Your Fault: 2022 Was Another Mile On The Way To Climate Hell

How is this possible? I thought we all died from ‘climate change’ years ago? Or was that the end of Net Neutrality? Or Trump starting WWIII?

Environmental review of 2022: another mile on the ‘highway to climate hell’

Two events in 2022 symbolised the climate breakdown that humanity is careering towards and the real, though fast-fading, hope that the world can still be steered away from calamity.

The first was the apocalyptic floods that submerged a third of Pakistan, the world’s fifth most populous country, affecting 33 million people. Scientists found that the climate crisis had made the deluge up to 50% more intense.

The second was the re-election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as the president of Brazil. Experts had said the fate of the Amazon rested on the vote. Another term of the rampant destruction seen under Jair Bolsonaro could have pushed the world’s biggest rainforest past its tipping point, with global consequences.

Overall, however, the climate crisis is bleaker than it has ever been. In October, a slew of reports laid bare how close the planet had neared to irreversible climate breakdown, with one UN study stating there was “no credible pathway in place to 1.5C”, the internationally agreed limit for global heating, and that progress on cutting carbon emissions was “woefully inadequate”.

Well, if all the climate cultists would practice what they preach there’d be no problem, right?

Scientists had revealed in September that five “disastrous” tipping points may already have been passed due to the 1.1C of global heating to date. These included the collapse of Greenland’s ice cap, eventually producing a huge sea level rise and the collapse of a key current in the north Atlantic, disrupting rain upon which billions of people depend for food.

Who gets blamed when the Greenland ice cap doesn’t collapse? Who’s held responsible for the scaremongering?

The climate equation remains simple: carbon emissions must halve by 2030 to have an even chance of keeping to the 1.5C limit. But in 2022 emissions will have risen to a record level. “We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator,” said the UN secretary general, António Guterres.

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3 Responses to “Your Fault: 2022 Was Another Mile On The Way To Climate Hell”

  1. Dana says:

    How do wealthy New Englanders fight global warming climate change? In a 1887 Narragansett Queen Anne Victorian home remodel, without natural gas available, they installed a 1,000 gallon propane tank, and added a gas furnace, gas fireplace, high-end gas range, three gas ‘instant’ hot water heaters, a gas outdoor grill, and even an outside gas fireplace.

    Just to be safe during those wicked New England nor’easters, they also installed a large, propane fueled whole house generator.

    This was hard-dated in the summer and fall of 2020, when the dummkopf from Delaware and the Democrats were running on fighting global warming climate change by banning, come 2035, new car sales of gasoline or diesel powered vehicles, and pushing electric heating systems in people’s homes.

  2. Red says:

    Climate change is a given. The issue is the consequences of climate change. Apparently everyone is an “expert” on consequences of climate change. I’ve been listening to the gloom and doom prognostications like this for the last ~60 years and none of them came to pass.

    1) The earth has been warming for the last ~15k years. This has caused the sea level to rise, glaciers to melt, and the ice caps to melt. Suddenly this has become a problem per Al Gore and St Greta.

    2) In 1970 there were ~3.6B people on the planet. Now there’s ~7.8B people. If climate change was so bad over the last 50 years, how could this possibly have happened?

    3) Human activity accounts for ~0.3% of greenhouse gases. The remaining 99.7% is natural. Meaning if humans went extinct, the reduction in greenhouse gases would be 0.3%. If you think this will have any effect on the climate, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    4) The consequences of “climate change” per history are more potable water, warmer temperatures, more arable land, greener earth (NASA has observed this via satellite over the last 20 years), in addition to rising sea levels (there’s numerous sunken cities all over the world due to rising sea levels), melting glaciers and melting polar ice. For anyone to claim that we are in a “climate crisis” is nonsense per history.

    5) “Climate change” is all about getting the masses to willingly sacrifice their prosperity at the alter of globalism. “Climate change” is the excuse the globalists will use to confiscate everything so “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.

  3. Jl says:

    “Scientists have found that the climate crisis made the deluge up to 50% more intense…”. No they didn’t, because to do that one would have to know what the rains would have been like absent a 1.5 degree temp rise-it’s still only a guess.
    Just to let you know I have special powers- I can tell you what the score of the football game would have been if player “x” wouldn’t have played…..

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