Pearl Clutching Credentialed Media Very Upset Over “Let’s Go Brandon”

You had to know that, suddenly, all the media would lose their minds over the “Let’s Go Brandon” call

Anti-Biden rallying cry ‘Lets Go Brandon’ causes mainstream media meltdown

Corporate media and liberal reporters have come together, united in a common cause as everyone from allegedly neutral reporters to far-left pundits have gone nuclear in an attempt to shut down three words: Let’s Go Brandon.

The phrase became an internet sensation last month after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans in the stands were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were really shouting, “F–k Joe Biden!”

Memes, jokes, and comments immediately began to spread across the internet posted by users mocking NBC’s coverage during the interview. The “F–k Joe Biden!” chants, which began at some large sporting events across the country as the president’s poll numbers sagged, have now been replaced in some venues with “Let’s Go Brandon” chants.

But the chant’s popularity has infuriated the left, resulting in an onslaught of angry tweets, columns and hot takes from liberal pundits. NPR labeled the term “vulgar” and CNN’s Edward-Issac Dovere was so offended by the phrase that he called it “an inside joke telling the president of the United States to perform a sexual act on himself.”

Washington Post reporters Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf wrote on what they considered “vitriol” from Biden critics in a piece titled “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts.”

The article claimed, “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread” than anything seen in previous administrations.

That piece mentions several other outlets who are losing their minds, but, the Washington Post is an interesting one, since they published cartoons by Ted Rall, such as this one saying Hitler was better than Bush. He had plenty of others. How about the UK Guardian’s Charlie Brooker calling for someone to assassinate Bush43 if he won re-election? There was plenty of assassination chic, as Michelle Malkin termed it, during Bush’s terms, which reappeared during the Trump years.

There was plenty of nasty invective thrown towards Bush and Trump, including the F word. Here’s hundreds of artists coming together to say Fuck Trump. Here they are chanting Fuck Trump at the World Cup. And here’s Eminem leading a Fuck Trump chant at a concert. I could give you tons of examples of Bush and Trump derangement syndrome, but, you get the point. Where were the pearl clutchers then? Generally just reporting it as “news”

Here’s disgraced journalist Dan Rather, who gave up all his journalistic cred to publish a fake hit piece against Bush43 because of BDS

A Party Embraces Vulgarity

I have tried for some time to avoid commenting on a topic that I felt should be so far beneath our political discourse that to give it the oxygen of attention would be to play into the strategic hopes of those who are seeking to debase our democracy. But as Yoda, the wise sage of Star Wars, might say if he was trying to fight those who have turned to the “dark side” of our national polity, ignore it no longer I can.

The issue at hand can succinctly be summed up in three words: “Let’s go Brandon.” If you have no idea what I am talking about, consider yourself fortunate. For reasons too mundane to fully outline here, “Let’s go Brandon” has become a favorite chant and rallying cry for many Republicans as a stand-in for another three-word chant that you may also have heard : “F- Joe Biden,” with F-, for the purposes of decorum in this newsletter, standing for a four-letter vulgarity.  Search for “Let’s Go Brandon,” and you will start finding it everywhere – all over social media, a song with a ton of downloads on iTunes, at political rallies, and among snickering Republicans in Washington.

Apparently, Dan forgets all the Crazy Moonbattery against Bush. And the people in his administration, particularly the blacks, even more against Condi Rice. There’s a cartoon somewhere in the archives (and probably still saved deep in the photo files, maybe at my Photobucket), that was published in a mainstream outlet of Rice give oral to Bush. It’s really, really bad. We remember the invective thrown Bush’s way. We remember the Democrats wanting to lose in Iraq because Bush was president. We just witnessed four years of disgusting stuff towards Trump, Melania, and their son. The same media had zero problems with this. So, they can go pound sand.


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10 Responses to “Pearl Clutching Credentialed Media Very Upset Over “Let’s Go Brandon””

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    But as Yoda,…
    For reasons too mundane to fully outline here,… for the purposes of decorum…

    Dan Rather, washed-up over-the-hill dishonest and discredited democrat, trying so hard to remain relevant with the young folks one would guess…

    (YODA, FFS!)

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Professor Hale says:

    We will just add Brandon to the list of things and people that Democrats hate. It’s a very long list.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Soon to be banned from Facebook, Twitter and all other media outlets.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  3. Est1950 says:

    1000’s of poll watchers descend on Virginia.

    Trump has conducted a slow-motion coup as the left is calling it. First, he did to Biden what the democrats did to him. He delegitimized Biden’s presidency, by casting doubt on the outcome of the 2020 election and then keeping up the pressure just as the Democrats cast doubt on Trump’s legitimacy by keeping up the Russian collusion. The old what goes around comes around proverb that is so prevalent in DC politics.

    Secondly, Trump has put himself in a win/win situation with this Virginia election. If The (D) wins the right can point to shenanigans since the (R) is leading now in almost every poll.

    If the (R) wins, yes I do know both of their names McCaullife and Younkin it’s just easier to type R and D. But I digress. If the (R) wins then Trump’s movement is vindicated as is his insistence upon election integrity by having 10’s of thousands of poll watchers descend upon every polling percent in the disputed territory of Philly, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Phoenix, etc., etc. You get the picture. Swing states.

    My old organization is showing a Younkin win by 2 points. The GOP is slated to pick up the Virginia legislature by 51-49. The fervor on the right is palpably fueled by independents and some dem-leaning moms who are incensed their kids are being told they are white trash.

    We shall see. However, the election in Virginia is indeed a referendum on the agenda of the left considering it should be a 15 point win by the democrat in a blue state that is turning bluer by the year.

    • Est1950 says:

      I love my guys. They are so dedicated to getting information correct and that comes from thousands of hours on the ground not just from AC offices unlike me who used to be boots on the ground but about ten years ago I left that exciting life for the life behind a desk. But I digress. It’s hard to retire folks!!

      The VA house of delegates flipped to the GOP 51-49 just as they told me it would and I reported to you above.

      Youngkin won by 2+ points and that margin will narrow as the rest of the mail-in ballots arrive. They have to be postmarked Nov. 2nd but they can arrive by Friday so we will not know for sure who won until Friday.

      I do not like this concept and it needs to be changed. People have four years to understand there is an election on Nov. 2nd. It’s not like it’s not advertised continuously and repeatedly on radio, tv, newspapers, and people knocking on doors.

      Votes that arrive after an election should not count. People point to the post office as a possible culprit as to hiding, throwing away or otherwise mishandling and delaying ballots that could change the outcome of the election.

      EXACTLY. This is the chain of custody process that is so important in ensuring a fair and accurate election for both sides. Remember both sides can/could pull these shennigans. The post office should not be in a position to alter the chain of custody or alter the outcomes of elections. In The VA race, 93 percent of the public believed everyone who wanted to vote was given the opportunity and right to vote.

      • Professor Hale says:

        Forgive my lack of faith in the sacred post-marking process. Since we already know that Post offices are run by … POSTAL EMPLOYEES, who are known to be loyal democratic party activists, it is a small additional step to question the credibility of the people who use the post mark stamp device.

        If the 2020 election taught us anything, it should have taught us that there is no part of the government (and quasi-government) that is not corrupt and supportive of the democratic party candidates.

  4. Hairy says:

    He started wars that we are still fighting He failed to heed multiple warnings about binLaden attacking us with planes
    His overturning thd Saddam regime and invasion of Iraq was tge needed fertilizer for the development of radical Islam
    You didn’t see Teach enlisting in the clusterF

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Another horseshit revision of history from Johnnie, the Buddhist stoner.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  5. Dana says:

    So, when Republicans have taken the opportunity to eschew the vulgarity, but still express their contempt for Joe Biden, the phrase without the vulgarity is itself vulgar in the minds of the left, the same left which was plentiful in its use of the actual vulgarity when it was used to denigrate Presidents Bush and Trump?

    If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

  6. Jl says:

    “Labeled the term vulgar..”. I see-then what would they call Alec Baldwin saying “fuck Trump” in front of a national television audience at the Tonys a few years ago? By the way, what happened to that idiot? At least these folks aren’t monumental hypocrites….

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