74% Of Americans Want No Fly Zone, Leading To WWIII

Critical thinking is not something being taught in government schools

From the link

Some 74% of Americans – including solid majorities of Republicans and Democrats – said the United States and its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine, the poll found.

An equally bipartisan 80% of Americans said the United States should stop buying Russian oil. The White House on Friday said it was weighing cuts to U.S. imports of Russian oil, though it is proceeding cautiously, concerned about a spike in gasoline prices that would add to high inflation.

Moreover, 81% of Americans think Washington should impose additional sanctions on Russia, up from 77% in a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday. Support for more sanctions was also bipartisan.

Stopping the purchase of oil from Russia and potentially more sanctions makes some sense. Imposing a no fly zone would bring NATO military jets into direct conflict with Russia. Do the NATO jets shoot them down? How does that not lead to a wider war? People need to start thinking about this stuff when they take a poll. Thankfully, neither Biden nor the other NATO members are considering a no fly zone. Even Joe gets that this would be the very definition of a Bad Idea.

Yup, Biden’s taking the weekend off again. Interestingly, he wore the mask outside with only Jill near him, then took it off to get on the helicopter.

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30 Responses to “74% Of Americans Want No Fly Zone, Leading To WWIII”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    These 74 percent should read up on the history of Ukraine and Russia before they go getting themselves a new suntan.

    Jimmy Dore has an excellent take on Ukraine. He is as far left as they come, but he is also all about exposing the Main Stream Media for the lying bastards they are.


    Jimmy Dore exposes the Nazi problem in Ukraine.

    The US House of Representatives back in 2014 passed a law stating they would NOT train the NEO-NAZI Battalion in the Ukrainian army. A recognition that even the USA understood that Ukraine had a neo-nazi problem.

    WATCH this video. You will have a new perspective on the Ukraine Problem and why I am 1000 percent opposed to helping. I am not in favor of Russia attacking but I am opposed to US risking death of our kids who just spent an entire generation fighting and the last two years fighting a pandemic.

    I find it incredible that people are so taken by the LYING MSM that is trying to drum up another war.

    Do you even remember the CONVOY headed to DC? NO….not surprising that the war in another country has trumped everything. Ever wonder why the Left are NOW Nazi Card Carrying members of the WAR MONGERS OF THE WORLD CLUB?

    Power. Power. and more Power.

    Watch. This is eye opening and it uses actual VIDEOS of the NAZI’s speaking about what they have done in UKRAINE. It’s just not double speak and his OPINION…It is replete with undeniable facts other than even the LEFT hates DORE.

  2. Dana says:

    The shelling and seizure of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant was risky, but brilliant strategy. It worked out well: while plant workers were battling the flames, Russian troops seized the facility. But even if the attack had gone wrong, and breached a containment vessel, it would still have been a success in one regard: shelling the facility told world leaders that President Putin, who was very much of age when the Chernobyl meltdown occurred, is not all that cautious when it comes to things nuclear. He sent the message to NATO and the world that if they interfere too much in Russia’s attempt to conquer Ukraine, the use of Soviet Russian nuclear weapons is not off the table! An airbase used to enforce any no-fly zone could become a target for a ‘tactical’ nuclear warhead.

    I get it: people want to confront Russia’s naked aggression, but the line between courage and madness is right there when the possibility of nuclear war is on the table.

    • Est1950 says:

      The United States can deploy 230 tactical nuclear weapons, while Russia is able to put on the table around 2,000. These arsenals are not regulated by treaty, unlike strategic nuclear weapons. But calling them “tactical” and “non-strategic” weapons is arguably a misnomer.

      U.S. and Russian arms control treaties simply define non-strategic weapons as those with a strike range inferior to 3,417 miles. The (SALT II) Treaty minimum range for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is 5,500 km or (3,400 mi)

      As a result of Russia’s continued development of Ballistic Missiles, they have developed the means of adding 2000 plus more Nukes to their arsenal that can hit all of NATO and most of China without violating the treaty they had with the USA until Trump canceled it in 2018 because Russia and China were both breaking it daily.

      One of the first things Trump did after entering the White House was to embark on a modernization program of our nuclear forces to attempt to catch up to Putin and even China since most of China’s nuclear weapons were made in the last two decades and not in the 1960s and 1970’s like the USA is now struggling with.

      One must remember that Obama started this, not Trump. As the Biden administration prepares to initiate a review of U.S. nuclear weapons policy, its first budget request proposes to continue every part of the unnecessary and unsustainable nuclear weapons spending plans it inherited from the Trump administration. This includes the controversial additions made by President Trump to the Obama-era program, such as additional, more usable lower-yield nuclear capabilities.

      Democrats in the Senate are reportedly pressuring the Biden administration to cut funding for nuclear missile modernization efforts.

      Meanwhile, both Russia and China continue to develop their own advanced missile programs.

      Incidentally Sattelite info shows CHINA furiously building Nuclear silos that will house up to 400 Nuclear missiles.

      So I could write you a 20-page report on what is transpiring on the Nuclear front but suffice it to say that the USA starting with OBAMA, TRUMP, and BIDEN’s first year in office has seen an effort by the US to modernize and update its Nuclear forces.

      Obama or Biden have not diminished our forces as the right would like to claim, but Trump unabashedly was attacked for doing what Obama was doing and now Biden is being pressured by his own party to cut this program even as they stare toe to toe with a Crazed Madman in Russia and a wannabe madman in XI who right now is building 400 silo’s for ICBM’s so he can join the Nuclear Fray.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      We would expect nothing less from a ‘brilliant’, ‘savvy’, ‘smart’, ‘genius’, demigod like Putin.

      This puts our far-right brethren in an awkward position – admiring Putin for his strength and brilliance while being forced to recognize that he is murderous dictator who has invaded a nascent democracy.

      Nick Fuentes, a far-right activist who the Anti-Defamation League has labelled a white supremacist, cheered on Putin’s advances. “I wish Putin was president of America,” Fuentes posted on Telegram before the invasion. After it began, he added: “I am totally rooting for Russia.”

      In a speech at the America First Political Action Conference in Orlando later that week, Fuentes celebrated the invasion. “Can we give a round of applause for Russia?” Fuentes said, while people in the crowd chanted “Putin! Putin! Putin!”

      US Representatives Marjorie ‘Gazpacho’ Greene (Q-GA), Paul ‘Stop the Steal’ Gosar (R-AZ) and several state level Repubs spoke at the Orlando AFPAC gathering.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr Dana typed: It worked out well

      Sure, for the Russian invaders, but not so much for Ukraine. And so far no confirmed reports of radiation leakage.

      Anyway, I like the logic. If ya got nukes, let the world know it, and the world is your oyster.

      When should the US annex Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Central America? The Union of American Patriot Republics! But first dissolve NATO since Canada is a NATO country. What’s the worst, China will stop selling their trinkets to us? Russia will cut off their oil? The EU will raise an eyebrow?

      We got the power. Why not use it? Let’s make the Republic of China (Taiwan) the 51st state – West Hawaii!

  3. Hairy says:

    Teach why are we no longer getting reports from you comparing the operating costs of Air Force 1? We used to get them regularly when Obama was POTUS. They seemed to have abruptly stopped when Trump was elected.
    74% of Americans being unified on anything is something that rarely happens. Especially since, yes, it might involve a shooting war with our exPOTUS’s best buddy. Only a stable genius could have the ability to recognize just how smart his friend Putin’s invasion is

    • est1950 says:

      Hairy I really wished you would do some research before you present an opinion that presents yourself as a nursing home escapee. I rarely insult people but your facts leave much to be desired.

      Trump put more sanctions on Putin and Russia than any other president. The Russian narrative has been debunked repeatedly. Bush if you recall begged Putin to let him stage troops in former USSR states to attack Afghanistan. Should you not be accusing Bush of being Putin’s best buddy and not Trump.

      Your words are actively encouraging a shooting war. A war in which you will not participate but one in which you seem willing to send young boys and girls to their deaths, not to mention any NATO shooting war with the Crazed Madman of the East will almost certainly result in Nuclear exchange and the end of most Nato Countries.

      Even if Russia does not launch against the USA, he could most certainly take out most of Europe along with 100,000 USA soldiers stationed in the EU and the UK.

      Let us just succor ourselves with the knowledge that at the moment we are presided over by Dovish Leftists who are not as hungry for war as the common man on the street in the USA. Let us hope that because a small percentage of those on the right oppose it that the left will not follow your advice and run our troops headlong into battle against 100,000 cluster bombs dropping on them.

      Russia is not the Taliban or Iraq.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Ruh Roh…

    NPR/PBS/Marist Poll:

    Overall approval rating jumped to 47%, up 8 points from the NPR poll last month. Presidents don’t generally see much, if any bounce, out of a State of the Union address. Since 1978, there had only been six times when a president saw an approval rating improve 4 points or more following State of the Union addresses, according to the pollsters. Three of those bounces were for former President Bill Clinton.
    Ukraine handling is up 18 points to 52%.
    Coronavirus pandemic handling is now 55%, up 8 points.
    Economic handling up 8 points to 45%.

    Putin is described by the American right as ‘brilliant’, ‘savvy’, ‘genius’, ‘smart’, better leader than Biden and Obama, ‘strong’, “He’s taken over a country for two dollars worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart,” etc, rather than as the brutal dictator that he is.

    At least a part of the right’s excusing of Putin is this ploy:

    “Russian leadership post-communism was embracing this idea of Russia as a Christian nation. Putin is seen as a leader now that America has become too liberal”.

    Russia enacted an anti-LGBTQ law that banned “propaganda” that promoted “nontraditional” relationships for children. Franklin Graham, the son of the late Reverend Billy Graham, praised Putin for the law restricting speech around LGBTQ issues, arguing that it gave Russia the high ground above the US, which had “abdicated our moral leadership”.

    The American right prefers a Russian style autocracy over western liberal democracy.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      The American right prefers a Russian style autocracy over the Democrat style kleptocracy and tyranny we’ve been having here for two years. You leftists should be so lucky as to have an actual poll of non leftists. The NPR polls are notoriously a false narrative and over rated. In fact, all the polls you quote are of dubious quality, fairness and honesty. You take polls like Putin takes polls. In fact you quote Putin when it moves your narrative but never think as to whether or not he’s duping you to divide America. BTW, HE’S DUPING YOU TO DIVIDE AMERICA! Not that commies like you need to be duped into doing so. Why is the moron in the WH still buying oil from Russia? It’s a conspiracy with Putin and the FJB.

      There’s rumor of buying oil from adversary Iran. Why would this even be considered? And why has this administration bought over 200 MILLION barrels of oil from adversary Russia since last year, when we were energy-independent in 2020? Are we funding the invasion of Ukraine while we also fund the beleaguered, suffering Ukrainians and NATO, a triple-dipper paid for by the American people? And we’re sending Putin our oil money????

      Why would it be considered? Democrats and their allies on the Left hate this country, its people, its Constitution, and liberty. Buying oil from Iran would pay for the Iranian terrorist attacks on all of them. IOW, all of us.

      It just boggles my mind we’re paying those that hate us to fund their war crimes while ALSO paying for NATO and the refugee crisis. And the question that must be answered: Was Joe really out played or is he a willing partner in betraying his country? I guess that’s answered though just by reading and observing the people who support the child molester.

      Stop the freakin’ charade. FJB is a disaster! So far since the “two weeks to flatten the curve” scam the Democrats have brought back the 1918 pandemic, the 1929 depression, the 1968 race riots and the 1973 gas lines all at the same time. And they’ve lied to us about it all while doing it. Now they expect us to believe what they say about Ukraine. Fuck them.

      Let’s go Brandon, more people to kill and Americans to scam.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif


    • Est1950 says:

      Well, then Elwood that poll settles it. The USA and Nato should most assuredly put up fighter jets over Ukraine and dare Putin to Nuke the world.

      If he does then that would of course prove that Trump was incorrect in saying Putin was a genius for attacking when he did.

      If he does not use his nukes then Biden and the Democrats will win a landslide in 2022. So what does the left have to lose? Absolutely zero since either way it puts Trump in a bad light and that is essentially what this is all about.

      The left hates Trump so much that they would risk nuclear war to prove Trump is the idiot they already believe him to be.

      I say go for it. What have you got to lose except 2 billion people? You posting the results of a poll showing that the MSM is pounding the war drum for Biden and the left really does show that the left does not care at all about the Ukrainians.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mr Est typed: The USA and Nato should most assuredly put up fighter jets over Ukraine and dare Putin to Nuke the world.

        Why would you say that??? You interpret 52% of Americans supporting President Biden’s approach to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a reason to start WWIII. How bizarre.

        Mr Est typed: either way it puts Trump in a bad light and that is essentially what this is all about

        You think the opposition to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is about putting trump in a bad light?

        Why would you say that?????

        You are right that Dems hate trump, and since he never polled above 49% the majority of Americans never favored him either. YOU have trump derangement syndrome.

        • Est1950 says:

          I’m sorry Elwood. You posted your poll in this section which is about 74% Of Americans Want No Fly Zone, Leading To WWIII.

          I was talking sarcastically about “finger to the wind” decision-making. 74 percent favor a no-fly zone and Biden now supposedly gets a 52 percent approval. Do you not see the distinction?

          I responded to your poll because:

          You framed it with: Putin is described by the American right as ‘brilliant’, ‘savvy’, ‘genius’, ‘smart’, a better leader than Biden and Obama, ‘strong’, “He’s taken over a country for two dollars worth of sanctions.

          None of which I even referred to. You then asked a question: You think the opposition to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is about putting trump in a bad light?

          Why would you say that?????

          Then you answer your own question which validates what I posted: You are right that Dems hate trump, and since he never polled above 49% the majority of Americans never favored him either.

          Then you accuse me: YOU have trump derangement syndrome.

          All of this is extemporaneous(spoken or done without preparation.) to my post which simply made a sarcastic point that the left(because they are in charge) certainly should throw up a no-fly zone because Biden is now polling much stronger and 74 percent of Americans want it.

          The tail wagging the dog. Finger to the wind. Whatever cliche you wish to express is certainly applicable to today’s environment.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            A US President would be unwise to base major decisions on polls. I love my countrymen but our democratic republic system serves as a buffer between us hillbillies and those that drop the bombs.

            A madman such as Putin is always a grave challenge.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    BrandO is full of it.

    BrandO typed: The American right prefers a Russian style autocracy over the Democrat(ic)-style kleptocracy and tyranny we’ve been having here for two years

    Yes, that’s what we said. Anti-Americans such as BrandO prefer Putin to US liberal democracy. They prefer top down Putin-style tyranny, as long as they are FOPs (friends of Putin).

    The US President does not buy crude oil, but oil refiners DO. Yes, US refiners buy some crude from Russia, but most imported crude is from Canada (over 50% of imported), Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. US refiners DO buy some crude from pooled sources that no doubt have Iranian oil.

    Does BrandO feel the US government should run the refineries and the global oil market? Hypocrite much? https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

    It’s more likely that BrandO wants the US government to order the refiners to NOT buy Russian crude. That is being discussed. The political instability in Russia and previously, in Venezuela has caused shocks in the oil markets. Gas at the pump is $3.58-$3.75/ gal in our area. It will go up as the Ukraine putsch continues.

    Has the US ever not consumed more oil than it produced (real energy independence)? Bueller? Bueller?

    Much of what connies feel is true is really nothing more than repeated talking points. tRump led us to energy independence! Vaccines kill more than they save! Stop the Steal! Biden is a child molester! Global warming is a socialist hoax!

    BrandO does realize the pandemic started before President Biden was elected. The Covid recession occurred in 2020. The current unemployment rate (3.8%) is at a two year low. Wages are up. Profits are up. There are still more jobs than workers!! But, inflation is a serious bugaboo with this roaring economy. It’s likely the Fed will raise interest rates to slow the economy and inflation.

    BTW – WNBA superstar, Brittney Griner (6’9″ tall, Black and queer), has been arrested in Russia on “drug charges”. More Putin-style tyranny that the US far-right will celebrate.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Unlike Amurican far-right wingers, most real Americans recognize the evil of the murderous, war criminal, Vladimir Putin, who invaded a sovereign nation without provocation. And while real Americans hate actual tyranny and dictators invading countries and killing innocents, those feelings don’t always translate into beneficial and politic actions.

    It’s hard to dissect the conflated values of our far-right brethren where on the one hand they admire and lionize the Russian strongman but they also legitimately fear Russian nukes. Do they oppose any and all actions of the West because the fear WWIII or is that just an excuse to support their favored tyrant (and FOD, friend of Don)?

    We should all recognize Putin for the evil tyrant he is but also recognize the danger of nuclear war.

    Does this mean that regardless of what vile action Putin takes, we should just look away ’cause nukes?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Again, Rimjob proves he’s just a stupid hillbilly.

      In order to cover up for what the Bidens and perhaps other senior Obama officials had done in Ukraine, a Democratic Congress impeached Trump for trying to figure out what American policymakers had been doing in Ukraine over the past decade. As for the Ukrainians, they again put themselves in the middle of it, when they should have stayed home.

      The end result was that the Ukrainians had helped weaken an American president who, unlike Obama, gave them arms to defend themselves against the Russians. More seriously, they reinforced Putin’s view that, especially in partnership with the Democrats, Ukraine did not understand its true place in the world as a buffer state—and would continue to allow themselves to be used as an instrument by policymakers whose combination of narcissism and fecklessness made them particularly prone to dangerous miscalculations. The 2020 election victory of Joe Biden, a man whose family had been paid by the Ukrainians to protect them, can have done little to quiet Putin’s sense that Ukraine needed to be put in its place before it was used yet again as a weapon against him.


      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        While we applaud ShitLip’s attempt at relevance, we’re forced to point out that the typist of his piece blamed the “coup against trump” as instrumental in Putin invading Ukraine. LOL.

        The typist further claims that Ukraine joining the EU or NATO would mean the Russians would no longer have a buffer between them and NATO. Of course, this in itself deserves a so-what, not to mention that Estonia and Latvia both border Russia.

        Putin invaded Ukraine. Not Obama, not trump, not Biden. Ukraine did not attack Russia. Ukraine’s only offense is not being a Putin puppet.

        • david7134 says:

          Always amazing to see your lack of understanding and that you have no shame in announcing it to the world.

          Putin was emboldened by the weakness in our government by the steal, the stupidity of our congress especially Nancy, the administration put into effect by Biden, the clear dementia of our fearless leader, and the demonstrated weakness of our military. Then we have the fact that Obama did nothing in the previous invasion. As well as the obvious corruption of the Clinton’s, Obama and Biden.

          Trump was our best option, but he was too mean for weak people like yourself.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Exactly. Notice Rimjob tries to refute the article without actually refuting any of the main points put forward.

            What a dumbass hillbilly!
            Guess he still seeks attention with his handwaving.

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  7. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    It seems that dOwd hates the idea that we Republicans/conservatives/Christians/Patriots are on the Ukraine side yet speak about things we disagree with. Some how if we don’t hate all Russians especially Putin with the heat of a thousand suns we are just not patriots to the dOwdinistas. They demand total fealty and compliance to their new found love of nuclear war just as they did with their love of Naziesque Covid mandates. No power is enough for our fascist opponents.

    Reading the ridiculous comments of an hysterical dOwdist is like reading Mein Kampf. All bS histrionics and name calling and zero depth or reason. dOwd has reached peak success in his writing skills.

    Even when the left agrees with us they have to divide us. They are truly evil bastards.

    Lets go Brandon, get us all killed because dOwd hates Putin.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      We suppose you think Adolf was also brilliant. Vladimir is a murderous thug. With nukes. It’s OK to call a spade a spade. The Russian people do not support Putin, but then they don’t have to, do they? He’s the dictator for life. Most Russians fear crossing Putin.

      You can criticize Putin, even if trump won’t.

      A serious question. What, if anything, should the US and the west do to discourage Russian (Putin) aggression?

      • david7134 says:

        Because someone points out better characteristics does not mean they agree with a person. Your presumptions are childish. Hitler and Stalin were the hero’s of socialist like yourself in the 30s and I believe they were Times men of the year. Grownup.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          I don’t think dOwd realizes Zelenskyy (why the 2″y’s”?) after winning a plurality of about 30% in the crooked election had the opposition candidate arrested, their officers arrested, their news papers and media support shut down. He is as much a dictator as Putin just a smaller country so his stench doesn’t rise as high.

          Both Putin and Zelenskyy are dictators, terrorists and killers. Flip a coin dOwd.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        dOwd: “A serious question. What, if anything, should the US and the west do to discourage Russian (Putin) aggression?”

        Well, the first thing the US should do is remove the retard from the presidency. That would show we’re serious and not screwing around with a friggin’ moron at the helm. Next we should reverse the Brandon policy of buying $40 million a day in oil from Russia while sending weapons and other support to Ukraine. He’s monetarily ssupporting Russia and telling idiot dOwists he’s for Ukraine and they’re believing him (of course they still believe he actually got 81 votes…hahahahaha).

        I guess in dOwds mind buying Russian oil does not contradict supporting *Ukraine. That’s how fuked up these people are.

        Let’s go Brandon, buy more oil, kill more Ukrainians.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          It goes without typing that you want President Biden gone. If you win the House you guys can impeach him. If you win 67 Senate seats you can even remove him from office!! Good luck.

          The US President doesn’t buy crude oil for the nation. You do realize it’s not tax money, but oil refiners and drivers who pay. It isn’t President Biden’s policy. America bought just as much Russian crude during the previous administration. This administration is considering banning Russian oil imports.

  8. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    MarlOn Brand0,

    Why the two zz’s? It’s his name.

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy won the 2019 election with 72% of the vote.

    Here’s what the Liar Tucker falsely claimed about Zelenskyy: “Not that Ukraine is a democracy. It’s not a democracy. Ukraine’s president has arrested his main political opponent, he has shut down newspapers and television stations that have dared to criticize him. So in American terms, you would call Ukraine a tyranny.”

    And now you repeat what Tucker said. Hmmm. Do you or Tucker have evidence to support your claims?

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