How Much Did Lockdowns Contribute To Saving People From Chinese Coronavirus?

Leftist leaders in the U.S. and around the world were in love with locking their citizens down. Remember “15 days to slow the spread”? How well did they work?

Lockdowns only reduced COVID-19 mortality by .2%, study finds: ‘Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand’

Lockdowns during the first COVID-19 wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID-19 mortality by .2% in the U.S. and Europe, according to a Johns Hopkins University meta-analysis of several studies.

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the researchers wrote. “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

The researchers – Johns Hopkins University economics professor Steve Hanke, Lund University economics professor Lars Jonung, and special advisor at Copenhagen’s Center for Political Studies Jonas Herby – analyzed the effects of lockdown measures such as school shutdowns, business closures, and mask mandates on COVID-19 deaths.

“We find little to no evidence that mandated lockdowns in Europe and the United States had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality rates,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also examined shelter-in-place orders, finding that they reduced COVID-19 mortality by 2.9%.

The lockdowns and shelter in place orders were wonderful in destroying the economy, closing businesses, stopping people from getting the medical, dental health, and mental health support they needed. In fairness, I will say that you really have to think about the panic that citizens and government were experiencing, as Wuhan flu spread around the world. Think back to what was happening in late January and in February of 2020. Things were going south even before government started implementing restrictions. People were voluntarily staying home as much as possible.

Of course, many in government went way overboard

“[Shelter-in-place orders] may isolate an infected person at home with his/her family where he/she risks infecting family members with a higher viral load, causing more severe illness,” the researchers wrote.

“But often, lockdowns have limited peoples’ access to safe (outdoor) places such as beaches, parks, and zoos, or included outdoor mask mandates or strict outdoor gathering restrictions, pushing people to meet at less safe (indoor) places.”

Remember the guy who was paddleboarding off Malibu, not a soul anywhere near him, and arrested for being out during the lockdown? Again, in fairness, that was not the fault of Gavin Newsome, who actually released orders allowing being outdoors exercising, it was on the cops. How about the guy in Spain walking along the beach all alone, and the cops chased him? He got away. The British cops were going nuts early in the lockdowns. Even on people in their own yards. And Australian cops were going Brownshirt last year.

If stay at home orders were so great, why did so many politicians blow them off themselves? Why were they blown off for the BLM/Antifa protests/riots?

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9 Responses to “How Much Did Lockdowns Contribute To Saving People From Chinese Coronavirus?”

  1. Hairy says:

    In Jan and Feb of 2020 teach himself was still parroting the covid was fake news wrote about this and found the claims to be inaccurate and many of which may have been done by “experts” but were not peer reviewed

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      I Feb of 2020 (when Covid was “new” news) Teach was pointing out if Covid was as bad for everybody as you commies said it was then why were Nazi Pelousy and Bill “Reds” De Blasio dancing in the streets hugging and kissing Chinks without masks for Chinese New Year?

      He was pointing out that if it wasn’t a hoax then why were they exposing themselves to the “New Black Death”?

      Subsequently, we’ve found out that Covid was not a hoax as much as an over played virus of Communist origin, mostly killing old people and people with other diseases and basically replacing the annual deaths of pneumonia and the seasonal flu. Then they began to fudge the numbers to panic dweebs like you and win a fake election.

      A hoax? No! A big F*****g LIE.

      Let’s go Brandon, time for a new panic, an election ain’t gonna win itself!

      • Hairy says:

        The very first reported covid death was on Feb 6
        On Feb 12 no one was saying that it was as bad as the Black Death
        Only 1 person had died it wasn’t until Msrch when death totals of those “old people” began skyrocketing that some states beganockdowns. Also as an essential worker in NYC we were told not to wear masks, only cloths because there was such a shortage of masks they needed them in health care facilities.
        Deaths have now passed 900000 typically 30 thousand die from flu each year. As far as “only old people/so not really thst bad” you seem to be able to be able to accept that a bit to easily for my morality.

        • david7134 says:

          The COVID has a survivability of 99%. Certainly there were a large number of deaths in the first stage of the illness, but the media response then and now has been excessive and has the Yankees scared to death. I do remember Trump making efforts to seal the US from this virus that was intentionally inflicted on us by the Chinese, but was stopped by Nancy and the boys.

          I will point out that the man who worked with the Chinese to make a bio weapon with our tax money was Trumps number one advisor. The information and guidelines enforced on doctors by the CDC and others resulted in far more deaths than necessary. In addition, I would say that at least 50% of so called COVID deaths were secondary to other causes.

          The current attitude to the disease and the vax is pure political theater to make it appear that our great leader is doing something. Note that good studies are now coming out to show that the major economy killing efforts were useless.

          • Hairy says:

            Trump was stopped by Nancy? Nancy had control of Trumps brain? Hold on their Trump was tge one who told us thstvthereceas no need to do anything that irceas all fake news vitvess all fake news
            David exactly when did YOU first begin to think that this was worse than the flu. 99% survivable? No entries! Modt people dont even get cancer but we still think that is serious
            “Certainly there was a large number if desths…..” Well only if you think 900000 is a large number of deaths. Thstvis like 25 times as many Americans that were killed in 10 years in Vietnam. It is more than were killed by influenza in 1917. And the survivors ? Probably 5 times as many may never fully recover. The New York zpost reporting on thst study even directly contradicts the studies OWN analysis which clearly states [lockdowns have been effective in reducing the DDPM (daily deaths per million) residents from covid] the very study thstvthe NY Posts cites contradicts what the Post says
            David, realky, you should know better. You must always be more skeptical of data that you WANT to believe. That is one of tge first things we are taught in any type of analysis

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-in Feb. of 2020, or close to it, you were parroting that “Trump said covid was fake news” Don’t you remember? We do

  2. Hairy says:

    That study was done only on the first 10% of all deaths.
    Texas and Cali have had almost exactly the same number of deaths. But Cali has 39 million population and TX 29 million
    Which state had the most lovkdowns?

  3. david7134 says:

    I went to your web site and it is pure propaganda. Don’t believe any free web site.

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