Who’s Up For Brandon Making The SOTU All About Climate Crisis (scam)?

Law professor David A. Super at Georgetown thinks this is a fantastic idea. I agree, because this would show just how out of touch Biden and the Democrats are from reality, what with rising inflation, energy prices, gas prices, food prices, etc, along with a war in Ukraine, and COVID still around

Biden should put climate change front and center in State of the Union

President Biden’s State of the Union address next week will surely focus heavily on Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. Much of this likely will involve immediate responses to the current crisis. The president also, however, has the opportunity to address the long-term problem of aggressive dictatorships propped up by oil revenues despite otherwise moribund economies. As long as they remain heavily dependent on fossil fuels, western democracies will keep dutifully funding the war machines of Russia and its ilk.

There were no wars before fossil fuels, you know

Biden has the opportunity to chart a bold future for the country, simultaneously unleashing the innovation to revitalize our economy, seizing the world lead in a crucial area of technology, defunding petroleum-fueled despots, and demonstrating an idealism that can win admiration around the globe.

He can achieve all of this by declaring that this country will be the world’s leader in combatting climate change.

Lots of cult blather, which fails to mention whether David has given up his own use of fossil fuels

Finally, dedicating our country — now — to becoming world leader in combatting climate change could reawaken idealism and national pride at a time when both are sorely needed. With polls indicating growing pessimism about whether future generations will enjoy the same opportunities that we did, an earnest, focused effort to slow climate change is something concrete we can do for our children and grandchildren. By moving aggressively now, we can avert some of the worst harms that otherwise would occur.

Go ahead, push this, because we all know that Doing Something about ‘climate change’ is popular in theory, but, not practice. People might consider it if the economy wasn’t tits up, thanks to China’s coronavirus, then Joe’s ineptitude. Please, Joe, give this speech, it’ll make the midterms even that much more of a blowout.

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6 Responses to “Who’s Up For Brandon Making The SOTU All About Climate Crisis (scam)?”

  1. Facts Matter says:

    A prerelease of Bidens SOTU speech:

    WAH, WAH, WAH we are all going to die in 9 years. WAH, WAH, WAH we have to end fossil fuels….WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH for effect sir.

    That Greta girl yelled at me!!! WAH, HEP ME PEOPLE, I have fallen and I can’t get up.

    I am totally demented and without cognitive reasoning so I am just doing whatever anyone tells me to do in regard to Russia. Who cares if we cant run our factories, drive our cars or power our military.

    Suffer Bitches…..Wait Am I supposed to say that?

    Yes sir, The voice of AOC from behind a curtain screams.

    WAH, WAH, WAH, that Greta girl yelled at me.

    NATO will protect us. Russia’s ‘Super-EMP’ Nuke, Massive Military Could Roll NATO with one blast.

    What? The? Hell? Why don’t I know about this? Shut up Mr. President and read the damn speech. The voice of Rashida Talib bellows from under his desk. “Allah, I swear we are going to impeach you too, you Russian Stooge!”

    Right, where was I? Oh yeah, did you know Trump was the only president in the 21st century who never allowed Putin to Invade something.

    AHHHHH……shit sir! Screams a dozen voices above the president’s head.

    If we do not end fossil fuels, then Russia will destroy the world with a madman in charge.

    Have I told you that I took huge paydays from Ukraine and China. They tell me I am the big guy. Hah, that’s not what my wife says. Hunter is a drug addict and is a child rapist but you know. Thats what the left stands for now. WAH…WAH….WAH…..were all gonna die if we don’t build 650 million windmills in the next 9 years.

    Wait. What? Who told me to tell China all is forgiven and they can destroy the USA’s solar panel industry? Who the fuks in charge around here.

    Not you sir! A mysterious voice with a Chinese accent echoes from behind a curtain.

    Oh Right. Forget I said that. I’m gonna gasdieldldoe, That Putin guy. In my day I could bully anyone with a right cross to the knees and they knew they were in for a fight if they tried to push me around.

    The speech sir!

    Yes. President Harris and myself have decided it is the best thing for the world if we completly stop producing cars by 2030.

    Wait. What kind of dumb idea is this?

    Mad Cackling from behind the president. Kamaltoe, would you like to finish this speech, I think I need a nap….Biden wanders off the stage and fights with a curtain before he is led down the aisle high fiving Democrats.

    Meanwhile, a cauldron appears and President Harris picks up where Biden left of. CNN claims its the best speech ever and talk about how their legs are tingling. Fox news goes of the air. MSNBC declares martial law and from this day forward no more gasoline unless you have a MANDATE!!!!!

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    With the fascist left in charge claiming nothing is “tyranny” and we’re all crazy right wing radicals because we don’t want mandates we will soon need “vaccine” passports with booster addendums to do anything in society from buying food to getting our SS to seeing a doctor plus out gasoline ration cards. Great country brandon and his gestapo have created.

    I’ve noticed on the leftist sites they have begun to lay off the “conservatives back Putin” bullshit having found it didn’t poll well and now are promoting the “American freedom convoy are radical” meme. What a group of maroons.

    Nothing ends a “existential medical emergency” faster than a fukin’ bad poll for the Democrats. It’s funny. And they think people buy their shit.

    Now that Brandon is polling in the mid 20% tile can we see him fight Corn Pop?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Whiny snowflakes… Just a bunch of whiny snowflakes.

      Being asked to wear a mask to enter Wal-Mart is tyranny!!!

      But a defeated president trying to overturn a US election is OK.

      The nuRight has conpletely lost their collective minds. Granted, there wasn’t much to lose.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    President Biden’s SOTU will likely address inflation, Covid pandemic fatigue, Ukraine invasion, SCOTUS pick and global warming.

    BTW, General Davide Petraeus points out that the West needs to give Putin a ‘way out’, or an ‘off-ramp’, from his Ukraine debacle. A wild animal backed into a corner is dangerous.

    No doubt, Rep Marjorie Greene will shout out accusing Mr Biden of being the GAZPACHO!.

    Rep Boebert will insist we invade Canada and free the anti-vax patriots.

    Rep Gosar will wear a Nazi uniform.

    ‘Cancun’ Cruz will object to Mr Biden nominating a Black woman for the SCOTUS, calling it racist not to choose a Caucasian.

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