Bummer: Climate (scam) Draft Agreement Dumps Notion Of Phasing Out Fossil Fuels

Well, maybe they all thought “if we phase out fossil fuels how are we all going to travel to all the nice vacation spots for climate conferences?”

Climate summit draft agreement removes mention of fossil fuel phase-out

A new draft of the core agreement at the COP28 climate talks published Monday removed a call to phase out fossil fuels, the main driver of the climate crisis, in a watering down of earlier versions and an apparent concession to oil-producing nations which had opposed the measure.

The latest draft instead calls on countries to take actions to reduce planet-warming pollution, which could include reducing the consumption and production of oil, coals and gas. Many climate experts and observers have blasted the draft for its vague language and a lack of concrete timelines.

More than 100 countries came to the Dubai talks supporting language to phase out fossil fuels, and many are likely to voice their opposition to the latest draft in an upcoming plenary session. Others, such as Saudi Arabia, which have pushed against the inclusion of any reference to fossil fuels, may attempt to water the text down further still.

If the current draft does not get widespread support, negotiators may need to return to debate.

I suggest that any agreement start with blocking all climate conference attendees from using fossil fuels to travel to climate working vacations. Let’s leave that in place for 5 years. If they can survive with that, maybe then we can talk about phasing out fossil fuels.

Most likely, the cultists will manage to stick something along the longs of phase outs into a final agreement, and, this kind of garbage is why the GOP needs to get their sh*t together and make sure they take the Senate, House, and White House in 2024, so they can vote on these types of things, since it will surely be written in a way to avoid the necessity of the Senate having to vote on it. The Republicans in the Senate need to find a way to force a vote in January if the agreement does include a phaseout, put Democrats on the record, and then slam them when they take fossil fueled flights and vehicles.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Climate (scam) Draft Agreement Dumps Notion Of Phasing Out Fossil Fuels”

  1. Dan says:

    The elites involved with these climate scams still intend to “phase out” fossil fuels….for US.
    They have no intention on giving them up thenselves.

  2. joe says:

    Dan’s right…they won’t live in 15 min cities, they won’t have to give up their property…the only people losing out is the citizens…they will be eating steak in their jets flying all over the planet…having ac in their 30k foot homes, driving armored suv’s to get around…we will have nothing and like it…

  3. Professor Hale says:

    What on earth are they doing there? There are no venues in Dubai that can seat 90,000 people. At most, a few hundred at a time can gather to hear a speaker. Those aren’t discussions of any sort. Real discussions bog down into incomprehensible babble with more than 10 people talking at the same time. Dubai only has 145K hotel rooms scattered over the whole city. I doubt there are enough rental cars available even if more were brought in from the other Emeriates. Finally, why bother to have a conference to “discuss” things with people who already universally agree with you? Nothing about this conference makes sense. Why didn’t they go to Orlando?

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