Many NY Dems Are Extremely Concerned Over Hochul’s Housing And Tax Proposals

This shows one of the exact problems with politics

NY Gov. Hochul’s controversial housing, tax proposals have some Democrats on edge: ‘Extinction-level events’

Controversial proposals by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to increase the MTA payroll levy and override local zoning laws is worrying some Long Island Democrats that they could cost them their seats, with one lawmaker likening them to “extinction-level events.”

The Democratic governor’s MTA package relies, in part, on increasing a payroll tax on city-area employers to raise $800 million annually. The move is intended to help offset lower ridership and revenues since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other proposal drawing some scrutiny would allow a state panel to override local zoning decisions if local municipalities fail to meet the state’s housing goals.

Democratic state Sens. Kevin Thomas of Levittown and Monica Martinez of Brentwood said housing initiatives should be decided locally. (snip)

Speaking on the possible impact on Democrats in Long Island, Democratic Assemblymember Fred Thiele of Sag Habor called both proposals: “extinction-level events” in comments to Newsday.

By extinction-level events, they mean their jobs, which are secondary to the financial pain that their constituents would see if the state general assembly passes these proposals. The Newsday article says

“Those are extinction-level events,” Assemb. Fred Thiele (D-Sag Harbor) said about the possible impact on Democrats in Nassau and Suffolk counties if Hochul’s proposals were to be adopted as-is.

Republicans do not have the power to stop the policy proposals, as they only control about a third of the GA. A whole bunch of Democrats would have to vote no, and, are there enough? This could be stuff buried in a bill with tons of other stuff? Oh, and it wouldn’t be “necessary” if NY government was so authoritarian during COVID, causing the tax influx dips. Perhaps they shouldn’t have been throwing on restrictions like mask requirements on the trains.

Gov. Hochul unveiled her $227 billion state budget proposal earlier this month as she warned of tougher economic times ahead.

The wide-ranging spending plan also includes a public university tuition hike, a 10% jump in school aid and a proposal to revise yet again state bail law, which is expected to meet resistance from liberal state lawmakers.

Hochul said caring for new migrants and the solvency of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs subways and other public transit in the downstate region, are among the most pressing issues facing the state.

But, hey, a goodly chunk of the NYC and area residents voted for Hochul and Democrats, so, they should want to pony up, right?

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4 Responses to “Many NY Dems Are Extremely Concerned Over Hochul’s Housing And Tax Proposals”

  1. BigJymn says:

    They didn’t seem very concerned when they checked the Democrat box on their ballots.

  2. Jl says:

    One of the highest taxed states-let’s raise them some more!

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