Ohio Bill Would Make It Easier For Employees To Claim Exemptions To COVID Mandates

This bill takes the middle road

Ohio House bill would expand COVID-19 vaccine mandate exemptions

A new bill that aims to ban employers from requiring workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine is being considered by lawmakers in Ohio.

H.B. 435, also called the “Ohio COVID-19 Fairness Act,” aims to make it easier for people who do not want to get the COVID-19 vaccine to avoid getting one. The bill says public and private employers cannot require it’s employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine that has not received full federal approval.

“Though Pfizer’s vaccine has FDA approval for adults, the bill would allow exemptions for medical reasons, natural immunity defined as “presence of COVID-19 antibodies in an amount at least equal to those conferred by a COVID-19 vaccine,” and religious beliefs.

The exemptions would not apply to people who work in children’s hospitals, intensive care or critical care units or people who start a job after the bill goes into effect.

“Some people want to take away an employer’s right to dictate how people act in the workplace. Others feel like it’s that businesses prerogative like they want you to wear a suit to work,” said Thaddeus Hoffmeister, a law professor at the University of Dayton.

The bill doesn’t ban employers from mandating, as the article makes it seem, it makes sure that people can be exempt for medical and religious reasons, as well as having natural immunity due to having the antibodies from having had COVID, something forgotten so much with all the vaccine mandates. One big component is the religious exemption

In other words, Citizens do not have to jump through hoops to make the claim. And, this seems aimed more at government institutions than private businesses, because Government can be overbearing

Carfagna said the same exemptions apply for students at K-12 schools, public higher education institutions, and private higher education institutions. But they would not apply at children’s hospitals, or for those who work in ICU or critical care.

Only the Pfizer vaccine can be mandated under the bill, since it has full FDA approval and the Moderna and J&J shots are still under emergency use. The exemptions don’t apply at people who work children’s hospitals, or for those who work in ICU or critical care. That’s similar to a law that takes effect October 13 blocking schools and universities from requiring COVID vaccines that don’t have full FDA approval.

The bill also bans proof of vaccinations to come into state buildings or agencies, but allows businesses to use those so-called vaccine passports. The law would expire in June of 2023.

The bill was referred back to committee rather than being voted on, so, we’ll see what happens with it.

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12 Responses to “Ohio Bill Would Make It Easier For Employees To Claim Exemptions To COVID Mandates”

  1. Hairy says:

    Be a good citizen get your shot
    Stop batching about government mandates for seat belts and shots for covid or measles

    Teach remember whenbYOzu used to make fun of those Karen’s that didn’t want to get their kids vaccinated for chicken pkx?

    Who wants to g see t r idbof the mandates on speeding?

    • gitarcarver says:

      Stop batching about government mandates for seat belts and shots for covid or measles

      So if I am not wearing a seat belt and get into an accident, is the other driver harmed?

      If you want to claim that wearing seat belt where only the person and no one else is harmed is akin to vaccinations, you just jumped on the side of the anti-vaxxers.

      We knew that you hated logic, but we never suspected that hatred was this deep.

      Then again, we should have expected it because all the left has is hate.

      • Hairy says:

        One of the reasons thatseat belts were mandated ( By Ronald Reagan) was because if the risk that first responders had when going to the aid of injured people
        Don’t you remember ?

        • Kye says:

          No, I don’t remember and that makes no sense. What risk is there to responders if I don’t have on a seat belt?

  2. Hairy says:

    The unvaccinated also put others in v Ludington first responders at risk because the vaccines will not provide 100% dainty even for Healthcare workers

    • Kye says:

      Then they are not “vaccines” and should not be promoted as such. They are prophylactic and therapeutic at best. The Chinese/Demofascist Flu is just that, a flu. We cannot change our lifestyles for a fukin flu and survive as a nation. This will recur every year or so like other flus so are we to close everything?

      Since the “vaccines” provide neither safety from nor stop the spread of (according to you) then what the fuk good are they and why the mandates? IT’s like mandating asprin for a cold.

      You’ll be happy to know I was found to have Wuhan Demofascist flu by my visiting nurse today. Elwood’s prayers could be answered. My sister is bringing me HCQ And Ivermectin this afternoon.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We’re sorry you contracted Covid-19, most likely the Delta variant. Thank goodness you’ve received at least one vaccine shot. It may be responsible for keeping you alive with co-morbidities.

        It’s unlikely the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin will cause you any harm. If you can find it, please don’t delay in getting the MAb cocktail instead, it’s proven to help in early infections.

        Best of luck.

        • david7134 says:

          You also just made a ton of money. Jeff attempted a diagnosis and then advised treatment. He is not qualified nor adequately educated for either function. This is called practicing medicine without a license.

  3. Kye says:

    Frankly, I feel like shit. My sister who is an actual physician, left about 15 minutes ago. The first thing she did was test me again to make sure it was actually the Wuhan flu and not something else. It’s Wuhan alright. She brought the meds with her, HQC and Ivermectin plus 1000mg, vitamin C, 50 mg Zink and some Vitamin D also. It’s what cured her so I’ll take her word for it.

    Still, I feel like shit. Fever 102. I reminds me of when I had the flu several years back.

    I’m just glad it’s the flu and not another bout of pneumonia. That actually damn near killed me.

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