New York Open Border Liberals Upset Over More Shipped Illegals

The NY Daily News is a pretty far left “newspaper”, further out than the NY Times. Of course, no one at the NYDN is offering to support or house any of the illegals/migrants

Nearly 2,000 migrants arrived in NYC over weekend as shelter crisis shows no sign of abating

At least 1,800 Latin American asylum-seekers arrived in the city over the weekend, signaling that the migrant wave is accelerating even as Mayor Eric Adams’ administration scrambles to shelter thousands of desperate travelers already in New York.

The mayor disclosed the latest figure to reporters on the sidelines of the Columbus Day Parade in Manhattan on Monday morning.

“Those numbers are unbelievable — 1,800,” Adams said before issuing a plea for assistance: “We need every level of government to participate in dealing with this crisis that we are facing. You know, over just the last few days to receive those large numbers, it’s a strain on our system and we have to make sure we get the support that we need.”

The weekend influx means the total number of migrants in the five boroughs is now at least 19,200, according to data from Adams’ office. An Adams spokeswoman cautioned the tally is likely higher, as the data only covers migrants who have cycled through the shelter intake system.

Aww, that’s a real shame, NY having to deal with the results of the policies they support.

The mayor did tell reporters that the city desperately needs funding and assistance from the federal and state governments to deal with the crisis, and suggested his emergency declaration served as an opportunity to communicate that.

“I had to explain to New Yorkers what we were dealing with, what we did already, what we’re going to do and what we need, because this situation is so complex,” he said. “I wanted to take my time out and say to New Yorkers, ‘Here’s what we’re dealing with.’”

Like the border cities with way, way more fallout from liberal open-border policies?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott criticizes NYC Mayor Eric Adams for ticketing buses carrying migrants

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams over the ticketing of buses carrying migrants from his state to the so-called sanctuary city, following a state of emergency declaration in the Big Apple amid the influx.

The New York Police Department was seen over the weekend pulling over buses near the Port Authority that had dropped of dozens of migrants. The officers reportedly searched each bus for possible infractions, including tire treads, fluid levels and even windshield wiper placement, the New York Post reported (snip)

“This is another pathetic ply by Mayor Adams to stop Texas from busing migrants to his self-declared sanctuary city,” a spokesperson for Abbott’s office told Fox News. “Each bus used by the State of Texas for this busing mission undergoes thorough Texas Department of Public Safety Commercial Vehicle inspections before departing for sanctuary cities.”

Why doesn’t Adams want to be compassionate to illegals?

But the bussing is a bipartisan effort, with the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas, sending more migrants to New York City than Abbott.

Hmm, I hadn’t heard that one before.

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2 Responses to “New York Open Border Liberals Upset Over More Shipped Illegals”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Nearly 2,000 migrants arrived in NYC over weekend as shelter crisis shows no sign of abating

    Not a problem. NYC literally asked for it as a “sanctuary city”.

  2. […] about Abbott. Funny no mention of the Democratic Party mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, who’s sent 60 busloads to sanctuary cities. But, it is fantastic that Democrats are whining up a storm over being forced […]

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