Could GOP House Launch Biden Impeachment Hearing In September?

I’m rather dubious. The GOP has entirely too many squishes would do not have the cajones to fight politics with politics, nor to do the right things. Sure, there’s maybe a 1% chance that the Democrat controlled Senate would vote to impeach Biden, but, Biden is beyond shady, and criminal, using his elected positions to reap financial reward. Using it for graft and extortion

Report: Kevin McCarthy Hopes to Launch Biden Impeachment Inquiry in September

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reportedly hopes to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden at the end of September.

While Congress left Washington, DC, for summer recess, McCarthy initiated strategies to open a sweeping impeachment inquiry into Biden to uncover the depth of his involvement in his family’s foreign dealings, multiple Republican sources familiar with the conversations told CNN.

McCarthy previously demanded Biden come clean about his involvement. But the president continued to stonewall and lie about his family’s business over sixteen times, the House Oversight Committee stated last week.

“Each step we take contradicts what the Bidens had said before,” McCarthy told Fox News on Sunday. “There’s a lot of questions still. And to be able to get the answers to these questions, you would need an impeachment inquiry to empower Congress, Republicans, and Democrats to be able to get the answers that the American people deserve to know.”

Although Republican grassroots and many leading GOP lawmakers support an impeachment inquiry, some Republican lawmakers oppose investigating Biden through an inquiry.

Rep. Ken Buck (R-CA), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, previously claimed an inquiry would be “impeachment theater.”

Squishes. While listening to Newsmax radio last week while driving up to NJ to visit the parents, someone made a good point: Biden probably figured he was done with politics after the Obama years, and got sloppy, and just didn’t care, about all the criminal things he was engaged in. Once out, it wouldn’t have mattered. But, now he’s president, and all those criminal things are important. Sadly, too many focused on Hunter: sure, he’s essential to the criminal things, and he leads to Joe. The eye has to be on Joe, though.

“Dumbfounded” is how Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) previously described her feelings to Breitbart News about the opposition to an impeachment inquiry.

“We have to impeach him in the House to show and prove to our voters that we’re willing to do these things, are willing to bring accountability. If we don’t do it, then why do they want to vote for us?” she questioned.

It’s a hell of a good point, but, we’ve had to vote for so many squishes over the years, because, as Robert Heinlein wrote “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.” Sometimes you have to vote against. Do you think most Democrats were voting for John Kerry, or against George Bush? I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, I voted against Hillary Clinton. Too often Republicans let us down, and now is the time to show the cards on Biden’s criminality. They should not go down every single road: all they need to do is show a few rock solid examples.

Powerful allegations continue to mount against the president. The allegations include, but are not limited to, photos, texts, an audio recording, and IRS and former business partner whistleblower testimonies:

  1. Biden family suspicious activity reports of wire transfers
  2. Texts
  3. Emails
  4. WhatsApp messages
  5. Photos of Joe with Hunter’s business partners
  6. Joe Biden’s voicemail to Hunter
  7. Five individuals referencing Joe Biden as the “big guy”
  8. Two whistleblower testimonies
  9. FBI FD-1023 form alleging recorded phone calls and texts between Biden and a Burisma executive
  10. FBI informant alleging bribes 
  11. Video of Joe Biden bragging about firing the Ukrainian prosecutor
  12. Hunter’s statements about giving half his income to his dad
  13. Former White House Aide saying FBI ignored Joe Biden’s role in Ukraine business dealings
  14. Millions flowing into Biden family bank accounts
  15. Hunter paying for Joe Biden’s expenses

That would be enough

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3 Responses to “Could GOP House Launch Biden Impeachment Hearing In September?”

  1. bob says:

    the republican party is the most useless party in history. they talk a great game and then do nothing but use it for raising money. meanwhile the democraps actually do what they say they are going to do. everyone who believes in a constitutional republic should leave the lying party and create one that will do what they say they will do to get the government back to what the constitution says it is allowed to do. of course that will never happen.

    • Professor Hale says:

      … everyone who believes in a constitutional republic should leave the lying party and create one that will do what they say they will do…

      Of course, that is a very bad idea. It is much easier to take over an existing party (like the communists took over the Democratic party) than to create a new one and compete with the existing one. The existing party and the new one will be splitting votes among people show should be allies and leaving the field wide open to the unified Democratic party. The place to fight your fight is in the primaries. And the way to do that is to control your local party. Complaining about outcomes and recommending huge change is the least effective way to achieve change.

      • unklc says:

        Correct Professor. The biggest obstacle is that these rinos have sold their souls and generally have the cash to fight off primary challengers. Once that mountain is climbed, then some change can begin to happen.
        People, particularly younger folks need to get involved with their local politics. It can be as simple as showing up at a rally or such and volunteering to help.
        We’ve done it, it works. Getting too old to do much any more, politics takes energy.

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