Who’s Up For Climate Doom Warnings On Fast Food?

Which would soon be expanded to regular restaurants. The cult keeps culting

Now they want CLIMATE CHANGE warnings on fast food menus: Scientists say environmental impact stamps on food will lead to more sustainable choices

Labels warning you a fast food burger is bad for your health should be joined by one alerting you that your choice is killing the planet as well, scientists say.

A group of American researchers trialled climate change warnings on a fast food menu and found they encouraged people to make more sustainable dietary choices.

Showing participants a red environmental impact stamp on beef items led to almost a quarter more people shying away from them, compared to those who didn’t see the warning.

Environmental guilt was more effective than a green ‘good for the planet’ label, which only encouraged a tenth more people to choose a more sustainable meal.

Piss off. How about putting the warning labels on all the ‘climate change’ conferences?

In their study, published in JAMA Network Open, they argue such a system could have merits because animal-based food production, mostly through beef, accounts for 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

To test how effective this would be, they enrolled just over 5,000 people in an experiment, with participants put into three groups and shown a fast food menu.

It’s cute and all, but, in a real life situation, would it truly work? Would people who just want to get their damned lunch care that much? And, really, can’t these people just piss off and mind their own business?

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6 Responses to “Who’s Up For Climate Doom Warnings On Fast Food?”

  1. A great idea! Save the soil! Save the planet! Vote out the cons!

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    Cautionary tale. Everyone eating Bugs and birds will create havoc on our eco system doing more damage to this planet than any fossil-fueled SUV.

    Just look at What happened to China when they killed off all their birds to stop crop losses from birds. They went into plagues of locusts that killed the rest of their crops forcing 150 million people to die from famine in just a few years.

    Look at Sri Lanka who has banned pesticides and herbicides and now they are starving to death in their own country made worse by the drummed-up war in Ukraine, which incidentally Ukraine is about to lose by the way, in case no one is paying attention.(760,000 Russian and Belarus troops are massing on Ukraine’s Border right now.

    Banning beef, chicken, turkey, and other forms of methane-farting animals and replacing those with crops and bugs will surely be the end of the population of the world.

    GASP>>>>>>>>>GASP>>>>>>>>>>GEE I ALMOST FORGOT THE LEFT THINKS THE WORLD IS OVERPOPULATED AND THERE NEEDS TO BE A KILL OFF. Too bad those leading the charge will be the first to die.

    careful what you wish for snowflakes.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    Does anyone think there is a group of people out there who read the wrappings their burgers come in? From a marketing point of view, this is just stupid. It would be better if they incorporated the information on a page in their kiosks that made you click through between each menu item. Thus making the kiosks more of a pain in the Butt than they already are.

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