Poll: Youngsters Aren’t Real Enthused For Radical Change To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)

Gen Z and Millennials talk a good game on Doing Something about ‘climate change’, especially as climate cult groups enlist their help in lawsuits and such. I’m guess it’s more popular in theory than practice for their own lives

Opinion: Young Americans don’t want radical change on climate issues. They want balance

For those in environmental advocacy, it’s hard to understand why everyday Americans aren’t champing at the bit for climate action. Yet climate consistently ranks lower than Americans’ other priorities ahead of elections. Why? Mainstream environmental messaging.

According to Gallup, issues like COVID-19, poor leadership and even economic issues such as inflation rank much higher than the environment in 2022. Talk of radical change and government restructuring all in the name of climate change simply doesn’t resonate with the American people even if they are concerned about climate change and its associated effects. Instead, we want balance.

If the mainstream messaging discusses the notion that we’re all doomed, that the Earth will die unless we all accept that we need to give up our money, freedom, and life choices to government, well, yeah, it’s pretty bad.

As I’ve written before, climate solutions must be profitable in order to be embraced. Of course, we should prioritize environmental protection and real action on climate, but it’s unrealistic for mainstream environmentalists to think they will garner more support from Americans by telling them the only way to address climate change is to upend their way of life. Efforts to ban natural gas outright and suggestions that coal workers can simply learn to build solar panels are not examples of consensus-building.

Ya think?

Recent polling done by my organization, the American Conservation Coalition, demonstrates that a majority (52%) of Americans ages 18-30 believe “A balance can be struck between protecting the environment and growing the economy at the same time.” Embracing this sentiment, rather than sending the message that climate requires requires huge government policies or bust, is the right way forward in gaining more support for commonsense climate action.

Yeah, they do not want their own lives drastically changed. Go figure.

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14 Responses to “Poll: Youngsters Aren’t Real Enthused For Radical Change To Solve Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    I am not opposed to green or electric cars at all. Period.

    I am opposed to ripping the world off fossil fuels while leaving us nothing to farm, ranch, or run our military or big industry.

    I don’t care if we have windmills or fossil fuels running the world in 15-30 years. I do not care at all. I just want the transition to be sane and painless for the majority of the world.

    Right now the left has gone insane with this war. IMO this is nothing more than a radical way of pushing up the price of gasoline and oil and making it untenable for the average World wide citizen. Not just the USA citizen.

    The minute the internet starts experiencing Brown outs that will be the end of Green Energy. So with that being said. The AGW people really are shitting in their mess kits.

  2. Hairy says:

    Thank you for your support as we head into a greener future.
    Fearmongering that the greenies are going to forbid you to use fossil fueled carstomorrow is just part of the straw mans argument about decarbonization. Teach is always doing thst. Lol
    Does anyone else remember his PANIC!!! Over the end of incandescent Light bulbs? OMG CFLs are filled with poisonous mercury !!
    Or that electricity prices will skyrocket because of renewables when they are now vheapertgan new fossil electric power.
    Or that no one wants electric cars whenbtgecztesla Mod 3 now costs less than the average price of a new car in the USA

    • Jl says:

      “Does anyone remember the panic over the end of incandescent light bulbs”? No but we remember the panic knowing that there are people stupid enough to believe that banning a type of lightbulb (since rescinded) would have any effect on anything.

  3. Hairy says:

    Since most of the world’s oil cland gas comes from places that even Teach himself would believe come from politically incorrect countries ruled by despite and dictators, isn’t that still another hood reason we should be moving away from carbon based fuels?

    • Jl says:

      Sorry,John, but we were energy independent of those politically incorrect countries you speak of under Trump, and now Brandon has made us dependent on them again, having to buy oil from Russia that helps fund their war machine. Plus, you have to ask yourself-if fossil fuels are so “bad”, then what does Brandon feel is being accomplished by curtailing fossil fuels here but saying it’s ok to buy from another country? The same amount gets used in the end no matter where it comes from. Do you think Brandon has any idea what he’s doing?

    • Professor Hale says:

      Since most of the world’s oil cland gas comes from places that even Teach himself would believe come from politically incorrect countries ruled by despite and dictators,

      HAHHAA. He doesn’t realize he is talking about the USA and Canada.

  4. Hairy says:

    The price is being driven up by the huge profits that oil companies can make because they are a monopoly container this very important commodity
    Right now there are over 650 oil rigs drilling. Under ztrump it was 403. Tge oil companies of millions of acres under lease where they are not drilling. The typical price for an oil lease from “Los Federales” is 1 dollar per acre. The Fed last lease for offshore NJ wind turbines was 9000$ per acre. Apparently capitalists think that there will be big profits in offshore wind turbines

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Read what you write, Hairy. How can “oil companies” (plural) be a monopoly (singular)? There are many different oil companies both domestic and foreign. They do not set the price Hairy, the market does. If they are making “huge profits” they earned them. You should be concerned with the “huge profits” the Big Pharma has raped the American people and the world for with a vaccine that really wasn’t a vaccine.

      I don’t know where you get the number of oil rigs drilling but you need to show your work since everyone, even Democrats are aware that Brandon cut our production, drastically. It does not matter how much per acre these companies pay to lease the land. We own the land, we need the oil and gas. Would do realize the higher you raise their costs the higher they raise their prices?

      Pin wheels and mirrors to generate electricity are neither efficient nor progressive since both are 15th century technology repurposed. If you are serious about climate and have the understanding of a five year old you would realize nuclear is the only modern way to limit fossil fuel use. But free people should still have the choice of what type of cars and trucks they drive. If you want an EV fine. But I like the rumble of my Corvette under my ass and ya can’t get that with a battery. All batteries do is whine, like leftists.

      Brandon’s SOTU was exemplary. He reviewed what he needs to do: increase energy, secure our border, end the supply shortage, stop inflation, end Covid and more. All of which were well under control when Trump was president.

      Let’s go Brandon, clean out Congress in 2022 and Trump 2024.

    • Jl says:

      Do you have proof of huge profits because they are a monopoly? Or proof that they are a monopoly? How could our oil companies have a monopoly if we’re forced to buy from other countries? It’s much worse having to buy oil abroad vs. a monopoly because it could be shut off at any time. If you were going to lease something would you rather pay 9000$ an acre or 1 dollar per acre? And factor in that the 9000 per acre site would produce intermittent energy at best and sometimes none, while the 1 dollar per acre site potentially could produce cheap, reliable energy while generating billions in tax revenues for the government. The capitalists in Germany appear to have a different view point than you do. https://notrickszone.com/2020/10/11/german-wind-energy-woes-intensify-a-farce-construction-licenses-plummet-70-percent-in-3-years/

    • david7134 says:

      Yesterday, you said it took 10 years to get a well going. So how did Biden accomplish that feat in one year?

      We understand that you are older and looking at how the world has passed you by. But don’t interfere with our infrastructure just to make you feel better.

  5. JG says:

    My home state of California is a wreck. I moved in 96 to the eats coast as my company moved me and my family. When me and my wife grew up in the 60s and 70s it was still good. The reservoirs were built last under Governor Reagan and he last had the logging companies clearing the County, State, and National Forests of dead wood to limit forest fires. Once Reagan was out the environmentalists got in via Democrats and stopped reservoirs and logging companies(this increased Forest Fire Damage greatly).

    I have seen wind mill usage in the Altamont Pass in California and many of these wind mills are not running. Further this pass is a major bird route and the mills cause heavy loss of bird life. Also in the desert there have been solar farms that have been built, used, and then shut down. Most require special non-American metals or chemicals. All these “alternate” energy always have been subsidized by taxes. Whether it is Coal, Oil, Natual Gas, Nuclear, Wind, or Solar there is always some affect on the environment.

  6. david7134 says:

    As to excessive profit. What about football players and actors, they make an excessive amount of money and should be taxed excessively. For that matter, any of the movie folks need special taxes. Same goes for the big tech folks, so if you desire to tax people for doing well, lets go whole hog, lets destroy the country to make sure everyone is poor and on the same foot.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      That’s precisely what they want david7134, except you can’t tax their supporters. You know, those kneeling knee-grows, those pussy hat wearing leftist bitch celebs and those Billionaire CEO’s at Pfizer and Moderna. After all they’re globo-homo supporters of Build Back Redder and Climate Crisis Mania 2022.

      We are now at the point where our governments are actively confiscating bank accounts, IRA’s and any property of value to enforce compliance with any new “mandate”. WE are truly screwed as free people.

      The same attitude is being shown toward Russia. The left in America not satisfied to just support Ukraine and wear their little Ukie flags and cover their Facebook with them also must show their superior virtue to us conservatives since we too support the freedom of Ukraine. Still that’s not good enough. They feel they must run their mouths off and call Putin a war criminal, a psychotic, a criminal. I don’t think that threatening the guy with a trial at the Hague and threatening his life and that of his family and government is a good way to bring him to the negotiation table. In fact if they force him into a corner they will get to see first hand nuclear war. If a guy like Putin thinks all is lost he’ll try and take everyone with him.

      But maybe that’s exactly what the leftist globo-homos want? After all they are all white so if they are all killed no big deal.

      Let’s go Brandon, force Putin to launch. Brandon is our own Dr. Strangelove.

  7. Dana says:

    Our distinguished host quoted:

    According to Gallup, issues like COVID-19, poor leadership and even economic issues such as inflation rank much higher than the environment in 2022.

    Is this really a surprise? COVID-19, an ignorant and incompetent President and even economic issues such as inflation are immediate concerns, while the planet maybe getting 2º warmer a hundred years from now is, by definition, not immediate.

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