Surprise: Brandon Admin To Kill Off Mine Necessary For Green Agenda

We told you this would happen, namely that, after passing the IRA which requires all sorts of green production from American sources, that Democrats would never allow mining of the necessary minerals and metals on American soil

Biden Admin Prepares To Kill Alaska Mine, Hobbling Green Agenda And Costing State Billions In Potential Revenues

surprise surprise surpriseThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended prohibiting the operators of Southwestern Alaska’s Pebble Mine from disposing of waste material in the nearby Bristol Bay, a regulation that would prevent the mine from opening. However, the mine could generate billions in revenue by producing minerals that are crucial in supporting the Biden administration’s “clean energy transition.”

The EPA said Pebble Mine’s potential waste discharges would threaten nearby sockeye salmon fisheries by polluting the water and preventing the fish from spawning and reproducing, according to an agency proposal released Thursday. Despite this, the mine would extract about 1.5 billion tons of copper, molybdenum as well as other critical minerals and could deliver more than $8 billion to Southwestern Alaska, according to a report published by Northern Dynasty Minerals, the mine’s owner.

“This isn’t just about Pebble … the precedent this is setting is frightening and will be used going forward by those wanting to stop projects and will send an absolutely chilling message to the investment world about opportunities in the U.S.,” Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Jason Brune told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

As a true environmentalist, it does seem disturbing that the mine could dispose of its waste right into the water, causing problems for salmon, right?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found that Pebble Mine “would not be expected to have a measurable effect on fish numbers and result in long-term changes to the health of the commercial fisheries in Bristol Bay,” in its final environmental impact statement published in July 2020. However, the EPA stated that mining waste would result in the total loss of aquatic habitats important to the sockeye salmon’s survival.

I’m not even finding an actual study from the EPA which provides the reason for their opinion. The extreme-enviros and climate cultists in agencies like the EPA, and groups that will sue to stop mining, will do everything they can to stop mining. How will the economy and energy sector move to being “green” without? Are we just supposed to get it from 3rd world nations, letting children dig it out?

I, and so many other Skeptics, have been saying this for a long time. Heck, even before the big push for EVs. The Elite Warmists have long wanted to force the peasants out of having their own cars, forcing them to take the bus, trains, riding bikes, or walking.

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7 Responses to “Surprise: Brandon Admin To Kill Off Mine Necessary For Green Agenda”

  1. […] The goal is less people with a vehicle! Part of what I am going to start calling ATFA(Anything to FUCK America) Pirates Cove breaks the news. […]

  2. alanstorm says:

    “Brandon Administration Looks At More Idiotic Actions To Take”

    Publish at least once a day; you will always be correct.

  3. Truth Betold says:

    “The master planners devised the strategy of a merger – a Great Merger – among nations. But before such a merger can be consummated, and the United States becomes just another province in a New World Order, there must at least be the semblance of parity among the senior partners in the deal. How does one make the nations of the world more nearly equal? The Insiders determined that a two-prong approach was needed; use American money and know-how to build up your competitors, while at the same time use every devious strategy you can devise to weaken and impoverish this country. The goal is not to bankrupt the United States. Rather, it is to reduce our productive might, and therefore our standard of living, to the meager subsistence level of the socialized nations of the world. The plan is not to bring the standard of living in less developed countries up to our level, but to bring ours down to meet theirs coming up… It is your standard of living which must be sacrificed on the altar of the New World Order.” – Gary Allen ,”The Rockefeller File”, 1976

  4. Facts Matter says:

    Cloward and Piven.

    The end goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy is the creation of a political crisis leading to a guaranteed annual income.[1] Essentially, the Cloward-Piven strategy would lead to the complete control of citizens through Socialism/Communism.

    The strategy also rejected that a person could overcome poverty through any “institution of private enterprise”, signaling that hard work, education, and personal responsibility are not a solution to poverty. Their only solution is a “federal program of income redistribution” to “elevate the poor en- masse from poverty.”

    The liberal strategy calls for a “climate of militancy” that would overcome attitudes of being on welfare. They state that “as the crisis develops, it will be important to use the mass media to inform the broader liberal community about the inefficiencies and injustices of welfare.” The liberal infestation of mainstream media has occurred.

    Congratulations America you have elected and continue to elect communists to run your world as they attempt to destroy America’s economy and bring everyone down to the level of third-world countries for the ultimate benefit of CHINA.

  5. H says:

    Bristol Bay is THE most important srea for salmon harvesting in the whole world.
    Each year it generates 1.5 billion in profits and employs 14000 people. That resource must be strictly protected.the profits from that mine will go to the rich risking the loss of income from fisherman and shore workers
    This project is even more stupid than building a pipeline to export North American oil to the world market instead of keeping it here in the USA (Keystone XL)

  6. Jl says:

    Carbon Offset-you mean like Brandon wanting Venezuelan oil instead of US oil?
    There is nothing more stupid than that….

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