it isn’t. Why? Because the majority does NOT always rule.
        The Bill of Rights prevents the majority from having their way when it comes to enumerated individual rights. The fact that we have an elected Congress is itself proof that we are not a democracy, otherwise everything would be decided by direct vote of the citizenry and not by representatives. The Electoral College is another form of our government that prevents direct democracy.

        Our Legislative branch often has rules that prevent a simple majority from having their way. The Constitution itself is amendable, but not by a simple majority.

        So no, the United States is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic. But you know that. So much for your accuracy.

        • h says:

          but we do seem to be moving towards a more democratic way of electing our President
          The National Popular vote Interstate Compact would pledge all of the electoral votes of states signing on to be given to the candidate who receives the most popular votes
          It would take effect when states representing 270 electoral votes sign on Right now their are 205
          polls have consistently shown that most Americans favor the election of the President by popular vote.
          I do.

  6. h says:

    Regardless of what you think of the tactics of some liberals, the country IS moving to the left every year and support for Palestinians is growing. When protestors rallied for no war in Iraq or Afghanistan, people then also criticized their marches saying they should support the troops and not enable terrorists. It took years but finally most in the USA agreed that those wars were unnecessary and unwinable. The young have time on their side. And they also tend to believe in science more than dogma

  7. h says:

    did you see that some crazed christian cultist cut the goat head off of beloved Baphomet who was on display at the Iowa State Capital. The perp, a former MS state rep candidate, was arrested. He may be charged with a hate crime.

    Genocide Joe. The Bible and Torah neither consider a fetus to be a human until the first breath is taken outside the womb. This is the quickening. In fact the Bible sets the penalty for causing an abortion at a very low 2 shekels, to be paid to the father. And allows a man who owns a female slave whom has become pregnant to under go The Trial Of Bitter Herbs, which will cause an abortion if that pregnancy is not the result of the owner.
    Israel allows abortion AND usually the state pays for it.

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