Too Bad: Washington Is Freaking Over Musk Buying Twitter

By “Washington”, Politico means “Democrats”

Three reasons Washington is freaking out about Elon Musk right now

Elon Musk’s expected takeover of Twitter has Washington holding its breath.

If the world’s richest man reinstates Donald Trump — along with other controversial politicians banned for rules violations — Republican campaign managers could again find their days wrecked by Tweet-driven headaches.

Not really, but, Politico wanted to make it seem as if Conservatives are Concerned

Meanwhile, Democrats worry a revived Trump Twitter feed could be a huge boon for his future presidential ambitions.

So, Trump Derangement Syndrome

Or Musk, who says he’s a “free speech absolutist,” could end up scaring off users — and invite a wave of litigation — if he does away with the platform’s efforts to weed out disinformation, racism and other vitriol.

“If they say something that is illegal or otherwise just destructive to the world — then there should be perhaps a timeout, a temporary suspension. … But I think permabans just fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter,” Musk has said in the past.

Yes, Democrats are worried that people with Wrongthink might be allowed to speak their say. You know, like all the people who were, in fact, correct on COVID19, masks, and vaccination and were banned

What exactly this means for Washington’s political elite and journalists who rely on the platform for breaking news and political discourse remains up in the air, but here are some potential pitfalls of a Musk-run Twitter:

A Trump return: Good for Dems?

With less than five weeks until the 2022 midterms, a Trump return could serve as a distraction for the GOP and a key messaging narrative for Democrats.

Not really, but, Dems have Trump on the brain

Misinformation and hate speech could poison the platform

Despite its ups and downs, Twitter has had one of the more responsible content moderation policies of the large social media platforms, said Mark Jablonowski, president of DSPolitical, an advertising technology firm supporting Democratic candidates.

You might criticize and expose Liberal Insanity, like how they want pre-teens giving puberty blockers, transition medicines and surgeries, and mental health conditions. Libs Of TikTok keeps getting suspended for daring to do this. Anything Democrats do not like they consider hate speech and misinformation

Also, less moderation could lead to a dramatic rise in hate speech and extremism on the platform, watchdog groups say.

“I think there’s a serious threat to democracy,” Jessica González, co-CEO of Free Press, a nonpartisan media advocacy organization, said in an interview. “I think we’ll see prolific conspiracy theories, and white supremacists return to the platform and a lot more people who hold power and who are willing to use platforms to spread hate and harassment campaigns.”

Free speech is a serious threat to democracy? No, it’s a serious threat to Democrats.

An exodus of politicians? TBD

In a world where Twitter has zero or very little content moderation — will all of its politicians jump ship? That’s a possibility.

Nah. They’ll still do their thing, because almost none of them actually do anything but throw a tweet up and then walk away. They do not read the responses, including from their constituents.

One key point, however, is often overlooked: Twitter has never been very popular with the average voter. And while a Musk takeover may push some politicians off the platform, it’s still not where the majority of voters spend their time.

There is that. But, you know, Trump might be allowed back, so, doom.

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6 Responses to “Too Bad: Washington Is Freaking Over Musk Buying Twitter”

  1. Professor hale says:

    I still think Musk should get a deep discount based on the number of bot accounts on Twitter inflating their market value. I would think the SEC would also be interested in such things as massive billions of dollars of fraud against investors.

    This is the difficulty of a lot of these companies where they don’t really have a product and their valuation is based on thin air. They have a financial motive in keeping thin air valuable. From Musk’s point of view, it is in his financial interest to get indemnified against being the one caught holding the hot potato.

    As an aside, I am all for Twitter deciding to ban Trump or anyone else. They should just be honest about it and just say that they only support the Democratic party.

  2. H says:

    Musk will use that platform to cram his EVs down the throats of all Americans!!
    Yes the green fascists WELCOME this take over.
    The Saudis and Russians are cutting production in the future to drive gasoline prices higher. Americans must pay the price they set even on fuel pumped in the USA. Or buy from King Musk

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Wait a minute, H. Am I hearing you use the word “cram” after spending at least three years blabbering about how great forcing Americans to buy EV’s is? I see, when Musk went R you ran from his program. You’re a political opportunist and a hypocrite.

      Americans must pay the price they set even on fuel pumped in the USA.

      But if we pump 300 million barrels against SA and Russia the price will go down, correct. OPEN UP ALL AMERICAN DRILLING!!!

      Or buy from King Musk

      So now you’re claiming only Musk builds EV”s?

      Your irrationality is ruled by your hatred. You are a dowd clone, all hate and no brains.

      MAGA, dummy.

  3. Emilio says:

    Sadly Musk will not get Twitter

  4. Jl says:

    Alternate headline: Dems in Washington freaking out that Twitter may allow free speech…

  5. First Elon Musk says he’s going to buy Twitter, and the left freak out. Then he backs out of the deal, and the left breathe a sigh of relief. Now he says he’s going to buy it again, and the left freak out again.

    I don’t know if playing the left like a drum was one of Mr Musk’s aims, but it sure has worked.

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