Who Wants To Guess Where Biden’s “Free” At-Home COVID Tests Were Made?

You’re smart. You can probably tell from just reading the headline (via Twitchy)

If he really got 81 million votes, that’s a lot of stupid, gullible Americans.

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11 Responses to “Who Wants To Guess Where Biden’s “Free” At-Home COVID Tests Were Made?”

  1. Jl says:

    Off topic, but funny in regards to Justice Breyer retiring, Jesse Kelly writes “whoever Biden nominates to replace him with raped me in high school. I don’t remember where. Don’t ask me to come back to D.C. I’m afraid to fly.”

    • Est1950 says:

      I saw a quote that was pretty funny and I thought I would share it since I have heard another quote that Bidens 2024 campaign slogan will be “Help I have fallen and can’t get up!”

      The quote that made me laugh was:

      “I want to go quietly in my sleep and not like my passengers who were screaming in terror”

      Americans feel like they are Joe Biden’s passengers as he sleeps his way through his presidency.

  2. Hairy says:

    Jl you were such a flirt in high school.

    Teach do you still sell stuff made in China ?

  3. Hairy says:

    Teach should American companies refuse to sell coal to China? I think itvwould be a great idea.

    • Est1950 says:

      USA’s imports of Coal to China climbed by 748 percent at certain points early last year.

      Since Australia began demanding answers to the Wuhan Lab leak, the Chinese Government has declared economic war with Australia, including not purchasing their Coal.

      Remember, Hairy, Australia is a hard-core AGW bastion and yet they sell billions of tons of coal to China, which proclaims they want to be AGW bed Buddies. Now you know and I know that is a lie as they continue to peddle Coal-fired power plants around the world while feeding their countries own voracious appetite for this energy.

      A side note on the world stage. China and Russia have inked a deal whereby China will replace the USA and American Coal with Russian Coal. In the interim USA, coal exports continue to plummet to China as Imports from Russia across their mutual border pick up steam.

      Should the USA stop selling coal to China was your question? I would submit that the answer to that is a yes, only if you are a hard-core AGW proponent and not someone who is trying to feed their family during a pandemic. I find it quite disingenuous of you that you would encourage even more people lose their jobs for your political ambitions. How would you feel if you lost your social security and any retirement you might have EARNED and worked hard for all your life because your political opponent deemed it so?

  4. Joe says:

    I’m curious if the 10% for the “big guy” is now paid in Bitcoin?

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Does the increasingly unstable and frustrated Mr Teach have evidence that President Biden DIDN’T receive his votes? “Influencers” such as Teach repeatedly claim he didn’t but have no evidence to support their wild notions.

    Anyway, the increasingly indictable losing candidate trump received over 70 million votes from stupid, gullible, anti-democracy “Americans” such as Teach.

    Americans spend half a TRILLION US dollars on goods from China every year.

    But you hypocrites can help! Throw away your telephones, computers, electronic games, sporting goods and on and on. 42% of US imports are from China! Just stop it!

    • Est1950 says:

      It is amazing how obsessed you are with defending China as opposed to how obsessed the other side is with attacking China.

      Is that just a programmed response by the left, Elwood, to defend or attack anything pro or con with the right? Do you defend China’s actions simply because the right questions them? Or do you have legitimate concerns with China’s actions such as their treatment of their own citizens, including, but not limited to the Ugyar Muslims they have currently in concentration camps?

      Climate change needs baby steps to achieve its goal, not completely turning off the spigot of Fossil fuels in one day. Don’t you agree that in order to move to Green energy that we need to take small steps in order to pick up the pace and begin jogging and then sprinting toward the finish line of GREEN overcoming Fossil fueled societies?

      If this is so then would it not be incumbent upon any company, government or nation, or a subset of people within such to look for alternative ways to cancel their addiction to China. Such as not purchasing a small thing, and then another and then another until the small things collectively add up to larger things?

      I would be interested in you and your obvious alter-ego Hairy who quite obviously by the method and manner of his writing is you. I have no problems with that but It is always difficult to be you(collective that is) when writing about something you are passionate about.

      In your case, I would love to hear your reasoning for objecting to reducing dependence upon Chinese goods no matter the politician involved in doing so.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        You’re not a dumb guy. What you call defending China is actually the recognition that commerce with China is important to the US. We will not apologize for recognizing nearly 20% of the world’s population and an emerging (and dangerous) power.

        But what makes you think we object to reducing dependence upon Chinese goods? Reduce to zero for all I care. Manufacture it all in the US. But please don’t ignore reality.

        We have always argued against the right-wing fallacy of all-or-none thinking on climate change. We need to TRANSITION away from fossil fuels. And we’ve known this for friggin’ decades!! But we understand the right-wing need to propagandize the issue. Anyway, it’s unlikely the world will do much to stave off more global warming, mostly because those making the decisions will be dead leaving grandchildren and great-grandchildren to deal with it.

        Regarding the test kits, I suspect China was the best economic choice for 10s of millions of kits in a short amount of time. China and India produce many of the world’s drug substances and drug products. It’s just a fact. Drug and medical device companies follow the dollars or rupees or yuan, and offshore manufacturers are often cheaper and at times, even better.

        Regarding the alter ego claim… this is a common conspiracy from right-wingers.

        We suspect you and Dana are the same commenter. TG Brenda! is clearly a new name for a right-wing commenter who dramatically flounced out of here months ago.

        If you want to stop China, don’t by computers, cell phones, tablets etc!

        We’ll start taking the anti-China reactionaries seriously when they start living their lives without relying on Chinese goods.

        • david7134 says:

          What a comment, full of pontification. Totally worthless. Now, why do companies go to China, Mexico, Philippines, India, it is because labor cost is cheaper. I have patients who can not make a go of cat fish ponds because they can not beat the Chinese, all attributed to the cost of labor.

          The best way to handle this is elimination of the minimum hourly wage. That would allow labor to negotiate their cost without government interference. This would decouple labor unions from the minimum wage as their contract are indexed on it. We could return labor to a better place and get our manufacturing back. Then cheaper energy with nuclear plants and elimination of excessive environmental laws which only restrict our ability to have an independent country would really help all of us without harming nature.

          But you will never see the logic in all this.

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