NYC Set To End Vaccine Mandate March 7th

This is rather convenient, right? It’s completely about Science, though, right? Not politics?

New York City to lift vaccination mandate for businesses, events

New York City, the first major U.S. metropolis to require vaccines indoors, will lift its mandate for indoor businesses, dining and events in the coming days.

Mayor Eric Adams announced Sunday that his administration would end its vaccine mandate requirements on Monday, March 7, so long as Covid-19 cases continue to trend downward. He joins public officials who made similar decisions in cities such as Seattle and Boston in recent weeks.

The positivity rate is about where it was before Omicron hit, yet, there was no push to end the vax mandate which turned businesses into COVID Cops. Of course, at this point, how many businesses, business creators, and workers have left NYC? Especially with the skyrocketing crime?

Schools also will see the indoor mask mandate lifted on the same day, provided no unexpected spikes arise, Adams said.

But, but, but, if they keep us safe, why do this now, when they positivity rate is higher than it was last summer?

The news came as the U.S. House sergeant-at-arms said masks are “now an individual choice” for attendees of Tuesday’s State of the Union address in the House Chamber. Dr. Brian P. Monahan, attending physician of Congress, wrote in a coronavirus update Sunday that the District of Columbia’s relatively low level of transmission has triggered the change to optional mask-wearing for the Capitol.

Why now, when the rate is still higher than last summer and before Omicron hit? How many of the Democrats who were Demanding that Everyone Wear A Mask To Save Each other will ditch the mask?

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul allowed the statewide mask policy to expire following a temporary extension into February as cases dropped. The mandate had also been subject to a legal challenge.

She cited decreasing case numbers and New York’s status as the state with the most adults and teenagers fully vaccinated.

“We are now entering a new phase of the pandemic,” the governor said in a statement. “Because New Yorkers have stepped up, we can confidently remove the statewide mask requirement in our schools.”

It’s still higher than it was last summer and early fall, yet, the masks were required. So, what’s different now? I though all these Democratic Party voters loved masking up to protect everyone else? No?

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2 Responses to “NYC Set To End Vaccine Mandate March 7th”

  1. Hairy says:

    NY 7 day average total covid deaths is 33
    FL with an equal population has a 7 day average 400% higher.
    Thanks Teach for showing us how mandates work

  2. Facts Matter says:

    if there are 33 deaths in NY and 400 percent more than that in Florida that means florida had 132 deaths. OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!

    Florida has been open for months and months. NY has been locked down tighter than the queens chastity belt.

    Live free or Die Hard. Live Free. The real reason the mandates are ending is that the City of NY got rid of fuking communist DEBLASIO and replaced him with a sane black man who doesn’t trust the government any more than any other black man in this country.

    Thanks for showing us HAIRY how mandates have destroyed the lives of millions and millions in this country and stunted the growth of our children.

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