Climate Cult Scientists Say Snowstorm Worsened By Climate Crisis (scam)

Is anyone really, truly surprised by this? This is what a cult does, link everything to their dogma. Also, this is all your fault

Southern snowstorm likely worsened by climate change, scientists say

stop global warmingThe snowstorm that battered the South this weekend, leaving thousands without power, was likely exacerbated by climate change, according to leading climate scientists.

It’s a counterintuitive suggestion, because greenhouse gases are trapping heat and causing higher average temperatures. Sometimes winter weather is milder as a result. But in North America, especially the East Coast and the South, colder winds are blowing in with greater frequency because of how Arctic warming is distorting two phenomena: the jet stream, a band of air flowing west to east, and the polar vortex, a wintertime area of cold air near the North Pole.

“When we get a snowstorm hitting the Southeast like this, it’s always because there’s a big southward dip in the jet stream, basically over the Mississippi Valley, that’s the underlying cause of the snowstorm in that region, and kind of all along the East Coast,” Jennifer Francis, senior scientist at Woodwell Climate Research Center in Massachusetts, told Yahoo News. “When it dips southward like that, the Arctic air, the very cold air, can also penetrate very far south.”

This may be happening more often because the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the Earth. The temperature differential between the Arctic and other regions powers the jet stream. With a decreasing difference in temperature, a weakened jet stream is more easily diverted.

First of all, even if this is true, and not just Typical Cult Talking Points, there’s no proof it is anything else but mostly natural. Second, Raleigh recorded 17 inches of snow in February 1899. That’s way too soon for “carbon pollution” to have changed anything. We had 20+ inches in 2000, during the Great Pause. 14.5 inches in 1948, which was around the start of a slight dip in global temperatures. Do cult talking points mean that it doesn’t snow in the South when the world is in a cool period?

Climate change also can lead to stronger snowstorms because of increased precipitation and ocean warming. Warmer weather leads to more evaporation of water and heavier rainfall, and warmer ocean temperatures lead to more intense storms. Just as that can mean more heavy rains and hurricanes in the summer, it can lead to strong winter storms, including snowstorms.

And this is how they managed to Blame heat trapping gasses from Mankind, their little cult theory, for winter storms. Because it’s a cult.

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2 Responses to “Climate Cult Scientists Say Snowstorm Worsened By Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Dana says:

    The actual snow amount at the Pico homestead was only four inches, but after a lot of rain, it was a heavy, wet snow . . .and tree limbs and power lines came down. We lost sparktricity at 8:04 PM Sunday evening, and it wasn’t restored until 5:45 PM Tuesday.

    But, despite the pleas of the warmunists, we had installed propane — there are no natural gas lines this far out in the sticks — for our range, water heater, and a propane fireplace, so rather than the house dropping down into the thirties and forties, we stayed nice and warm throughout. When Elaine had to go to work Monday morning, my gasoline-powered four-wheel drive Ford F-150 made it through with no problems.

    I love fossil fuels!

  2. Jl says:

    Right….you’d have to know what the strength of the storm would have been absent the 1 degree or so of warming. That would be like saying I know what the score of the football game would have been if player “x” hadn’t played. In other words, impossible

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