Mayor Pete Says Families Who Buy EVs Will Never Worry About Gas Prices Again

Well, technically, he’s correct. They just have to worry about a smaller vehicle for a much higher price, plus, unless we build a lot of nuclear power plants, the cost of electricity will skyrocket. Also, I can’t find anywhere that says Pete owns an EV himself

Buttigieg slammed for urging electric car buying to counter gas prices

electric vehicleTransportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was ripped by critics Monday after he argued that more Americans should purchase electric vehicles so that they “never have to worry about gas prices again.”

The former South Bend, Ind., mayor claimed on MSNBC’s “Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart” that families who own electric vehicles would see a “$12,500 discount” in transportation costs.

“The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV [electric vehicle] are often rural residents who have the most distances to drive, who burn the most gas, and underserved urban residents in areas where there are higher gas prices and lower income,” Buttigieg said.

“They would gain the most by having that vehicle,” he added. “These are the very residents who have not always been connected to electric vehicles that are viewed as kind of a luxury item.”

Uh huh. Where’s Pete’s? Where’s Joe’s?

According to Kelly Blue Book, the average price of a new electric vehicle as of October of this year was $55,676. By contrast, the average price of a new compact car was $25,240 — less than half that amount. The average price of a new compact SUV was $34,122, while the electric vehicle price was even higher than that of the average new sports car ($44,981).

If you take out the luxury brands, the cost of that SUV will drop to probably $29K. You can get a top end CRV or RAV4 hybrid for around $37k. The cost of financing that is way, way lower than an EV. And better residuals. You can get a nice Insight or Prius for way less. Families buy mid-size SUVs and mini-vans. A top end will be around $48K. Able to move families. Are there any EVs that can move a family of 5-6?

“Everyone can probably afford electric cars in the world that Pete Buttigieg lives in,” tweeted Trump White House communications official Mercedes Schlapp. “Average Americans struggling with record high gas prices? Not so much.”

It goes back to convos I’d have on the ‘net, asking Warmists why they haven’t given up their own fossil fueled vehicles. They’d say that it would be inconvenient for their lives and families. Huh.

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6 Responses to “Mayor Pete Says Families Who Buy EVs Will Never Worry About Gas Prices Again”

  1. st says:

    Rumble Video – Gov. DeSantis: “In Florida, we will not let them lock you down.”

  2. alanstorm says:

    “The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV [electric vehicle] are often rural residents who have the most distances to drive…”

    Yeah, Pete. An IDEAL usage for slow-charging, range-limited vehicles.

    Pete’s dim enough to be considered an “intellectual” in lefty circles.

    • Dana says:

      I live in a rural area, and, with my property, and with my garage having separate electric power, I could easily add a circuit and an electric car charger.

      But, as I look at the other establishments around here, I see houses which probably have 100 amp rather than 200 amp service, I see houses with no garages, and I see poorer people who couldn’t easily install a car charger. There are people around here living in houses that, were they in the city, would be condemned. I see people living in trailers, including two living not in house trailers, but pull-behind-your-car trailers.

      Secretary Buttigieg, like so many of the other American liberals, is a city dweller. He grew up well-to-do, in South Bend, Indiana, a city of slightly over 100,000 people, the son of two University of Notre Dame professors, and was graduated from a Catholic prep school. What does Mr Buttigieg know of rural residents, or life, or through what rural people have to go?

  3. Zombies are Cool says:

    I feel sad for the world because of leftist misinformation.

    If I buy an EV. It costs money to Charge it, you dummies. Instead of gas prices, you will have to worry about rolling blackouts because the wind’s not blowing or the sun’s not shining.

    I have a son who bought a tesla about 2 years ago. He goes on trips, finds a charging station and then inserts a CREDIT CARD to charge his Tesla. It is not about how long it takes to charge. He can get back to 90 percent in about 15-30 minutes based upon how low he is. They do not charge by the minute. They charge by the amount of electricity drawn.

    Based upon what he told me about his charging experience.

    The standard model contains a 54 kWh battery but Depending on which Model 3 you have, it will either take 54 kWh, 62 kWh, or 75 kWh to fully charge a Tesla Model 3.

    At most Tesla Supercharging stations in the US, the rate is $0.28 per kWh, or about double the average home rate, so around $14 to $21 dollars based upon the amount of charge needed. A tesla will give you around 300 miles per complete battery discharge.

    The cost of your average small car such as a Toyota or honda that gets 30 MPG for the same 300 miles would be 3.50×10 gallons or 35 dollars per fill-up. Certainly more expensive but now let’s remember that Biden and the left have forced gasoline prices through the roof in order to drive Middle-class Americans off of large SUVs, pickups and luxury automobiles.

    A year ago I was paying 2.19 per gallon and at one point I was paying 1.99 per gallon when Trump was president and oil prices were low. That’s 20-22 dollars per fill-up compared to 14-21 for a Tesla.

    The only way EV’s make any sense at all is for the prices of Gasoline to be intentionally inflated to satiate the lefts absurd fear of Global warming.

    Otherwise a 50k dollar EV vs a 25000 dollar Toyota or honda or Kia or name your brand is going to take a long, long, long time to make up the 25000 dollars extra it costs to buy a tesla and then one has to remember that in about 8-11 years you have to spend 7000 dollars to replace the batteries. Akin to replacing the engine in that same Honda.

    Nothing about EV’s make sense for anyone in fly over country. Nothing.

  4. Dana says:

    The good news is that a hydroelectric generation station has been competed just four miles from my house, and is selling power to my local electric supplier. The generation station, on one of the abandoned locks on the Kentucky River, “will produce enough electricity on average to power 1,200 homes”. That’s great, but, if plug-in electric vehicles are mandated, the demand for electricity will increase by a guesstimated 40%. A 40% increase in demand means that the new hydroelectric facility will produce enough sparktricity for not 1,200 homes, but 860.

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