Your Fault: Christmas Trees Are In Short Supply Due To Climate Crisis (scam)

Well, really, it’s due to supply chain issues, but, this is a cult, so, they have to add “climate change’ to every issue. Toilet leaking? ‘Climate change’. Forgot to set the timer and the cookies are overdone? ‘Climate change’. The Wheel of Time being rather dark, dreary, and not well done or acted, with characters who are Mary Sue’s? ‘Climate change’.

Supply Chain Issues, Climate Change Affects Christmas Tree Selection

If you’re buying a Christmas tree this holiday season, you may want to act soon. Supply chain issues and climate change are contributing to a Christmas tree shortage in the U.S.

“Because of climate change, you’re having problems with moisture, watering, which is creating other issues. It reduces their crop. It reduces their growth,” said Gordon Chavez, founder of Mr. Jingle’s, a Christmas tree retailer.

Chavez said farms he deals with in Oregon have been affected by wildfire. Because of his rising costs, he’s making less profit this year here in San Diego. Chavez hoping to make up for it by charging a little more at his Los Angeles area locations.

“We’re having a large increase in cost. A lot of that cost is coming from not as many people wanting to drive anymore after the pandemic,” said Chavez.

Let’s not forget, pretty much every wildfire on the west coast has been linked back to someone setting the fire, intentionally or unintentionally. And the weather always changes.

With fuel prices on the rise, transporting trees has been more expensive. Rising labor costs are also affecting Chavez’s bottom line.

“I think in general prices have gone up,” said Gwen MacMillan, a Mission Beach resident.

That has more to due with COVID and Biden’s bad policies

The price increase for artificial trees might be greater this year. Many are shipped from China and are affected by the shipping backups at Southern California ports.

Demand for Christmas trees is expected to be strong this year. While there will likely be enough available to buy, you may not get the exact type that you were looking for.

That has zero to due with ‘climate change’.

The price of a Christmas tree from Oregon has nearly doubled in the last five years according to a report from the U.S.D.A. The harvest is also much smaller. In five years, the acreage of Christmas trees growing in Oregon has dropped 24%.

Which is mostly due to government restrictions than anything else. We aren’t having this issue here in North Carolina, where a huge chunk of Christmas trees are grown. But, hey, yeah, let’s blame the climate emergency.

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