Warmist George Monbiot Says All Growth, Including Green Growth, Has To Go

It’s funny, because myself and other Skeptics were saying well over a decade ago that one of the things the hardcore Warmists were advocating was a massive reduction in economic activity, turning the clock back to centuries ago, and people said we were nuts. Yet, climate cultists keep telling us they want to do just that

‘Green growth’ doesn’t exist – less of everything is the only way to avert catastrophe

There is a box labelled “climate”, in which politicians discuss the climate crisis. There is a box named “biodiversity”, in which they discuss the biodiversity crisis. There are other boxes, such as pollution, deforestation, overfishing and soil loss, gathering dust in our planet’s lost property department. But they all contain aspects of one crisis that we have divided up to make it comprehensible. The categories the human brain creates to make sense of its surroundings are not, as Immanuel Kant observed, the “thing-in-itself”. They describe artefacts of our perceptions rather than the world.

Nature recognises no such divisions. As Earth systems are assaulted by everything at once, each source of stress compounds the others. (snip through all the yammering about things that are Man’s fault, but, are environmental things, not ‘climate change’)

When we box up this predicament, our efforts to solve one aspect of the crisis exacerbate another. For example, if we were to build sufficient direct air capture machines to make a major difference to atmospheric carbon concentrations, this would demand a massive new wave of mining and processing for the steel and concrete. The impact of such construction pulses travels around the world. To take just one component, the mining of sand to make concrete is trashing hundreds of precious habitats. It’s especially devastating to rivers, whose sand is highly sought in construction. Rivers are already being hit by drought, the disappearance of mountain ice and snow, our extraction of water, and pollution from farming, sewage and industry. Sand dredging, on top of these assaults, could be a final, fatal blow.

Or look at the materials required for the electronics revolution that will, apparently, save us from climate breakdown. Already, mining and processing the minerals required for magnets and batteries is laying waste to habitats and causing new pollution crises. Now, as Jonathan Watts’s terrifying article in the Guardian this week shows, companies are using the climate crisis as justification for extracting minerals from the deep ocean floor, long before we have any idea of what the impacts might be.

So, the “green” economy will trash the environment.

Everywhere, governments seek to ramp up the economic load, talking of “unleashing our potential” and “supercharging our economy”. Boris Johnson insists that “a global recovery from the pandemic must be rooted in green growth”. But there is no such thing as green growth. Growth is wiping the green from the Earth.

We have no hope of emerging from this full-spectrum crisis unless we dramatically reduce economic activity. Wealth must be distributed – a constrained world cannot afford the rich – but it must also be reduced. Sustaining our life-support systems means doing less of almost everything. But this notion – that should be central to a new, environmental ethics – is secular blasphemy.

Cool, a doubleshot of killing off economic activity and Modern Socialist redistribution of Other People’s wealth. He is right one one thing: all these “green” technologies and such are rather bad for the actual environment, a real issue, while meant to solve the fake issue of ‘climate change.’

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One Response to “Warmist George Monbiot Says All Growth, Including Green Growth, Has To Go”

  1. Dana says:

    While he was too cowardly to mention it in his column, the author can only mean one thing: the total population must be reduced. Reducing economic growth without reducing the population means that everybody becomes poorer.

    He runs on and on about pesticides, but without pesticides, agricultural production drops, and that means less food. He complains about the damage shipping does to the oceans, but without shipping, the benefits of international trade disappear, and people become poorer. He laments the mining necessary for all of our fancy electronic components, as he types away at his computer. He is, like all the warmunists, divorced from reality.

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