Say, What If Doing Something About Hotcoldwetdry Is Incompatible With Democracy Or Something

We’ve seen this before, where climate cultists of all levels are enticed by authoritarian nations like China, and want to emulate them. Where they’re enthused by 1st and 3rd world nations forcing people to act in a certain way. It is, at it’s root, a Fascist movement, just like the parent Progressive movement. And the peons never seem to understand that all the bad stuff will hit their own lives

What if democracy and climate mitigation are incompatible?

In the past 14 months, the United States and Germany both held national elections that placed climate change policy squarely at the center of national debate. The fact that two of the world’s five largest economies committed to addressing the world’s most pressing crisis through public discourse followed by public voting was an unprecedented democratic experiment.

It did not work out as optimists hoped. On the one hand, the victorious parties in both countries vowed to achieve what was necessary to prevent the worst effects of climate change from occurring, in accordance with the international climate agreement unanimously approved in Paris in 2015.

But on the other hand, in neither country can the resulting policies be described as fulfilling that promise. (snip through Germany’s issues)

A similar slippage between campaign ambition and watered-down governance has occurred in the United States. Democrat Joe Biden’s election platform vowed that the country’s electricity sector would be carbon-free by 2035 and that the entire US economy would achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050—promises that the Biden administration has never disavowed.

But the central policies intended to achieve those timelines have no realistic chance of passing Congress. The administration will receive nowhere close to the $2 trillion that Biden said would be necessary to fund renewable energy infrastructure.

That’s because government is supposed to listen to The People, not rule them, not in free societies.

In a 2018 report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN group of climate scientists, declared that achieving carbon neutrality by mid century was the only way to prevent global temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees—beyond which, Arctic ice would melt (and ocean levels would rise) far more quickly, humans would more frequently suffer heat death, and vast numbers of species, from insects to sea coral, would end up on the verge of extinction.

In other words: Democracy works by compromise, but climate change is precisely the type of problem that seems not to allow for it. As the clock on those climate timelines continues to tick, this structural mismatch is becoming increasingly exposed.

And as a result, those concerned by climate change—some already with political power, others grasping for it—are now searching for, and finding, new ways of closing the gap between politics and science, by any means necessary.

The tensions between existing methods of democracy and the problem posed by climate change are perfectly legible in domestic politics but most evident in international politics.

In other words, the climate cult wants authoritarian government. It’s a very long piece, let’s skip to the end

That the world’s democracies are witnessing a growing spectrum of climate radicalism, both from the bottom up and the top down, is not to suggest that authoritarian systems would do any better in solving the relevant political and economic issues involved in moving beyond the carbon economy.

But it is a sign that democracy, in its current form, is not necessarily the path to a solution. It might, instead, be part of the problem.

Yes, they do want authoritarianism.

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5 Responses to “Say, What If Doing Something About Hotcoldwetdry Is Incompatible With Democracy Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Since America is not a democracy this is not so relevant. The US is a republic not a democracy, remember?

    Anyway, conservatives are ready to dispose of what vestiges of democracy we have, desiring to have white, property owning males make ALL the decisions.

    • Some Hillbilly in St Louis says:

      We are absolutely not a democracy, we are a Republic, spot on. Democracy is rule of the mob, (the dumbest, most ignorant, emotional, uniformed, unstable, and unemployable – the worthless dregs of society), – it destroyed a number of ancient Greek city-states and every idiot foolish enough to try it (after multiple unsuccessful play tests). This is why communist/socialist/marxist (hopeful murderers) employ democracy to make their garbage “legal” and upon a “positive” vote, outlaw democracy. Only an imbecile, knowing it’s track record, would want democracy. But hey, if a retard wants peanut butter, a retard wants peanut butter.

      You REALLY REALLY want some peanut butter, dontcha?


    Respect for the inalienable rights of the individual and “climate mitigation” are clearly incompatible.

    “Climate mitigation” requires de-growth, de-industrialization, the abandonment of hydrocarbons, the abandonment of the internal combustion engine and the abandonment of power generation.

    “Climate mitigation” requires the abolition of the Constitution, the disappearance of the Constitutional Republic, the dismantling of Capitalism and the destruction of human civilization.

    America, by the way, is already dead as the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020) so a couple of those items has already been accomplished and the rest is a work well in progress.

    “Climate mitigation” requires the abandonment of the recognition of the inalienable rights of the individual and freedom of any kind.

    “Climate mitigation” requires the totalitarianism of the total a la gleichschaltung collectivization of human society as a leftoxenomorph-ant-hill with a one-leftoxenomorph-hive-mind and rule by a medieval Dark Ages like feudal class of wokeraty accountable only to themselves, all powerful like Persian emperors of 480 BC lording over the remainder of humanity enslaved to them after the great genocide of the majority of humans unwilling to worship leftoxenomorphism.

    “Climate mitigation” will bring about the “cashless society” were all money belongs to the feudal wokeraty government, the “internet-of-things-that-will-fuck-your-life-up-to-no-end”, the “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy” society, the total and complete end of privacy and its replacement by the total-surveillance-society where you’ll have cameras and microphones in every room of your house and everywhere, covering all possible angles so that no place is private ever again, the “social credit score” system where you’ll be rewarded or punished for every minutiae like a rat in a laboratory experiment, the therapeutic state where everything you’ll be allowed and everything you’ll be mandated will be ruled by the will of busybody bureaucrats that will decide on things “for your own good” with no input whatsoever from you necessary.

    You’ll be under the permanent scrutiny and power of millions of greta thunberg’s that will control and manage you life to their leftoxenomorph bureaucratic busybody petty lizard heart’s content.

    It will be a society where if something is not specifically allowed then it is forbidden and most things are mandated so there’s little option.

    It will be a society where your coffee maker will deny you a cup if your quota for the day has been reached, “for your own good”, of course and everything else in existence will do the same.

    It will be a society where the “internet-of-things-that-will-fuck-your-life-up-to-no-end” will not only prepare your salad without oil and without salt, “for your own good”, of course, but will watch you jealously at your own table and make sure you ate all of your mandated kale ration or it won’t let you do anything else in your life until you do.

    Since you will “own nothing” everything will be a “service” you’ll have to pay for.
    You’ll have to pay a fee to unlock your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee per mile.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the heating of your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the AC for your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the radio on your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the electric windows of your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the adjustable seat of your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the windshield wipers of your car.
    You’ll have to pay a fee for the use of the trunk on your car.

    OOOooohhhh! . . . You didn’t catch that, did you?! Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. The private car will be abolished; you’ll only have public transportation.

    You’ll have to pay a fee every time you scratch your balls.

    You’ll have to pay a fee every time you fart since farting contributes to the “no-no” of “climate-(whatever)-the-f#ck”

    My modest suggestion is that suicide will become the first cause of death un such society and baby making will come virtually to an end except for the fact that the leftoxenomorph government will force people to reproduce to its mandated quota “or else”, “for the common good”, of course. You will, indeed, have as many children as you are told to have, just like with everything else in your ant’s life.

    Because in the techno dystopia that leftoxenomorphism has in store for you, you are not a human being . . . you are an ant in a woke ant-hill.

    Gleichschaltung baby!!

    You are gonna love-love-looooooooooove it!!!

    And you’ll prove it on command by jumping up and down and screaming with glee every time they mandate you to.

    Because you are happy.

    You would have to be crazy not to be happy because being happy in the ant-hill is a mandate.

    And if you are not happy enough the therapeutic state has a solution for that.

    And if you don’t appropriately respond to the therapeutic goodness of the leftoxenomorph government they’ll kill you.

    Humanoid-ants are cheap and replaceable and interchangeable.

    An ant is just a very small cog in the ant-hill machine.

    Nobody gives a second thought for an ant.

    There are millions of them.

    All absolutely equal.

    All absolutely worthless.

    All absolutely inconsequential.

    All with zero rights.

    All easily extinguishable.

    The life of an ant is . . . nothing.

    If you are knowledgeable enough you know about the late Constitutional Republic the United States of America (July 4th, 1776 – November 3rd, 2020)

    Well . . . here’s the thing: what’s coming? It is the exact OPPOSITE of America.


  3. Hairy says:

    When you choose to live in a human society it is necessary to give up some of your “rights”
    You must wear clothes in public
    You can not play loud music at night
    You can not burn plastic and refuse in your own back yard.
    You must use a seat belt.
    You can not overly time the windows in your car and use it on public roads
    Even though some people consider these to be terrible losses in freedom they still choose to live in a regulated society

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