Good News: Ireland Planning To Kill Up To 200K Cows Over ‘Climate Change’

Yes, the climate cult is deranged, and this won’t cause any problems with the cost of milk and beef going forward, right?

Ireland’s mooted cow massacre is a warning to net zero Britain

climate cowThe collateral damage of net zero is now getting uncomfortably close to home. First Dutch farmers were threatened with compulsory purchases to satisfy EU emissions targets, fomenting a new revolt in the process. Now it’s Ireland’s turn, where the government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet its climate targets. The scheme would be a bit like voluntary redundancy, with farmers offered financial inducements to give up their cows.

British beef and dairy farmers are now very jittery. It seems increasingly clear that there is an eco-modernist agenda to do away with conventional meat altogether. It’s not just the Extinction Rebellion mob, either; many of the world’s politicians are on board.

It’s very fortunate we’re out of the EU or we could be facing the same pressure from Brussels. Now, we can only hope that Rishi Sunak, who represents a heavily rural constituency in the Yorkshire Dales, understands what’s at stake for farming communities.

Spending vast sums of taxpayer’s money on destroying productive animals would be a perfect summation of the net zero madness infecting the West. The Irish Department of Agriculture has said that the report was just a “modelling document”, but no sane government would even get to the point of including such a plan in “a deliberative process”. Why? Because it is irrational.

All for a scam. This is all purely unhinged, and only cult members would consider this. The same people who say they love the environment want to kill all those cows. How about all the wankers who believe in this make their own lives carbon neutral.

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3 Responses to “Good News: Ireland Planning To Kill Up To 200K Cows Over ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Killing beef cattle? Unheard of.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      Your comment has nothing to do with what was covered in the article.

      But it does display what and who you are.

  2. John Dewatergeus says:

    Are we going to import cowmeat from Brazil then after having murdered all our cows?
    Time to collect these insane socalled Climate Changers and put them before a tribunal for a planned starving the entire people of Ireland.
    We had experienced such a starving occasion in the 1840’s in the country. Of the six million at least three millions survived on the Isle of Ireland thanks to God.

    Our politicians are far off the real “Road of Life” they have been (s)elected to serve Us The People and not listen to the only voice they are listening to is The-WEF-Voice. They have completely lost the plot and soon His Master’s Voice, The Real One, will thunder across the planet which means our liberation and is the end of political corruption.

    The cows will survive, the pigs will survive, the hens will survive, all animals will survive and remain supporting human race with their meat and eggs etc. as long as it is needed and takes. There is no Climate Change at all, we are being Pinoccio’ed for many many years now. The animals are not killing us, we are in our insanity killing the animals for the wrong reason.
    Do not let them, We The People and take your stand. Support our Farmers.

    No Farmers, no Food. No Food means starvation. It is all according to the CABAL’s de-population agenda21/2030.

    Keep up the Spirit, God always wins!

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