COVID Today: California’s Not Abiding Mask Mandate, Navy Booting Unvaxxed

Even in the People’s Republik Of California, people have had quite enough

‘Not going to abide’: California’s mask-mandate revival brings questions in High Desert

High Desert business owners and residents are in large part standing against California’s revival of indoor mask mandates regardless of vaccination status, with some raising questions as to what it says about other COVID-19 measures.

State officials announced Monday that indoor masking would be required in all public spaces effective Wednesday, the first time the measure has been ordered since masks became optional in most public settings last June.

The first case tied to this iteration of the novel coronavirus was reported in San Bernardino County on Tuesday. But many in the county’s High Desert region question the move on the grounds of scientific skepticism or personal principle.

“We’re not going to abide by it,” says Paula Ramirez, manager of The Gym HD in Victorville.

“If they want to wear a mask, that’s their choice,” Ramirez told the Daily Press. “If they don’t, then we have the proper sanitation, just like we’ve been doing — cleaning the machines, hand sanitizer.” (snip)

Public health officials and doctors say that vaccinations are the best and only sure protection against contracting a severe case of COVID-19. During the Delta-variant caused surge, more than 90% of fatalities were in unvaccinated people.

Granted, a lot of these people are going to be the minority of Republican voters, but, you can bet a lot of Democrat voters, particularly those who are vaccinated, have had enough. I’m seeing that here in Raleigh, where, more and more, people are opting out of wearing masks. They’re done. They are not blind, and can see that even though there were mask mandates all over, people were still getting very sick, and people were dying. In fact, the bulk of the deaths occurred after mask mandates were put in place. We’ve had mask mandates for the majority of 2021, and people still died. Yes, it is better to be vaccinated, IMO. That’s my choice. Others can make their own choice. I think it’s a bad one, but, they can do them. Masks, though, barely make a difference, which is quite obvious from the results.

Navy starts kicking out sailors for refusing Covid vaccine as Republicans rage over mandate

The Navy has begun kicking out sailors who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but it won’t slap dishonorable discharges on anyone for their decision to ignore a direct order.

Overall, 5,731 active-duty sailors remain unvaccinated, and at this point Navy officials say they believe most of those will likely continue to refuse the order, weeks after the Nov. 28 deadline for full vaccination.

“If a sailor gets their shot, we will honor that and make every effort to retain them,” Rear Adm. James Waters, the Navy’s director of military personnel plans and policy, told reporters. “On the other hand, those who continue to refuse the vaccine will be required to leave the Navy.”

Under the Navy’s rules, unvaccinated officers and enlisted sailors eligible to retire or leave the service before June 1, 2022, will be allowed to do so with an honorable discharge.

Those not eligible to leave by that date “will be processed for separation on the basis of misconduct for refusing the lawful order to be vaccinated,” Waters said, but will still receive an honorable discharge.

Amazingly, that really is just a small number of sailors, but, how many will be low level, and how many have great experience? How many people will now opt out of joining what is increasingly become a Woke military, weakening it? What happens next, when they’re required to get a booster. Then another? Let’s be honest, the vaccines are really still experimental. The trials are sticking it in people’s arms, something that usually only occurs after years of research, of small clinical trials.

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7 Responses to “COVID Today: California’s Not Abiding Mask Mandate, Navy Booting Unvaxxed”

  1. Hairy says:

    We have had seat belt mandates since that damn liberal Reagan began forcing the states to target freedom loving Americans, yet people are still dying. 10 times as many people die from covid than cars isn’t it time to also remove seat belt mandates?
    And don’t get me started on child safety seats
    Why should I be forced to strap my kid in so tight he can hardly move. My kid means my decidion!!
    Stop BIG GOVERNMENT from interfering in the life of American families
    Seat bets also add to the cost of cars with our taxes also skyrocketing because of safety features I don’t want or need

    • Dana says:

      The Hirsute One thought he was being sarcastic when he wrote:

      10 times as many people die from covid than cars isn’t it time to also remove seat belt mandates?

      Yes, it is!

      What do seat belt laws do? They simply raise a little revenue for the state when cops write tickets for violation of seat belt laws, and piss off people.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Johnnie, the retarded Buddhist stoner, again comparing seatbelts to experimental Covid drugs.
      Funny thing when Volvo invented the three-point seat belt in 1959, they made them patent free for all competitors to use in order to save lives, because “it had more value as a free life-saving tool than something to profit from.”
      Wonder if Merck, Pfizer, etc. feel the same about saving lives.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy

  2. L.G.Brandon says:

    We are talking invasive unproven and dangerous forced inoculations not seat belts. Try and keep focused. Are you saying the government has the right to inject what they want into people?

    95% Vaccinated NFL Sets Single Day Record With 37 New Covid Cases – Quickly Mandates Experimental Booster For All Coaches and Staff By End of Month.

    They never admit they’re wrong they just double down on their stupidity.

  3. Dana says:

    Our distinguished host wrote:

    Granted, a lot of these people are going to be the minority of Republican voters, but, you can bet a lot of Democrat voters, particularly those who are vaccinated, have had enough. I’m seeing that here in Raleigh, where, more and more, people are opting out of wearing masks.

    Here in the Bluegrass State, where 62.09% of the voters cast their ballots for President Trump, and only 36.15% voted for His Senility, even places like Kroger, which has this sign on the entrance, sees relatively few of the sheeple actually wearing them.

    In New York state, where Governess Kathy Hochul has put in all sorts of restrictions, has a higher incidence of daily positive tests per capita, 0.00545%, than Kentucky’s .00482%, even though the General Assembly stripped Reichssstatthalter Andy Beshear (NSDAP-KY) of his authority to impose his ’emergency’ orders, and the public don’t seem to put much stock in the local businesses which try to have them.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      While the incidence/capita is slightly higher in NY, the death rate/capita is over 3 times higher in KY (KY:10 deaths/million vs NY:3 deaths/million). Perhaps the higher vaccination rate/ better behaviors in NY are preventing some hospitalizations and deaths. Or perhaps NY has a much better health care system than KY.

      Maybe the NY General Assembly is smarter than KY’s.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Paramedics in Southern California refused to enter a post-acute-care facility to treat a man in cardiac arrest last month because of “some COVID-19 law,” according to a Rialto Police Department report.
    The man was transferred to a local hospital and pronounced deceased about 30 minutes later.


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