Brandon’s Super Excited To Buy 600K EVs For Federal Workers!

This is totally to help out with ‘climate change’!

When will Biden be switching his big limo and SUV motorcade out for EVs?

(CNBC) The administration has previously proposed an EV incentive package that would allocate additional money for consumers who bought electric vehicles built by unionized workers. The administration has also committed to replace its federal fleet of 600,000 cars and trucks to electric power by 2035.

“This announcement demonstrates that clean energy investments deliver for America,” Elizabeth Gore, senior vice president of political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund, said in a statement.

Where is the power coming from to charge them? Who’s paying for these vehicles that are way more expensive than the existing fleet? What happens to the vehicles that still work? Aren’t you glad your taxes will pay for this, despite never having had a legislative vote on it? Under what authority is this occuring? Meanwhile, your cost of living is skyrocketing, and Biden’s taking fossil fueled trips to Camp David to live it up.

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20 Responses to “Brandon’s Super Excited To Buy 600K EVs For Federal Workers!”

  1. Dana says:

    If we’re talking about electric vehicles which will be parked at federal facilities, there’ll doubtlessly be private contractors being paid to install overnight charging stations for them. Assuming that they are all driven less than range, and all parked back at the fed garage/parking lot, they can at least be practical.

    Of course, we currently derive 62.5% of all electricity generated in this country from burning fossil fuels, so . . . .

    The Weather Channel had a segment on this morning about a proposal to build 500,000 commercial electric vehicle charging stations. If they are privately-funded and operated, I have no objection; it’s the entrepreneurs who will be risking their money. And this, a photo I took of the screen, illustrates the problem for individuals, as it shows a woman, wearing flip flops for shoes, getting ready to recharge her electric vehicle in the only place she has for it, in the weeds.

    • Dana says:

      That’s quite the building. The building has shifted, resulting in some separation between the concrete blocks, and there’s a flue for venting a wood stove or fossil-fueled heater. The window is broken. The wall appears to be leaning, but that could be an artifact of the picture rather than reality.

      That’s not where I’d choose to put a vehicle charging station.

      • Bob says:

        Yes, who spends $50-$60K on a car and then parks it in the weeds beside a falling down building?

        Totally bogus picture.

        • Dana says:

          The picture was taken by me of the television screen; the actual presentation showed the young lady taking the charging cord from the unit, walking to the vehicle, and plugging it in. It was presented by “Plug In America,” an advocacy group pushing the electric vehicles.

          I am one of those who actually has a decent set-up for an electric vehicle: a garage with separate power, about 120 feet from our house. I have the knowledge, skills and tools to install a 50-amp, 220 volt circuit for a charging station, so I wouldn’t have to pay a sparktrician to do it for me. I’m pretty sure that I will install that circuit — the circuit, not the charger itself — simply to increase the resale value for my daughters once I go to my eternal reward. Under $100, for something that might add a couple thousand to resale, sounds like a win-win to me.

  2. Dana says:

    Of course, the ‘promise’ is to replace the federal fleet by 2035, ten years after Joe Biden has been kicked out of office. We can hope that President Trump, in his second term — from my keyboard to God’s monitor screen! — will reverse this policy!

    Of course, he’ll do it via a really mean tweet!

  3. GoldenRudy says:

    Where will all the electricity come from? Nuclear? Magic wand?

    • Bob says:

      COAL! Lots and lots of coal but the greenies will never admit it.

      They all believe that their cars run on unicorn wishes and fairy wings.

  4. LGB says:

    Should have switched to natural gas. What a dumbass.

  5. Shawarma Mayor says:

    600,000 fire hazard that can’t drive between states and will sit in empty lots consuming electricity while traitor Joe also fights to close electric plants.

  6. alanstorm1 says:

    “This announcement demonstrates that clean energy investments deliver for America,” Elizabeth Gore, senior vice president of political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund, said in a statement.

    Sorry, Liz, it says no such thing. Then again, enviro-loonies aren’t real big on logic and reason.

    Anyway, dear, how are you going to charge all those vehicles, since you don’t like nukes?

  7. Zendo Deb says:

    Pay no attention to the environmental devastation caused by lithium mining in South America, or the child labor being employed in the cobalt mines in the Congo. Nothing can stand in the way of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.

  8. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    600,000 replacement vehicles by 2035. Sounds like a lot!!

  9. jc says:

    Stupid idea. And the sharp-eyed will notice that it excludes Tesla, which runs an open shop. They all hate him ’cause he’s an African American.

  10. st says:

    This is really, really good – New Rule: That’s Not Karma | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) – Video

  11. ruralcounsel says:

    I look forward o seeing dozens, if not hundreds, of discharged EV’s with government plates alongside the roads of NorVA/MD/DC.

    • Dana says:

      Actually, this could prove to be a benefit: a government worker who was using his government wheels for side trips would have to worry about range, or go to a commercial charging station to get a few extra gallons of electricity, something which could take him an extra hour. This could make it harder for the government workers using the cars for personal use, if somebody actually monitored it.

  12. Jay says:

    I hate to break it to you, but coal is not the dominate energy source. Natural Gas is our primary source of energy in the US. Anyone recall the gas shortage in May 2020 when the pipeline got hacked? Or the nasty ice storm that hit Texas last year? If we are dumb enough to put all our eggs in one energy source basket then we deserve everything we get when natural disasters hit or we are attacked. And yes, cyber-attacks on our infrastructure are no different to a 911 or Pearl Harbor. Lots of people will suffer and die if our power grid is taken out by Russia, China or bad actors. It will cripple the country. As far as the EV Fleet, its pandering to the base. Thats it.

    Natural Gas 40.5%
    Nuclear 19.7%
    Renewables 19.8%
    Coal 19.3%

    • ruralcounsel says:

      That’s a recent turn of events, and coal still provides a major portion of it. Gas only replaced coal because it became cheap and plentiful due to fracking. And we all know where that is headed now.

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