Your Fault: Climate Crisis Emergency Doom Threatens Florida Strawberries

It’s certainly the fault of AOC and Eric Swalwell, along with other Blue state Dems, who took long, fossil fueled trips to Florida

What climate change means for Florida strawberry farmers

climate change joke

Florida’s strawberry harvest is underway. Farmers are facing challenges due to climate change, but researchers are trying to help them adapt.

Vance Whitaker grows strawberries for a living, but he’s not a farmer. He’s an associate professor of plant breeding at the University of Florida IFAS extension service in Wimauma. When it comes to temperature changes, he says strawberries are resilient.

“We have so much temperature variability within a single season in Florida, because the season starts around Thanksgiving and goes, to around Easter or beyond,” he said.

Whitaker says the real climate threat to strawberries is more rain. A wetter growing season means the crop will be more vulnerable to fungal diseases. So, he’s working to create strawberries that will thrive in a wetter climate.

Doesn’t it, you know, rain a lot in Florida?

As for this current season, Whitaker says it’s a wonderful time for strawberries, thanks to warm days and cool evenings.

Oh, phew, it’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks to your Evil appetite for cheeseburgers Florida is warm during the day and cool at night during the growing season!

Really, though, it goes to show how cult-like the media is. Why was this necessary? The weather in Florida is always variable. Big whoop.

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