If All You See…

…is a tropical tree that will soon grow in Siberia, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The American Conservative, with a post on the National Air And Space Museum kicking out a bunch of Catholic high school kids for wearing beanies with pro-life messages.

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14 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    “I can get all of these top-secret files to my beach house on a single charge! Not a joke!” said Biden, cruising up Pennsylvania Avenue. “Wait, weren’t there eighteen boxes? Eh, who cares. Who wants ice cream??”


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  2. Dana says:

    The Lone Star State has been experiencing a couple days long ice storm, and ice accumulating on power lines and tree branches have brought down power lines, to the extent that there were over 400,000 customers without sparktricity.

    60.44% of residences in Texas use electric heat. I’ve mentioned it before: the South is the only region of the country in which the majority of homes have electric heat, due to the more rural nature of some of the population, and our generally milder winters.

    But now, dependent upon our most-vulnerable-to-the-weather utility, the way the warmunists think everyone should be, more than a million people — remember: most electric customers have families larger than one — are stuck in freezing weather with no heat.

    Gas furnaces require electricity as well, but a single 110-volt, 20-ampere circuit suffices; the electricity is not used to produce BTUs, but simply start and ignite the gas, and run the blowers. Working-class people can, if they were prepared in advance, but even the smallest gasoline-powered generators, and have enough capacity to run the furnace and the refrigerator.

    But if they have electric heat — baseboard or heat pump — they will need a lot more service: two 220-volt, 40- or 50-amp circuits for a heat pump, or as many 220-volt circuits as their baseboard heating requires, and that means it will require a very expensive generator. One I found at Home Despot for $1450 has only one 30-amp 220-volt receptacle, so you’d need bigger than that. That’s a lot of money for a paycheck-to-paycheck family to have to spend for something they might use twice in three years.

    • James H Lewis says:

      And many of the older homes will need a new distribution panel and the associated heavier wire and circuit breakers if they must convert from forced air gas to some version of electric heat.

      • Dana says:

        I have some direct experience with that: our church is having to upgrade the convent, and that includes a new electrical panel. The house currently has two 40-amp fuse boxes, and the bid to install a new, 200-amp panel is $4,500. I thought that price too high, but apparently it’s not out of line for the area.

        I had a 200-amp panel installed in my garage in 2019, for separate electric service to it, and it was $950, but the price of everything like that has skyrocketed.

    • david7134 says:

      I have a small 220 heater in a shop that is 20 x 40. One day of it running to provide a 50 degree temp cost over $100. My gas heater for a 4500 square foot house cost $200 per month. We need the government out of our lives.

  3. H says:

    Yes 60% ot Texans have electric heat. There are about 10 million households, about 425000 lost power. About 1%of the total customers still have no power. Modern life is dependent on electricity. Having local generation capabilities (solar) and storage (batteries( would certainly mitigate transmission problems.
    When I looked at Home Depot gen set prices I saw 1 that gave 13000 Watts got 1600 dollars. That is enough to heat a whole house.

  4. James H Lewis says:

    Dear H:

    You opine: ” Having local generation capabilities (solar) and storage (batteries( would certainly mitigate transmission problems.”

    The problem is that solar doesn’t work at night or when it snows and batteries run down….

  5. Kye says:

    I purchased a Generac whole house and it was $7,000, plus $1200 for the cement pad to install it on, $2200 for installation and $1600 for the LP set up and another $100 for misc. crap. That’s over ten grand. Of course being in my 70’s and needing oxygen 24/7 and my wife having a heart condition we cannot afford to go without electricity. Unfortunately we live in a suburban area where we get blackouts if there’s two snow flakes, a 10 MPH wind or it rains more than 1/4″, summer, winter, spring or fall. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I’m trying to convince my wife to move to Florida but so far she’s reluctant.

    The whole set up was done April of 2021 and it’s been used 6 times in that short amount of time. Twice for longer than 24 hours.

    PS: My house is 4000 SF and the Generac is 26,000 watts with a 200 amp transfer switch. It was worth it.

    • Dana says:

      Well, at least Philly hasn’t gotten more than two snowflakes this winter!

      Florida would be a good idea, but for you, the lower humidity of Arizona might be the better choice. Plus, no hurricanes to knock out power for days on end.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Of course, in AZ, you run A/C from Mar thru Oct.

        • Dana says:

          True enough, but you don’t have sub-freezing weather and ice storms, the kind of thing that brings down power lines, during the months you are running the air conditioning.

          New neighborhoods tend to have the electric lines underground, but millions of older neighborhoods are still served internally by powerlines above ground and vulnerable to the weather. And even in the most modern areas, sparktricity is still transmitted to them by above-ground high-tension wires.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    House votes to dump anti-Semite Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee and anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib goes apeshit then starts crying.
    Pretty funny.


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