We Can Beat The Climate Crisis (scam) If We Do One Thing Or Something

It really is just super simple, folks

We Can Beat Climate Change If We Do One Thing Fast

Now, finally, much of the world has become convinced, first-hand, that global warming is not only real but heating up more rapidly than we expected, unleashing irreversible impacts. Many people feel despair and helplessness in the face of doomsday predictions already in evidence. And yet, I’m optimistic that we can solve this problem in time to keep our planet livable for future generations.

Otherwise, it’s not livable? It’s a doomsday cult

Squinting at the data, I see a way forward, but the urgency can’t be underestimated. The answer is actually quite simple and requires no miracle technology: we must electrify everything, fast. That means not just the supply-side sources of energy; we’ve got to electrify everything on the demand-side—the things we use in our households and small businesses every day, including cars, furnaces, stoves, water heaters, and dryers. I’m optimistic because over the last two decades the advances and cost reductions in electric vehicles, solar cells, batteries, heat pumps, and induction cooking mean that what we need can now be purchased at roughly price parity with the fossil fuelled incumbent.

But we are not yet at scale. In 2020 only half of the heating systems installed in the U.S. are electric. Only 2% of vehicle purchases were electric. We need a massive, World War Two Arsenal-of-Democracy-style mobilization to get these clean machines manufactured and into our homes and onto our roads. We need a similar effort on the supply side with wind turbines, solar farms, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear facilities to make the extra electricity.

Interesting. Most Warmists are 100% against nuclear power. Geothermal is not the best solution for America, and small units can be costly. Hydroelectric dams? Extreme enviros sue to not only stop them, but, to tear down existing ones. They often sue to stop solar and wind farm, along with the transmission lines. Where would we put all this?

And where would we put all the stuff the Government deems Bad? All the old gas stoves, hot water heaters, vehicles, and more?

People who are relying on governments to solve this problem don’t understand the power they have in their own hands and homes to fight global warming.

…in the U.S., 42% of our carbon emissions come from our homes and personal vehicles—our fossil-fuel-burning cars, stoves, heaters, water heaters, clothes dryers, barbecues, and other appliances. It jumps to 65% if we include the small businesses and offices and vehicle fleets of the commercial sector.

Wait, so they’re even going to Ban your gas barbecue? Is this the power the People have, to get government to be dictatorial?

None of this will be easy. In order to meet our climate goals, we will need a 100% adoption rate of electrified technology, starting with our homes. Said another way, we cannot achieve a 1.5 or even 2 degrees warming target unless every household in America is replacing every fossil fuel-burning machine as it is retired with an efficient, electric one within the decade. That doesn’t mean replacing everything in your home at once—which would cost the average homeowner in the U.S. about $70,000. But it does mean that our next car must be electric. Our next stove must be an induction stove (which cooks much more efficiently, with more precise temperature adjustments than a gas stove). Our water and space heaters have to be replaced with heat pumps, a wonderfully efficient technology. In order to make the switch, we will likely have to upgrade our breaker box so it’ll be ready when your water heater goes out and you need a new one tomorrow. This is true for single family homes and multi-family rentals. It is true for new construction. The planet does not care about house size, location or who lives inside. It needs the one billion new machines in our basements, kitchens, utility closets, garages and driveways to be electric, and powered by renewables, in order to heal.

“Must be replaced.” Who says? Why don’t these people mind their own f’ing business. And that doesn’t even account for the cost of an EV, but, then, most people won’t be able to afford one, unless they get a 10+ year loan.

On climate, it turns out that the household is where individual and collective action come together. I’m hopeful that individual property owners will take the concern they’ve spent on recycling, eating less meat, and driving less to make a far more significant impact on our carbon emissions by simply replacing their gas appliances with electric ones. And it is a moral imperative and just economic common sense for Washington to help them do so. It is time for us to all come together and mobilize to achieve the one way forward to save the planet.

Why don’t climate cultists do this on their own? Why is force of government required?

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4 Responses to “We Can Beat The Climate Crisis (scam) If We Do One Thing Or Something”

  1. Hairy says:

    Cali wants to put up more solar but can’t get their hands on enough panels
    Those damn progressive liberals in Texas keep buying them all up
    Texas is #1 in New solar polar famn wacko enviros

    • Dana says:

      There are, sadly, too many damned progressive liberals in the Lone Star State, but you don’t have to be a damned progressive liberal to use solar power.

      No one here is claiming that it’s somehow wrong to use solar where you can; we’re only saying that it’s wrong to try to force it on people.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    “In order to meet our climate goals, we will need a 100% adoption rate …”

    Well, we have already seen how the Left gets 100% compliance. Boxcars, Gulags, Re-education camps, firing non-compliers and Disappearing are all tools of the left. They have even been known to use the power of the state to prosecute anyone who disagrees with them, even if they have to make something up for the trials. The trials are, after all, just for show. All they have to do is say it’s for the common good.

  3. Est1950 says:

    So, what’s going on? Typically when oil prices spike, it’s time to drill, right? Two Words.

    Capital Discipline.

    Covid burned many big investors in an industry that was focused on growth more than on slow and steady. They are now emphasizing paying down debts and return on investment.

    In other words. The big businesses and billionaires and hedge funds are not handing out money to drill because the more crisis you can throw on the world the more likely it is to collapse. The Great Reset depends on the world begging to be saved.

    Joe Biden? He has no clue what’s going on and even if the White House wanted to drill more oil and produce more gasoline it will not happen. There is a worldwide collusion to keep prices inflated by having a shortage.

    So many bbls of oil at 75.00 per bbl is worth a whole lot more than 30 dollars per bbl. The Saudia’s and the Russians learned this and then they both decided to cut production rather than boost it.

    Two-fold concept. Break the USA’s dominance in Oil and crush the frackers. Now those that got crushed were the investors who refuse to invest more only to be bitten by the next catastrophe. Slow and steady as she goes. Rudder Amidships. No more full speed ahead for the oil industry and this is not something Biden could fix if he wanted to.

    What is the overall takeaway from this? The rich are in charge, in control, and are not to be trifled with. That is why 100’s of ships around the world sit in the ocean idly waiting to be unloaded. Woke-run corporations are pure evil. In Thirty years the world will be run by corporations, Biotech and Silicon Valley Big Tech.

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