All Sorts Of Elected Officials Take Long Fossil Fueled Trips To Dubai

Are there any who sailed over?

U.S. mayors and governors are in Dubai to discuss climate change

NPR’s Michel Martin talks to Barbara Buffaloe, mayor of Columbia, Mo., who’s part of the U.S. Conference of Mayors delegation at the summit, to talk about her city’s effort to tackle climate change. (and at no point did Michel ask why Barbara took that fossil fueled trip)

Leaders from around the world are gathered in Dubai for COP 28, the U.N.’s annual summit on climate action. They’re trying to hammer out a plan for how to transition the world away from fossil fuels. But the tough work of actually implementing that plan, if one emerges, won’t be done in most places by prime ministers and presidents. It will fall to leaders who are closer to the ground, like mayors. More than 250 governors and mayors are at COP 28 now. Six are from the U.S., and one of them is Barbara Buffaloe, who is the mayor of Columbia, Mo., and Mayor Buffaloe is with us now from Dubai. Mayor, hello. Thank you so much for joining us.

MARTIN: People are always mad when mayors travel. They’re, you know, and, I mean, somebody’s always mad.


MARTIN: They’re like, why aren’t you here to do this thing – this one thing.


MARTIN: But one of the reasons that people do travel is so that they can get ideas and inspiration from their colleagues around the country or around the world who are dealing with similar things.

BUFFALOE: Exactly.

Yeah, they can hold Zoom calls for that. No need to blow out of your city, unless you’re looking for a nice taxpayer funded working vacation.

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