Hot Take: Parent’s Rights Is Code For White Race Politics Or Something

Apparently, Juan Williams doesn’t think black parents give a damn over what their kids are being taught

Juan Williams: ‘Parents’ rights’ is code for white race politics

After white supremacists spilled blood in defense of keeping up Confederate statues in 2017, the GOP candidate for governor of Virginia, Ed Gillespie, said the monuments should stay up as a matter of heritage and history.

His TV advertising featured threatening images of Latino gangs, labeled illegal immigrants, involved in murder and rape.

The racially loaded ‘Culture Wars’ campaign, straight from then-President Trump’s playbook, gave Gillespie a push but he ultimately lost the race to Democrat Ralph Northam.

Now Virginia Republicans are back with a new and improved ‘Culture Wars’ campaign for 2021. The closing argument is once again full of racial division — but this time it is dressed up as a defense of little children.

The rallying cry is ‘Parents’ Rights.’

Well, that’s a huge jump of logic. And, yes, Latino gangs like MS-13 do tend to be mostly illegal aliens.

It is a campaign to stop classroom discussion of Black Lives Matter protests or slavery because it could upset some children, especially white children who might feel guilt.

Sigh. No, it’s not. At least in terms of slavery. It’s a matter of not trying to make kids feel like shit for something that happened over 150 years ago that they had nothing to do with. Not having a syllabus that tears down non-black people for things they weren’t involved in. Oh, and not teach kids unnecessary things, like that boys are actually girls, that anal sex is awesome to 3rd graders, that they should read sexually explicit books that cannot even be read aloud at school board meetings, and more. Parents just want the basics taught, not turn the schools into a full on indoctrination center.

Unlike their earlier defense of Confederate monuments, the ‘Parents’ Rights’ campaign message at first glance looks to have zero to do with race.

Because it doesn’t. Because you’ll see black parents protesting, along with Asian and Latino. But, of course, in Juan’s World, it does

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, calls the Republican message a “racist dog whistle.”

“Youngkin’s closing message of book banning and silencing esteemed Black authors is a racist dog whistle designed to gin up support from the most extreme elements of his party — mainly his top endorser and surrogate, Donald Trump,” McAuliffe said in a statement.

These were the same people who defended Ralph Northam and his blackface photos, posing with a person in a KKK outfit. But, this is the way they all work: make everything and everyone who Disagrees with them raaaaacist.

Critical Race Theory  — broadly, a focus on racial disparities as a fact of American life — is not explicitly taught in Virginia’s public schools or anywhere in American public schools. But Republicans nationwide have made it a boogeyman to excite racial divisions and get their base to the polls.

Yes, it is taught, and they’re trying to teach it in other places. And, the irony here is that it was and still is Democratic Party policies that create those racial disparities. Before the Civil Rights era it was overt racism from Democrats, after it’s covert ones, keeping them down on the plantations in Dem run big cities, leaving them behind.

BTW, does Juan actually think this argument will work, calling parents who are concerned over what their kids are being taught and exposed to, ie, transgenders in their little girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, exposing themselves and even raping them, racists?

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10 Responses to “Hot Take: Parent’s Rights Is Code For White Race Politics Or Something”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    No Juan takes Juan seriously anymore anyways.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Hairy says:

    So surprised!!
    That anti masker who punched and bloodied the female flight attendant on American Airlines? NO he wasn’t antifa? He was MAGA freedoms man

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Let’s Go Teach advocates lying to schoolchildren rather than teaching them history.

    Conservatives hate history, hate science, hate learning, hate education…

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Uh no, Rimjob, wrong again on both statements.
      But you being a lying dipshit, it’s par for the course.
      Did you really call Kye’s wife a “whore”?


      • david7134 says:

        He did. And he has done that before when he desires to get rid of commenters. I would like Kye back.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Polls closed in Va. at 8pm.
    Guess what?

    Fairfax County (Heavy-D) is delayed in counting and reporting its early vote totals, which the county had promised to make public by 8pm. Unclear how late they will be.

    Seen this movie before?
    Probably a busted water pipe.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Becoming clearer why Fairfax County (Heavy-D) is holding back the vote count.

      2021 November General
      Unofficial Results
      Absentee ballots may be accepted until noon on November 5th. Therefore, results are incomplete. Results will be certified on November 15th.

      Dem playbook on how to steal elections.
      Well that’s certainly a shocka (Wink, Wink)!

      Bwaha! Lolgf

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Oops! What’s that smell?!?

        In VA it’s a sweep, GOP won Gov, Lt. Gov, and AG.

        House is going to flip, but waiting to see what the margin is.

        Mandates and the rest of the progressive agenda got killed in the votes. Including on abortion.

        Nothing to see here. Really.
        Bwaha! Lolgf

  5. david7134 says:

    Amazing how Dems can never get the vote in until days later. Happens in Louisiana as well.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Relax. That was just the first count. The one they take to see how many extra votes the dems need to manufacture.

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