Holy Cow, That Active Shooting Was Just A Couple Hundred Yards Away

I don’t want to give up where I live, but, it’s damned close. Many of the helicopter shots showed my home (I really need to powerwash the parking space)

I heard about it from a coworker who was near my area, was going to hit some golf balls. Said cops were streaming into my area. This was around 530pm. I soon learned it was an active shooter. There’s a greenway that runs along the Neuse River very close to me. I left early, kinda took a back way to get in line. Sat there for a while, they started letting cars in, but, was blocked to my area. Finally turned around and got dinner (BTW, El Tapatio off New Bern is awesome. I’ve surprisingly never been there).

Started heading home around 915, took a while, cut down two “back roads”, as a coworker who lives down the street tried. Got kinda close, had to park up the street and walk down. Slowly. In the middle of the road. Officer allowed me to walk home, finally around 10. Waited outside to talk briefly to an officer, as they were going door to door. Nothing I could tell him. There are 8 police cars on my little section of road, and more around the corner. My heart is pounding. Not sure how they deal with all those flashing lights.

He was apprehended a few miles away, apparently having used the greenway and then going through the woods, then to some roads (possibly, still very woody there), before being captured off of McConnell Oliver Dr.

Yeah, that’s the main road that leads to the back part. Just that one road.

Not sure how accurate, redrum has been saying all sorts of stuff, could be correct, could be BS, such as the shooter leaking brain matter and coding. The kicker? The kid is apparently 15.

And, of course, the politics are coming in, with the normal nuts out and about. Sad.

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6 Responses to “Holy Cow, That Active Shooting Was Just A Couple Hundred Yards Away”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Don’t worry. Random stuff can happen anywhere with no ability to predict it. that’s why it’s called random. As long as you don’t live in or near a “high crime area” the chances of you getting shot are VERY small, to the point of being nearly non-existent.

    Want to be safe?
    1. Don’t live in a “bad neighborhood”.
    2. Don’t do drugs or hire prostitutes or do other things that bring you into frequent contact with criminals.

    It’s that simple.

    It is pointless to try to stop school shootings because they are exceedingly rare, random events, normally perpetrated by little psychopaths who went to that school.

    The house I was living in once received several bullets, intentionally. Some whack job got told by his parents he had to stop smoking weed and get a job, so he went to the roof and starting shooting at random houses 100 yards away. Totally random. No way to prevent it, predict it, mitigate it.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Notice how all the news sources identified the shooter as um… a white juvenile.

  3. Dan says:

    Expect more of this random violence in the future. It’s part of the fear porn the left finds so useful. Some of the perpetrators are mentally unhinged people who would have been in asylums half a century ago but are now allowed to roam freely. Others are leftist puppets activated deliberately. Both are encouraged by the left because their actions are useful to the left. It’s part of the AnarchoTyranny the left seeks to impose on us. Be prepared, be armed, be ready, but accept the reality that random chance has a say in what happens to you. You can diminish it but you can’t eliminate it.

  4. H says:

    We definitely need more guns in the USA !!
    The 2nd Amendment says all citizens have the right to bear arms.
    Do you think that kid was a citizen?

  5. Jl says:

    You’re right, John-ordinary folks need guns to protect themselves from crazies like this guy.

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