Trump Leads Biden In Georgia And Michigan

This is where it all hits the road: can Trump beat Biden in the states he needs to win? National polls are meaningless. Trump won’t win California or Massachusetts, among others, so, there is zero point in asking their opinion

CNN Polls: Trump leads Biden in Michigan and Georgia as broad majorities hold negative views of the current president

Biden Brain SuckerFormer President Donald Trump has the upper hand over President Joe Biden in two critical battleground states – Michigan and Georgia – with broad majorities in both states holding negative views of the sitting president’s job performance, policy positions and sharpness, according to new CNN polls conducted by SSRS.

In Georgia, a state Biden carried by a very narrow margin in 2020, registered voters say they prefer Trump (49%) over Biden (44%) for the presidency in a two-way hypothetical matchup. In Michigan, which Biden won by a wider margin, Trump has 50% support to Biden’s 40%, with 10% saying they wouldn’t support either candidate even after being asked which way they lean. In both Michigan and Georgia, the share of voters who say they wouldn’t support either candidate is at least as large as the margin between Biden and Trump.

Trump’s margin over Biden in the hypothetical matchup is significantly boosted by support from voters who say they did not cast a ballot in 2020, with these voters breaking in Trump’s favor by 26 points in Georgia and 40 points in Michigan. Those who report having voted in 2020 say they broke for Biden over Trump in that election, but as of now, they tilt in Trump’s favor for 2024 in both states, with Biden holding on to fewer of his 2020 backers than does Trump.

Those numbers hint at possible challenges for both candidates in the long campaign ahead. Trump’s advantage rests on the assumption that he can both maintain support among a fickle, politically disengaged group and convince them to actually vote, while Biden will need to win back the support of disaffected former backers who show little excitement about his reelection bid.

The question here is “can those numbers hold, and more importantly, will those people get out and vote for Trump in numbers to beat the Biden voters?” Will all Trump’s misadventures make a difference? Will he shoot his foot off with his mouth? Can the GOP limit the Democrat cheating? Will the GOP take advantage of cheat by mail, er, mail in ballots this time in the states where judges have ignored state law?

Overall, just 35% in Michigan and 39% in Georgia approve of Biden’s job performance, the surveys find, and majorities in both states say his policies have worsened economic conditions in the country (54% in Georgia, 56% in Michigan).

Those grim numbers partially reflect softness among his base: About one-quarter of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters in each state disapprove of Biden, and a little more than 4 in 10 say his policies have not helped the country’s economy. Biden’s campaign is working to sell voters on the success of his economic agenda, with a recently launched ad in Michigan focused on small businesses and the middle class.

Will Trump do the Smart Thing and focus on the economy, giving economic plans, or, will he just come up with pithy nicknames while also spending time blasting the people who should be supporting him? He should be out there saying “I know you do not like me, but, we support the same policies. You don’t have to like me, but, vote for me and I’ll prove our shared policy beliefs”, which he should have been doing during his first term. Has he learned anything? Time will tell.

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6 Responses to “Trump Leads Biden In Georgia And Michigan”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Hating DJT as much as they do, 43% of registered voters would actually vote to keep Joe Biden in office for another four years. Keep that number in mind the next time you go out to a HomeDepot or a supermarket. Four out of every ten of the people around you are that fuckin’ stupid – even after three years of this mumbling, stumbling jackass. Imagine that…

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. sr says:

    BREAKING – Dozens of alleged Hamas fighters lay down their weapons and surrender to the IDF in Gaza

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Maybe Trump’s personal SCROTUS will bail him out!!!

    CNN – Special counsel Jack Smith on Monday asked the Supreme Court to decide whether Donald Trump has any immunity from criminal prosecution for alleged crimes he committed while in office – the first time that the high court will weigh in on the historic prosecution of the former president.

    The extraordinary request is an attempt by Smith to keep the election subversion trial – currently scheduled for early March – on track. Smith is asking the Supreme Court to take the rare step of skipping a federal appeals court and quickly decide a fundamental issue of the case against Trump.

    Former President Donald Trump sits at the defense table while waiting for proceedings to begin in his civil business fraud trial at New York Supreme Court on Thursday, December 7, in New York.
    What to know about Trump’s decision to not testify again in New York civil fraud trial
    Smith’s team has asked the court to review district Judge’s Tanya Chutkan ruling that as a former president, Trump is not immune from the election subversion prosecution case brought in Washington DC. Lawyers for the former president have argued that Trump’s alleged actions over the 2020 election results were part of his official duties at the time and therefore he is protected by presidential immunity.

    Prosecutors also asked the court to decide whether Trump is protected by double jeopardy. Defense lawyers have asserted that because Trump was acquitted by the Senate during his impeachment trial that he cannot be criminally tried for the same alleged actions.

    If the Supreme Court were to take up the case, the issue of presidential immunity would skip being decided by an appeals court. Trump’s team had asked the appeals court last week to examine Chutkan’s ruling and also asked asked Chutkan to suspend all trial dates in the meantime.

    Over the decades the Trumpian strategy has been to delay, delay, delay.

  4. Dan says:

    As if the po!!s actually mattered. The winner on next years elections have already been decided.

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