Say, When Will The World End From Climate Doom Or Something?

No, no, this isn’t took wackadoodle or cultish, right?

When Will the World As We Know It End From Climate Change?

climate cowThe climate crisis is already here. Extreme weather has become more common across the globe, and estimates suggest that current levels of warming may have already crossed the threshold for irreversible change in several of the Earth’s key climate systems.

If nothing is done to curb greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures are likely to rise by 2.1 C to 3.5 C compared with pre-industrial levels by the end of the century. Earth has not been this hot for over 3 million years. These temperatures are not unprecedented, but the difference now is the speed at which global temperatures are rising and the role humans have played in this process.

Normally, Earth’s climate systems exist in equilibrium—if we give them a small push, they return to their natural state. However, after a critical threshold is crossed, these changes become irreversible and self-sustaining, with devastating effects on animals and plants. These thresholds are called tipping points.

Actually, according to NOAA, it was warmer than now 3 million years ago. And mostly warmer on Earth, excluding snowball Earth.

“Once a tipping point is crossed, ‘positive’ (i.e. amplifying) feedback loops become powerful enough to keep driving change in the tipping element until it reaches a totally new state,” David A. McKay, a research consultant at Georesilience Analytics and a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Center, told Newsweek.

Really, the rest of the article doesn’t match the doomy headline. It’s all about the “tipping points”, which happen. It’s how we saw multiple warm and cool periods during the Holocene. It’s how the last glacial age started and ended.

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