House Democrats Will Tank Biden’s BBB If Tax Cut For Rich Is Removed

Every time there’s a Republican president and GOP controlled congress, as well as GOP control of a general assembly and governor’s mansion, the media trots out stories, originating from Democratic party press releases and talking points memos, about how any and every tax cut is “for the rich”. Elected Democrats will demagogue about this. But, what about when Democrats are in control?

Some House Democrats warn they will tank Biden’s big bill if a hefty tax cut for the rich is dropped

Biden Brain SuckerNegotiations around the future of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation is slipping behind closed doors. Resistance from Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia has put the package on ice while Democrats make a renewed push to strengthen voting rights.

One part of the sprawling social and climate legislation left unresolved was the rollback of a $10,000 cap on the state and local taxes that taxpayers (WT note – primarily rich taxpayers) are able to deduct from their federal bill, known as SALT. Taxpayers used to have unlimited deductions before the new cap was introduced in the 2017 Trump tax law.

A group of Democrats from high-tax states like New Jersey and California added the rollback of the cap into the Build Back Better bill that passed the House in November, and they’re vocally standing behind the measure in the face of possible opposition from Manchin.

It’s caused angst among many Democrats, given that it hands wealthier households a hefty tax cut. Senate Democrats hadn’t settled on a compromise over the SALT deduction yet last month when Manchin came out against the economic plan, slamming it from advancing in the 50-50 Senate with Republicans lined up against it.

“If they’re passing Build Back Better legislation, it’s got to address SALT,” Rep. Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey told Insider on Wednesday, adding that it “remains” her position to oppose the package if it’s dropped.

Other House Democrats are also threatening to tank the bill over SALT, including Reps. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey and Tom Suozzi of New York.

Well, looks like Democrats are the party of the rich, eh? And that Trump’s tax cuts were not benefiting The Rich. Perhaps some of these Democrats should consider why SALT is necessary in their high tax states?


Biden supporters ‘apoplectic’ one year into his presidency

Just over a year ago, millions of energized young people, women, voters of color and independents joined forces to send Joe Biden to the White House. But 12 months into his presidency, many describe a coalition in crisis.

Leading voices across Biden’s diverse political base openly decry the slow pace of progress on key campaign promises. The frustration was especially pronounced this past week after Biden’s push for voting rights legislation effectively stalled, intensifying concerns in his party that fundamental democratic principles are at risk and reinforcing a broader sense that the president is faltering at a moment of historic consequence.

“People are feeling like they’re getting less than they bargained for when they put Biden in office. There’s a lot of emotions, and none of them are good,” said Quentin Wathum-Ocama, president of the Young Democrats of America. “I don’t know if the right word is ‘apoplectic’ or ‘demoralized.’ We’re down. We’re not seeing the results.”

What did they really expect? Biden did almost nothing during his decades in the Senate. He did little while vice president, and he was mostly elected because He Wasn’t Trump. A lot of people voted for him were expecting unity and kumbaya.

For now, virtually none of the groups that fueled Biden’s 2020 victory are happy.

Young people are frustrated that he hasn’t followed through on vows to combat climate change and student debt. Women are worried that his plans to expand family leave, child care and universal pre-K are stalled as abortion rights erode and schools struggle to stay open. Moderates in both parties who once cheered Biden’s centrist approach worry that he’s moved too far left. And voters of color, like those across Biden’s political base, are furious that he hasn’t done more to protect their voting rights.

A classic case of over-promise and under-produce, pretty much because there was almost no way to make those promises come true. It’ll be even more fun when the GOP takes control of the House and Senate, and starts pushing an agenda to get America moving again. Joe can either follow with or stall.

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11 Responses to “House Democrats Will Tank Biden’s BBB If Tax Cut For Rich Is Removed”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    GOPhers ‘punished’ rich libs in Blue states by eliminating deductions for state and local taxes (SALT). This policy would reverse that.

    Ask any Dem voter if they’d rather have had trump? LOL.

    • Earle says:

      Eliminating deductions? Not quite. Change it to “capped at $10,000” and you would be telling the truth.

    • Dana says:

      Hey, if you are a wealthy liberal voting for state politicians who jack up state taxes into the stratosphere, you deserve whatever happens to you!

    • alanstorm says:

      Saying you don’t understand the issue without saying you don’t understand it.

    • CarolAnn says:

      Hate to tell you Elwood Dowd but in my group of “Jersey girls” the 5 Democrats would all vote Trump if they could today. All of them! In fact two are changing to R and one is moving to Daytona in March.

      It seems you are in a shrinking pool of Democrat denialists.

      The mid term belongs to us (unless to guys start “mailing in” your ballots Monday and dust off those old Dominion machines.

      What really happened on election night (even though we know you won’t watch):–snyL4Fk

  2. Bill589 says:

    Hypocrite Elwood: Your Masters’ lies are coming back to bite you. Many of your fellow “useful idiots” are coming to their senses. Will you?
    (Btw: I know personally several former Dems and one former “socialist” who will vote for DJT in 2024.)

  3. alanstorm says:

    Elwood, why should states with sane(er) tax policies pay for those with insane tax policies?

    That’s what the SALT limitation is all about – YOU support higher taxes in your state, YOU pay those taxes.

    I thought liberals were all about fairness – I guess that’s not true.

  4. L.G.Brandon says:

    Ya wanna know how stupid and detached from reality leftists like Dowd are? Dowd’s god-on-earth, we call him/it the junta or “Brandon”, called Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for shooting three white people? But he/it refuses to “speculate” on the motive of Malik Faisal Akram! How’s that for having their heads up their collective leftist commie asses?

    And Dowd still sticks to the media malarkey that this idiot with the mind of a rutabaga won an election with 81 million votes. The stupid is deep in this one.

    Let’s go Brandon, time to print fake ballots for November.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Who did terrorist Malik Faisal Akram shoot/kill? Anyway, I have no problem with authorities killing Akram for holding innocents hostage. Sounds like a good outcome!
      Sometimes lawbreakers get shot by officers, and it sounded as if Akram wanted to die.

      Akram’s brother released: “We would like to say that we as a family do not condone any of his actions and would like to sincerely apologize wholeheartedly to all the victims involved in the unfortunate incident.” “We would also like to add that any attack on any human being be it a Jew, Christian or Muslim etc is wrong and should always be condemned. It is absolutely inexcusable for a Muslim to attack a Jew or for any Jew to attack a Muslim, Christian, Hindu …”

      Charlie Cytron-Walker has been the rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX since 2006. Rabbi Charlie attended Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion at its Jerusalem and Cincinnati campuses, receiving his M.A. in Hebrew Letters in 2005 and rabbinical ordination in 2006.

      How bad must L.G. and tRump feel that President Biden trounced them by millions of votes? Anyway, did you find the evidence of voter fraud in 2020 yet?

      We’ve heard of charges against a few tRump voters and of course, the documents forged by several state level GOP* operatives.

      *GOP = Grievance Obsessed Party

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