‘Climate Change’ Is Keeping Consumer Prices High Or Something

I thought this was a Bad Take

If the tweet fails to show (giving me some issues in the writing panel), here’s the headline

AOC: Corporate ‘price gouging’ is fueling inflation

How does someone with an economics degree not understand what’s’ going on? Oh, right, that’s why she was working as a bartender

The there’s CNN

Here’s another thing keeping prices high: Climate change

The pandemic economy is one of imbalances: supply chain woes and rising inflation have been with us for a while now, with few solutions in sight. But there’s another big shock to the global economy taking shape: climate change.

Although the pandemic will eventually end — whether it takes months or years — climate change is here to stay.

More severe weather events and shifting climate patterns will continue to create problems for people and businesses around the world. And the already battered global supply chains will be on the front lines.

That’s bad news for the rampant pandemic-era inflation that Americans have had to get used to during Covid.

Think unseasonably cold winters or hotter-than-normal summers increasing energy costs and prices for products like fans, AC units and generators. Meanwhile, fires, droughts, floods and storms can affect the food supply chain and drive prices up. And any extreme weather event can lead to property damages that then affect material and construction costs.

Got that? You ate a burger so you made it abnormally cold (say, do any of these climate cultists understand how averages work?) so prices are higher.

But thinking about it from the perspective of economic risk rather than pure politics changes the tone: “Climate is essentially an economic problem and it’s about how we manage the risk,” Dr. Sanjay Patnaik, director of the Center on Regulation and Markets at The Brookings Institution, told CNN Business.

And how do they want to do this? By massive government control of the economy, and, by extension, your life. Surprise?

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10 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Is Keeping Consumer Prices High Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: Oh, right, that’s why she was working as a bartender

    Elitist Teach mocks Rep Ocasio-Cortez for working as a bartender. Yet, he hasn’t ridiculed high-school dropout, money-losing businessperson whose restaurant poisoned 80 people in 2017, Boebert.

    Anyway both Ocasio-Cortez and Summers are partially right. As the US recovers from the Covid recession, consumers are buying like crazy – and there aren’t enough workers to meet the demand. The demand IS in part from federal spending. Ocasio-Cortez is right that companies are taking advantage of the tight market, but that’s capitalism. Chinese shipping companies have jacked-up prices several fold because they can, but that’s capitalism.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Yeah it absolutely has nothing, nothing at all to do with the policies of the Brandon misadministration.

      Rimjob spouting his stupid economic fairy tales again.
      What a dumbass.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

      • david7134 says:

        Notice he defends AOC. He understands stupid. Also, female bartender in NYC is another term for whore.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          You think Representative Ocasio-Cortez is stupid? What do you think of Gaetz, Boebert and Gosar? LOL!!

          I thought the other term for whore was “model” like Melania and Ivanka trump.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        puppysucker neglects to note the policies of President Biden that he feels have caused inflation.

        What a dumbass.

        • Down on the Corner says:

          Trump was the man at the helm when Covid hit. It was all his fault. Nothing he did could satisfy the left because they knew this was the opportunity to drive him from office so they shouted loud and long that Heir Adolph Trump was the root cause of all evil.

          Well fast forward 2021-2022 Comrade Biden was elected to fix all of this and now we have the fourth wave of covid surging despite vaccines and better means of fighting the virus. People are marching in protest not only in the USA but around the world over draconian, Authoritarian lockdowns and mandates that make the Chinese ecstatic with how the west is treating their people.

          Inflation has exploded, labor shortages abound, students remain at home because of teacher unions, even as school districts try to teach NON BLACK STUDENTS they are trash and racists and worthless. Teen suicide is a serious problem. Millions surge across our border illegally and are greeted with first-class accommodations as they are secretly flown around the country.

          Crime has surged to unprecedented levels and the left elects DAs who refuse to try or convict even the most violent of offenders.

          Joe Biden is at the helm, the buck stops with the president and the democratic party. Biden and the democrat policies are 100 percent the reason for all of the bad going on in the USA and they offer no solutions. Just yesterday Biden was seen at the ice cream parlor eating Ice Cream while Psaki said how HARD he was working and that is why the press has no access to him.

          We went from a tireless Billionaire that worked non stop every day and was accessible to the press for hours a day to a reclusive hermit shielded from the world because of his mental issues. Yeah the Buck stops with the president. Always.

  2. CarolAnn says:

    I’ve seen a few bad presidents but this stupid clown is the absolute worst. And the leftist’s won’t admit it.

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