Mayor Of Sanctuary City Chicago Files Suits Against Bus Companies

It’s just so strange that a self-described sanctuary city is rebelling against all those illegal aliens being shipped to the city

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration begins filing lawsuits against operators of ‘rogue buses’ of migrants

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration has quietly begun filing lawsuits over what it has described as “rogue buses” transporting migrants, an escalation the mayor has coupled with an attempt to further crack down on the transportation companies.

The stepped-up enforcement is the Johnson administration’s latest effort to address the influx of new arrivals, which has become one of the mayor’s most vexing challenges. The care of more than 24,400 migrants who have arrived in Chicago since August 2022 has taken on heightened urgency as winter sets in, and tested the limits of how welcoming the city can be.

The city has filed 55 lawsuits since it implemented new rules about when and where buses can arrive in mid-November, the Law Department said. The lawsuits address 77 total buses accused of violating the rules, and public records show at least some cases are seeking fines against the bus companies.

Mayor’s office spokesman Cassio Mendoza in a statement characterized “rogue, uncoordinated” buses as endangering the lives of newly arriving migrants, and said bus companies should be held accountable.

Obviously, the idea here is to scare bus companies into refusing all charters of illegals from areas, mostly Texas, which are shipping the illegals to Chicago. Instead of being warm and welcoming to illegals, Chicago is denying their basic human rights (to use leftist language)

Chicago “continues to welcome asylum-seekers but the city cannot safely and efficiently shelter migrants when bus companies, contracted by the State of Texas, flagrantly violate all safety measures that the city has put in place,” he said.

They literally put the rules in place as illegals were being shipped. Like, Friday, with the final rules still waiting to be passed in full by the city council. So, exactly how do you sue over rules not even passed?

The city announced it would crack down on buses in mid-November, laying out rules for when and where buses could drop off migrants. Buses were capped at two per hour, and limited to drop-offs between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The rules also require intercity buses to apply for approval from the city to drop off passengers. The Chicago Department of Transportation said it has not received any applications.

Under these recently passed “rules” buses can be impounded and owners fined $3,000, for which the SCC will dispatch the police to intercept them. Because there’s no raging crime in Chicago and the police have nothing better to do. What the city wants to do is force buses to drop the illegals off in certain spots, away from the middle and upper class folks, when they can’t stop the buses overall.

This means that any bus crossing from a different city in Illinois into SCC for, say, a Bears, Blackhawks, or Cubs game would need to apply to the city for permission. The rules also violate interstate commerce. The state could possibly pass a law, but, the city has not constitutional authority. Seriously, it’s all fun and games being a sanctuary city in theory, but much different and a lot more expensive when it becomes the reality.

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2 Responses to “Mayor Of Sanctuary City Chicago Files Suits Against Bus Companies”

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    Cautionary tale,filed in the
    Careful what you wish for
    section of reality.
    They were all just So Morally Superior, thumbing their collective noses at everyone who has the good sense to know that A society can’t be maintained if an influx of people who didn’t Grow Into that society are allowed in.
    Having a lifeboat Fully loaded and rowing past people crying out to be saved must have been he’ll for Titanic survivors. But if you don’t have enough sense to stop adding people, you kill everyone..
    Suicide by Kindness is still suicide.

    • Genocide Joe the commie says:

      I don’t believe that this is suicide Noland. I believe this is a deliberate attempt to destroy western culture, white society, and Christianity. There is no other reason for it.

      Plus if you take it in context with all of the other ridiculous beliefs of the left from mass abortions to stolen elections you must arrive at the conclusion that it is all part of a major movement to eliminate liberty and prosperity from the human race.

      You’ll also notice that most of the people who believe in this crap are atheists, polytheists, communists, nazis, socialist or other malevolent players like Muslims who have no regard for humanity and rather see everyone dead than allow anyone to be free.

      These are also the people who believe that men can become women, that children should be mutilated, or groomed, that humanity has the physical ability to change the climate of a planet, and all kinds of other silly nonsense that can only be attributed to either witchcraft or insanity.

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