Young Climate Cultists Travel To Glasgow To Say This Is “The Last Chance For Humanity”

It’s rather amusing that all these youths have allowed themselves to be so indoctrinated that they are actually advocating for government to take their money and run their lives. Also, how many took long fossil fueled flights?

Young activists call Glasgow climate conference ‘last chance for humanity’

There are over 14,000 kilometers separating the African nation of Malawi from the United States. A direct airplane between the two would take an estimated 16 hours, and, as well as physical distance, the lands are also culturally miles apart.

But one thing that unites both countries, and many other nations around the world, is having young climate change activists fighting for their voices to be heard.

Some of those very campaigners have traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the U.N. Climate Change Conference.

Yahoo News spoke with some of the young changemakers to discuss their hopes at the landmark event.

Nicki Becker (from Argentina) became a climate change activist after seeing a video of young people striking from schools across Europe in 2019, inspired by Greta Thunburg’s worldwide movement Fridays for Future.

“Nobody was talking about the climate crisis in my country, which is why I started to become a climate activist,” Becker said. “I thought, why are young people like me striking for something that I didn’t hear anything about?”

Maybe no one was talking about it because they know it is a load of mule fritters and they have real concerns in their lives?

Now Becker, who is part of the Argentinian version of Fridays for Future (Jóvenes por el clima Argentina) is attending COP26 and explained her reasons for wanting her voice to be heard by officials and negotiators.

Did she take a sailing ship, or a fossil fueled flight?

For Chifundo Zingunde (from Malawe), successful negotiations at the conference hold a different meaning.

“I’m pretty sure COP26 will be the last chance for the history of humanity,” said Zingunde, who is unable to travel to Glasgow but is participating in talks virtually.

Whatever. They say this every year. It’s a doomsday cult.

Then you have Sophia Kianni, 19, United States, who took a fossil fueled flight to Glasgow. As did Kevin Mtai, 26, Kenya. And Jon Bonifacio, 24, Philippines

Bonifacio said he dropped plans to study as a doctor to pursue climate activism full-time after finding out that the hospital he would potentially work in could be submerged under the sea level in less than 30 years.


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3 Responses to “Young Climate Cultists Travel To Glasgow To Say This Is “The Last Chance For Humanity””

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach himself can not give us any reason as to why the Earth is warming he just refuses to accept the only reason other proe say it is
    And always refers back to 1850 never thing us why the Temps are rising faster now than ever before in modern record keeping

  2. Jl says:

    Nice try, , John-but you’ve been shown papers like this many times-the sun can control the radiation budget. And no, the temps aren’t rising faster than before. But a question for you-faster than what? What are you comparing it to? If you’re using thermometer records to allegedly get down to a .01 degree of change, then you’d have to compare that to other thermometer records. But there aren’t any that go past about 1880, and that record as fas as the globe goes is very sparse.

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