Poll: By A 4-1 Margin Americans Say They Are Not Better Off Than Last Year

Perhaps a lot of people should have thought more about their vote, what kinds of policies they were voting for, rather than losing their minds over mean tweets

I&I/TIPP Poll: Are You Better Off Today Than A Year Ago? By 4-To-1, Americans Say ‘No’

Are you better off today under President Joe Biden than you were a year earlier? And are you financially prepared for a downturn in the economy or a job loss? The March I&I/TIPP Poll suggests most Americans would answer “no” to both of those questions.

The poll asked: “Generally speaking, is your family better off today than it was one year ago, worse off than it was one year ago, or about the same as it was a year ago?”

Fewer than one in five (20%) said they were “better off.” while more than twice that number — 42% — said they were “worse off.” Another 36% said they were “about the same.”

Taken as a whole, that means 78% of Americans have seen no progress or improvement at all in their financial and economic lives since Biden took over in early 2020.

Despite this, Biden’s recent speeches have included references to the “best economic growth in the last four decades.”

Well, in fairness, you wouldn’t expect Biden to say that things are not good. That just doesn’t happen in politics anymore. Rarely will the party in power acknowledge the actual problems, especially in a mid-terms year. Unless it’s a problem the Democrats can fear-monger over, in order to spend lots of taxpayer money and take away freedom and liberty, like with the climate crisis scam. The GOP will tend to go after the border and national security. Regardless, they usually acknowledge the issue in private, and attempt to deal with the problem. Biden and the Democrats are in La La Land when it comes to the economy

In the same poll, I&I/TIPP also asked Americans, “How much does your household have in emergency savings — that is, money that is readily available in either a checking, savings or money-market account?”

Respondents were given eight possible responses: “No emergency savings,” “One month’s expenses,” “Two months’ expenses,” “Three months’ expenses,” “Four months’ expenses,” “Five months’ expenses,” “Six months’ expenses or more,” and “Not sure.”

Sadly, the biggest category by far was “No emergency savings,” at 34%. Both “One month’s” and “Two months’ ” garnered 11% each.

So 56% of all Americans, over half of the population, have either no savings or barely enough to last two months, should economic trouble occur. For most, that means they are one job loss or personal injury away from economic disaster.

#Let’sGoBrandon! Is it any wonder that Biden’s approval rating is under water badly? That people consistently say America is on the wrong track? That Biden polls horribly on the economy? Americans need to really start thinking about policies and results when voting, rather than personality.

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