COVID Today: Abbott Bans Mandates, Rolling Stone Tries To Cancel Clapton

I’m sure the pro-vax authoritarians, who want to force everyone to get the vaccine (which undercuts the point of getting the vaccine), are already writing their lawsuits

Gov. Abbott Bans All COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates In Texas

Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order late Monday prohibiting all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the state of Texas.

“The COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should always remain voluntary and never forced,” Abbott said in a tweet announcing the executive order.

The ban prohibits “any entity,” including schools, private businesses, and local governments, from compelling an individual to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they object due to reasons of “personal conscience,” such as religious beliefs. Abbott specifically took aim at the vaccine mandates announced in early September by President Joe Biden as his reason for issuing the order, arguing the mandates would harm Texas businesses and threaten Texans’ livelihoods. (snip)

Abbott also called on the state legislature to pass a law with the same effect as the executive order, and said he would rescind his order when such legislation was passed.

I was prepared to be slightly against this, since Government should not be interfering with a business making decisions that are best for the operation. But, essentially, this doesn’t actually ban mandates, it makes it so that no one can be forced to take it and be fired. Further, having had COVID, meaning they have the antibodies, is good enough to satisfy any mandate.

It does, though, reinforce that no government in Texas may implement any mandate, and may not require vaccine passports.

Rolling Stone Is Trying to Cancel Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has been a rock legend for longer than I have been alive. He’s an icon in the music industry who has earned respect and admiration from millions over his career. But he’s been making headlines this year for other reasons.

Since having a severe negative reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this year, he’s become an outspoken opponent of the COVID vaccines. He has promised not to perform in venues with vaccine mandates, collaborated with Van Morrison on some anti-vaccine/anti-lockdowns songs, and even bankrolled an anti-vaccine rock group.

And his recent outspokenness as a vaccine skeptic has many of the cultural gatekeepers looking to have him canceled. Rolling Stone magazine has even run a lengthy hit piece on Clapton that blasts his vaccine skepticism.

“Clapton recently embarked on a U.S. tour booked in red states despite surging transmission numbers and death rates — and at venues that largely don’t require proof of vaccination,” David Browne of Rolling Stone writes with horror. “In the process, this Sixties icon, who embraced the sex, drugs, and rock & roll lifestyle as much as anyone in his generation, has drawn praise from conservative pundits.”

Rolling Stone even attempts to delve into the accusations of raaaaacism from decades ago against Clapton in order to turn people against him and get him cancelled.

It must be tough for young Rolling Stone readers to learn about a rock legend who isn’t afraid to speak his mind against the rowdy mob of COVID zealots. So naturally, in order to ensure that readers don’t dare get inspired by Clapton’s anti-vaccine mandate and anti-lockdown views, David Browne devotes most of his article to reexamining decades-old allegations of racism for good measure.

Look, Clapton really hasn’t done anything of consequence musically since the 80’s. That doesn’t matter, though, because he is a rock god, one of the all-time great guitar players. One of the true originals for harder rock. If you pick up a guitar some of the songs you learn to play are Cocaine and Crossroads. Perhaps some Sunshine of Your Love. Rolling Stone used to be about counter-culture and stuff. I remember reading the magazine when younger. “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Be yourself. It’s amazing when you read all copies from the 60’s and 70’s. Now, like so many in the music business, it has simply become an arm of authoritarian government, telling people to Comply.

Clapton will be remember long after Rolling Stone shuts down.

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  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Nice concert, but Mr. Clapton keeps hitting the same wrong note. These AstraZeneca/Johnson&Johnson/Pfizer/Moderna death jabs are not vaccines in ANY way, shape, or form. in art school, if required to draw a pear, we draw a pear. Lieber/Faucifraud/Gates and the rest draw a tortured baby chick.These shots are not vaccines. Period. They lied to us. They need remedial environmental tune ups.

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