Oh, Good, Biden Trots Out $5.8 Trillion Budget

In fairness, it won’t go anywhere. Even his Democrat Comrades in the House and Senate will simply shelve it. But, it does show his priorities in the face of inflation and other bad economic news

Biden unveils $5.8 trillion budget proposal with tax hikes, spending boosts

President Biden on Monday unveiled ambitious proposals to reduce the nation’s deficit over the next decade with tax hikes targeting the wealthy, while outlining boosts for military and domestic programs as part of a $5.8 trillion plan to fund the government for fiscal 2023.

The White House says that the fiscal 2023 budget, which includes a tax hike on billionaires and other reforms, would reduce the deficit by over $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

“Budgets are statements of values, and the budget I am releasing today sends a clear message that we value fiscal responsibility, safety and security at home and around the world, and the investments needed to continue our equitable growth and build a better America,” Biden said in a statement on the budget’s release.

Notably, the sweeping request avoids specific funding requests for Biden’s signature domestic policy proposal, Build Back Better, and instead includes a deficit neutral reserve fund as a placeholder for a future agreement between the administration and Congress.

“Because those discussions with Congress are ongoing, the budget does not include specific line items for investments associated with that future legislation,” Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young told reporters on a call Monday morning previewing the president’s request.

In other words, it’s not so much a budget offering, but, a placeholder for whatever they want to do with massive amounts of taxpayer funds.

The budget also includes robust funding for domestic law enforcement programs, including $30 billion for state and local law enforcement, crime prevention, and community violence intervention programs and $1.7 billion for a Justice Department firearm trafficking strike force. Biden has showcased his support for law enforcement as he seeks to counter Republican efforts to paint Democrats as soft on crime.

Ah, but this will come with caveats, with more control over local and state law enforcement by the feds.

Biden proposes $3.3 billion to support clean energy projects and $18 billion for climate resilience programs.

Payoffs for “green” groups.

The budget also includes a corporate tax rate hike from 21 percent to 28 percent, which could prove a tough sell in the Senate given previous resistance from key moderates like Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

Raising taxes on businesses always works out great, right? No complaining, moderate Dems and #NeverTrumpers. This is what you wanted when you decided mean tweets were worse than sound fiscal policy.

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3 Responses to “Oh, Good, Biden Trots Out $5.8 Trillion Budget”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    Let us not conflate reality here.

    This is not Joe Biden’s budget. This is the Nazi left’s budget in which they want to destroy the USA. Joe Biden probably does not even know what is in it. He just says yes sir to his lunatic lefties put in his office to make sure he does what they want.

    Plain and simple. Buy votes until they have absolute and complete power.

    Then hand the reins over to China and lock us all in High Rises while they embark on new five-year plans to feed the imbeciles that laid over without a shot being fired. Let people like Hairy run a giant mega farm with ZERO knowledge of farming and told to meet a quota which he has no idea how to do.

    That is why the USSR collapsed. The real farmers were murdered and their land stolen and given to Loyal Woke Leftists who had no idea how to farm. They in turn believed that if you were threatened enough that was enough incentive to automatically know all the nuances of farming.

    That is where the left is headed. That is why November needs to not only be a political POLITICAL BLOODBATH for the left but it is why we need even more trained poll watchers for states that could even remotely consider voting for a Dem.

    The left will cheat. You just need to not give them the opportunity. The polling is already starting to shift heavily in Biden’s favor so they can claim like in 2020 that Biden was going to win by 81 million votes….which he did. Probably at least 11 million of those votes were fraudulent. You know pictures of 10’s of thousands of ballots dumped in a ditch along the highway. Blank ballots.

    Pictures of stacks of ballots sitting next to a dumpster in big cities in purple states and now the left is desperate to pass a law federalizing national and local elections. They want the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT RUNNING local elections in:

    McMullen, Alabama. Population: 10.
    Hobart Bay, Alaska. Population: 1.
    Willow Canyon, Arizona. Population: 1.
    Magnet Cove, Arkansas. Population: Population: 10

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Don’t kid yourself. They want the feds running ALL elections local, state and federal so they can do the old vote fraud shuffle. Even millions of Democrats believe the election was a fraud. In fact in light of the hundreds if not thousands of noted shenanigan’s, vote frauds, lies, and the videos showing these things anyone not convinced the election should be investigated and audited is either stupid to the bone or filthy dirty liars.

      FJB and his lying son. LOLOL

  2. Hairy says:

    Rampant paranoia
    Teach or whomever Trump cut taxes on the super rich how did that work out ?
    Biden had a lower deficit than Trump even before the Trump Virus was allowed to spread because ” it would magically disapoear” in April
    And Biden now wants 3.3 billion for clean energy !!! Holy Shit!!! That is a scary big number thst frightens Teach.
    Don’t be scared Mr Teach it is really only 10$ a person

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